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Australia Job Seeker Visa 2024 – Visit Here

Australia is among the most popular nations in terms of quality of life, environment, and settlement. Numerous EU countries offer visas to job seekers. However, I would like to highlight Australia’s Job Seeker Visa 2024 options that allow you to enter the country without a job offer. Have you ever imagined that a country like Australia would offer a visa without requiring a job offer? Australia’s economy is thriving, but every nation confronts obstacles. They are currently experiencing a labor shortage.

I will describe the Job seeker visas for Australia, including their application requirements, cost, and eligibility criteria. You must enroll online, and I can tell you that it requires patience and diligence. There are numerous job opportunities for foreign workers in Australia. Australia is seeking nurses; check out Nursing Jobs in Australia 2024 (50,000 AUD/Year) for more information. Detailed information about the Australia Job Seeker Visa is provided below.

All You Need to Know about Australia Job Seeker Visa:

Unfortunately, there is no Fixed-Term Australia Work Visa.

However, Australia does offer a variety of Australian work visas without a job offer that allows you to travel to Australia to look for work. Many individuals travel to Australia in search of employment.


Benefits Of Australia Job Seeker Visa:

  • Job Possibilities: These visas enable you to legally work and seek employment in Australia, which is especially advantageous if you intend to investigate employment opportunities in the nation.
  • Skilled Immigration Route: If you obtain a job and acquire work experience in Australia, you may qualify for a more permanent skilled migration visa, such as the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) or the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189).
  • Access to the Australian Workforce: Being physically present in Australia can enhance your understanding of the local job market, industry trends, and networking opportunities.
  • Ability Improvement: Interacting with coworkers and gaining experience in an international work environment can contribute to your skill development and professional growth while working in Australia.
  • Cultural Knowledge: Living and working in Australia allows one to experience the culture, way of life, and local communities of the country.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Being a member of the Australian labor force provides networking opportunities that can be beneficial to your career in the long run.
  • Possibility of Permanent Residency: If you satisfy the eligibility requirements, your time in Australia on a temporary visa could potentially lead to permanent residency, depending on your visa category and circumstances.
  • Availability of Social Services: Some temporary visas provide access to social services, such as healthcare, that can enhance your well-being during your stay.
  • Improved Resume/CV: Having work experience in Australia can make your resume or CV more appealing not only to employers in Australia but also to those in other countries.
  • Language Proficiency in English: Working in an English-speaking environment can enhance your English language skills, which can be advantageous to your career on a global scale.
  • Family Integration: You may be able to include your family members on your visa application, allowing them to travel to Australia with you, depending on the visa category and your circumstances.
  • Contribution to the Economy of Australia: Your activities and contributions in Australia will have a positive effect on the nation’s economy.

List of Australia Job Seeking Visas 2024

  1. Skilled – Graduate Recognition visa (subclass 476)
  2. Independent Skilled Visa (subclass 189)
Australia Job Seeker Visa
Australia Job Seeker Visa

1) Australia, Subclass 476 Graduate Visa (No Job Required)

This visa is available to recent graduates or those who have graduated within the past two years. This visa does not require an Australian job offer, work experience, proof of funds, accommodation, or anything else.

This is the most popular Australian work visa. Visa decisions can take between five months and one year to process.

Important Points about Australia’s 476 Work Visa (Job Seeking Visa)

  • Visa type: Subclass 476 Work Visa
  • Who can apply: Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Diploma, Higher Degree Qualification
  • IELTS: Yes 6 bands or PTE with at least a 50 score
  • Work Experience: Not Required
  • Job offer Required: Not Required
  • Stay Duration: up to 18 Months
  • Visa Cost: 425 AUD
  • Age: Under 31
  • Selection Criteria: Good Matric, Secondary, University Grade

I have posted in-depth information about the Australia 476 Work Visa in 2024. Please read it.

I will also suggest that you join the Australia 476 Facebook group and review the profiles of recent visa recipients.

2) Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

This point-based system allows migrants to work and reside permanently in Australia. You must hold a job on the appropriate roster of specialized occupations

More Info

In my previous post, I explained all other Australian visas. Review the Australian Work Visa Types for 2024.

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Australia’s Migration Plan to Attract Foreign Workers

The Australian government announced that the planning level for the permanent Migration Program for 2024 will be set at 190,000 places.

This will contribute significantly to addressing the qualified labor shortage. More emphasis on those of “working age” aids in increasing participation rates and labor force size.

Australia Job Posting Sites:

Find Employment in Australia, regardless of whether you are in Australia or abroad. Here is Australia’s One and Only Major Job Board, which many expatriates use.

  • SEARCH Australia Workforce Australia for people


Australia’s Job Seeker Visa 2024 lets people come to the country without a job offer to look for work, improve their skills, learn about the culture, and maybe even get permanent status. There are two types of visas: the Skilled – Graduate Recognition visa (subclass 476) and the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). Each has its own set of requirements for who can get it and what benefits they offer. By actually being in Australia, applicants can learn more about the local job market, industry trends, and networking possibilities, which is good for the economy of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Australia grant visas to job seekers?

    Through jobseeker visa opportunities, an Australian employer can sponsor an overseas skilled worker who wishes to travel and work in Australia. or someone already in Australia who needs to change their visa, i.e., to another type of visa that does not currently allow them to work.

  2. What is the IELTS score for a 476 visa?

    For IELTS, you need to possess a minimum score of 5 in each band and an overall score of 6. For the OET, you must get a B in each test band. You need an overall score of at least 169 and a minimum score of 154 in each of the four Cambridge English tests.

  3. Can I go to Australia without a job offer?

    A job offer or offer letter is not necessary to apply for a 476 visa. Once you arrive in Australia, you can start searching for Jobs. So those who are saying we don’t have a Job, we don’t have a Job in our country.

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