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Android Developer Jobs in Italy 2024 – Free Visa

Free Visa, Free Furnished Apartment for the First Year, Unlimited Vacations, Free Italian Language Classes, and Staff Fun This time, however, for Android developers For software developers and engineers, Bending Spoon Italy offers a multitude of astounding and mind-boggling job opportunities.

Previously, we discussed an opening for iOS developers. This time, Android developers will receive the same terrifying rewards. The required qualifications are standard, but the rewards are extraordinary. Let’s learn more about Android developer jobs in Italy with free visas and free housing by reading below.

Details of Android Developer Jobs in Italy:

  • Job Title: Android Developer
  • Job Region: Milan, Italy
  • Expected salary: €35,000-36,000 per year (the market salary for iOS Developers in Italy is €32,000)
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Knowledge required: Yes
  • Experience required: Yes

Requirements of Android Developer Jobs in Italy:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a closely related field
  • Android developer with proven experience in software development
  • Familiarity with the Android SDK
  • Experience remote data through REST and JSON.
  • Knowledge and experience with APIs and third-party libraries.
  • Knowledge of the mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies in general
  • Complete knowledge of the mobile development life cycle at the expert level
  • You should be legally permitted to work in Italy.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must undergo police screening.
  • You must possess a valid passport.

Job Description of an Android Developer:

  • Create fundamental and advanced Android applications.
  • Work with cross-functional software development teams to define, design, and implement new Android features.
  • Utilize external data sources.
  • Integration of APIs
  • Unit-test software’s functionality and robustness, including extreme cases, usability, and overall dependability.
  • Debugging and enhancing the efficacy of an application
  • Continuously investigate and implement innovative technologies to maximize development productivity.

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Benefits of Android Developer Jobs in Italy:

  • Strong Demand: Android is one of the most prominent mobile operating systems, and mobile app usage is continually increasing. The robust employment market for Android developers is a result of the high demand for Android applications.
  • Job Protection: Due to the enduring popularity of Android devices, Android developer positions are typically stable and secure.
  • Competitive Compensation: As a result of the high demand for their talents, Android developers typically earn competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Diverse Professional Possibilities: Android developers can operate in numerous industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. This variety of industries offers a vast array of career opportunities.
  • The Creative Process: The process of app development is creative, allowing developers to convey themselves through design and functionality.
  • Ability Improvement: Android developers have the opportunity to continuously develop and refine their technical skills, such as proficiency in Java and Kotlin.
  • Problem Resolution: Developing an app frequently requires solving complex problems, which can be intellectually stimulating and gratifying.
  • Group work: Collaboration between developers, designers, product managers, and quality assurance professionals fosters cooperation and camaraderie.
  • Professional Development: There are opportunities for professional growth and advancement for experienced Android developers, such as lead developer and senior developer positions.
  • Flexible working conditions: Depending on the employer and the assignment, Android developers may have the option of working remotely, in an office, or as a freelancer.
  • Employable Abilities: Android developers can work as freelancers or establish their own app development companies if they possess app development skills.
  • User Effect: By creating apps that millions of people utilize daily, Android developers have a direct impact on the user experience.
  • Global Presence: Android developers can design apps for a global audience, allowing them to have a global impact.
  • Innovation: The field of app development is continuously evolving, affording developers opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies and pioneering projects.
  • Entrepreneurial Possibilities: Android developers can construct their apps and potentially generate revenue through in-app purchases, advertisements, and premium app sales.
  • Community Participation: Android development communities are active and welcoming, providing opportunities to network with other professionals and exchange information.
  • Continuous Education: App development is a discipline that necessitates keeping up with the most recent industry trends and technologies, fostering a culture of lifelong education.

How to Apply for Android Developer Jobs in Italy?

  • Create a profile on any job search platform to register.
  • Choose the industry in which you wish to operate.
  • Submit your resume, cover letter, and the requested personal information.
  • Click on the position description and apply.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How much does an Android engineer earn in Italy?

    The estimated total pay for an Android developer is €33,000 per year in the Italy area, with an average salary of €31,000 per year.

  2. Which country is best for Android developers?

    Within the US, there are a few places with a high concentration of Android developers. Silicon Valley in California is home to many since it’s where some of the world’s largest tech companies do business. Another example of a US location that has attracted a lot of Android developers is Raleigh, North Carolina.

  3. Is there a demand for Android developers?

    There is an extremely high demand for Android developers, both entry-level and experienced. Android apps continue to grow in popularity, creating a wide variety of job opportunities. You can work either as a permanent employee or as a freelancer.

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