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Associate Program Manager Jobs in USA 2024 – Apply Now

This role will report to the senior program manager and be responsible for organizing, supervising, and carrying out a range of administrative, programmatic, and communication duties inside the company. Apart from having the capacity to arrange and plan assignments in several fields, you also need to have outstanding teamwork and communication abilities.

In addition to problem-solving and customer service skills, the ability to effectively communicate with diverse audiences is an essential qualification. A creative individual with program management abilities is necessary for coordinating education and training program cooperation and communication initiatives.

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Overview: Associate Program Manager Jobs at Vanderbilt Health

Associate Program Manager Jobs are of the utmost importance at Vanderbilt Health, as they ensure the smooth functioning of healthcare projects and programs within a rapidly evolving industry. These individuals are indispensable for the effective management of healthcare because they establish frameworks, coordinate operations, and motivate completion.


Summary of the Department

The Vanderbilt Center for Health Services Research is an integral component of the Institute for Medicine and Public Health (IMPH). It collaborates with more than 160 scientists and other professionals affiliated with VUMC to identify, develop, and disseminate practical resolutions to current challenges about patient-centered outcomes, healthcare quality, and care delivery.


This is a non-exempt, full-time position requiring 40 hours of work per week, Monday through Friday.

About Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)

Daily, a collective of individuals known as VUMC endeavors to effectuate a paradigm shift on a global scale. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, it operates at the intersection of patient care, education, and research on a global scale. It is a setting in which your expertise will expand and your abilities will be challenged. There, your culture, method of thinking, learning, and approach to diversity leadership are valued and cherished.

It is an environment where employees derive immense satisfaction from their tasks, never accept mediocrity for what was accomplished the day before, and recognize their contribution to a greater whole. Vanderbilt University’s mission is to advance health and wellness through the provision of exceptional patient care, instruction, and research.

Responsibilities of Associate Program Manager Jobs in USA

The anticipated responsibilities should include, although not be limited to the following:

  • Provides support in the organization of diverse programs by aiding in their planning and coordination and ensuring the achievement of assigned program goals.
  • Supervises the operations of the program, including information collection, recordkeeping, and correspondence.
  • Contributes to the completion, organization, and planning of program duties.
  • Responsible for managing logistics, preparing agendas, delivering presentations, and supervising meetings, conferences, programs, and special events.
  • Actively participates in meetings by attending, recording minutes, providing feedback, and overseeing the completion of action items.
  • Participates in educational initiative ideation meetings.
  • It assists in the administration and facilitation of websites for educational and training programs as a substitute.
  • Undertakes research and composes content for social media campaigns, newsletters, and reports in support of communication campaigns.
  • Managing the procurement process for office and program materials and supplies.
  • Collects and arranges data from various sources into one or more computerized databases; verifies the data, identifies inaccuracies, and performs the required research and corrections.
  • Provide secondary or primary administrative support.
  • You might be assigned further responsibilities.

Benefits of Associate Program Manager Jobs

  • Professional Development: The Associate Program Manager role offers a robust framework for advancing one’s career in the field of project and program management. It provides significant practical knowledge in the areas of project management, team coordination, and program implementation.
  • Skill Development: This position facilitates the growth of an extensive array of competencies, such as leadership, communication, project planning, risk management, budgeting, and scheduling. These abilities apply to a wide range of industries and job roles.
  • Opportunities for Project Exposure: Associate Program Managers frequently engage in a range of projects, thereby acquiring practical knowledge of various business facets and confronting diverse obstacles. This experience enhances their problem-solving capabilities and expands their knowledge base.
  • Prospects for Networking: The position necessitates engagement with a diverse range of stakeholders, such as high-level executives, customers, suppliers, and colleagues. This networking can result in future career opportunities and beneficial professional relationships.
  • Increased Responsibility: Associate Program Managers are bestowed with substantial obligations, encompassing the supervision of project deliverables, the administration of resources, and the verification that project objectives are those of the organization. This additional duty can prove to be gratifying and equips them for positions of greater authority.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Associate Program Managers frequently operate beneath the guidance of seasoned Program Managers or Directors, thereby availing themselves of valuable prospects for professional guidance and mentorship. This may facilitate career advancement and learning acceleration.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits: In general, positions in program management provide employees with competitive compensation and benefits. In the role of Associate Program Manager, incumbents can anticipate remuneration that is proportional to their level of expertise and duties.
  • Job Stability: Due to the importance of program management to the success of numerous organizations, skilled professionals in this field are in high demand. This demand results in employment stability and progression prospects in one’s career.
  • Implications for Business Success: Associate Program Managers exert a pivotal influence on the development and prosperity of the organization by ensuring the effective execution of projects and programs. This sense of accomplishment can be extraordinarily satisfying.
  • Cross-functional Experience: Associate Program Managers are frequently required to collaborate across departments, which affords them a holistic comprehension of how diverse organizational components operate in concert to accomplish shared objectives.

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Associate Program Manager openings at Vanderbilt Health in the United States of America represent outstanding prospects to embark on a gratifying vocation in healthcare administration. This ever-evolving sector provides prospects for progress, competitive remuneration, and the capacity to significantly influence healthcare initiatives and programs. Commence your pursuit of a rewarding career in healthcare administration immediately.

  1. What does an associate project manager do? 

    Associate project managers analyze and coordinate a product or service’s schedule, timeline, procurement, staffing, and budget on a per-project basis. Lead and guide the technical staff’s work. The role may also involve acting as a point of contact for the client or customer.

  2. Is becoming a program manager a good career path? 

    Companies hire program managers to help them achieve their strategic goals, improve management practices, and manage resources more effectively. Working as a program manager can be a challenging and rewarding career with high earning potential.

  3. What is an associate program manager?

    Associate program managers are employees who help oversee the implementation of the company’s programs. They guarantee the timely delivery of all expected outputs.

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