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Cafe Assistant Jobs in Auckland New Zealand for International

We are back with another chance to settle down in the country with the lowest crime rate and the friendliest people who live there. We are talking about New Zealand! And this chance is for people who want to work as café workers in New Zealand. You should jump at this chance if you have worked in a café, bakery, diner, canteen, superstore, food chain, or delicatessen before.

Creative Hospitality Matakana Limited Company is today’s workplace. They need people to work in cafés and as salespeople in canteens, delicatessens, and other places that sell food and drinks. Also, they have to keep the café clean and organized, make sure that all the goods are accounted for, and save money on transactions in a smart way. If you want to work as a café worker, you have to go to a place that serves food or drinks. Read on to learn more about Café Assistant Jobs in Auckland Council for People from Outside of Auckland.

Details of Cafe Assistant Jobs in Auckland New Zealand for International

  • Job title: Cafe Assistant.
  • Employer: Auckland Council.
  • Job Industry: Hospitality Labor
  • Job type: Full-time, Permanent
  • Work address: Auckland City.
  • Expected Salary: 24.09 NZD per hour
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Free Food: Yes
  • Age limit: 18 and above
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: No. But will be preferred


  • You don’t need to have formal schooling.
  • You only need three months of training.
  • English language skills at a basic level.
  • All necessary and supporting papers for a visa.
  • Depending on how much experience you have, you may have to do some short training on the job.


  • Salary package that looks good, between $18 and $23 an hour.
  • The training requirement isn’t very high.
  • There is no need for schooling.
  • There are chances to become an apprentice.
  • Help with getting a visa.
  • A great place to start if you want to work in the food and service business.
  • With more than 60 workers, this is a great chance to learn and grow in your career.
  • Good hours to work, which means 30 hours of sure work.
  • A great way for kids and other people to make extra money.
  • There are a lot of casual café jobs open.
  • 8% extra on top of the regular wage for holidays.
  • Work for a group with a lot of attention.
  • A chance to start right away at Aotea Center.
  • A chance to be moved to the lovely Auckland Art Gallery.
  • A chance to work in a place with a lot of attention.

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  • Getting food and drinks ready for people who are already there and serving them.
  • Greeting guests and taking their orders for food and drinks.
  • Part of the job is to take payments, make sales reports, and keep the cash registers in good shape.
  • Getting rid of trash, used plates, and tools from the tables.
  • Cleaning and setting up the table.
  • Cleaning things like ovens, microwaves, coffee grinders, espresso machines, ice makers, dough makers, and more that are used in cafes.
  • Keeping a stock of records while putting in new stock.
  • Providing help to new or aspiring cafe workers.

Average Salary of a Café Worker in New Zealand:

The average Salary of a Café Worker depends upon many factors in a candidate’s profile, like his experience, skill set, his employer’s terms, and conditions, where he is working, etc. According to Seek, the biggest wage-indicating and job-seeking website in New Zealand, a café worker, waiter, or barista’s wage range is NZD 18–23 per hour. While the average salary is NZD 20 per hour,


How to Apply for Café Workers Jobs in Auckland with Visa Sponsorship

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Start your move to live in New Zealand by getting a job as a café helper in Auckland. If you want to have a fulfilling job in the hospitality business, join Creative Hospitality Matakana Limited. You don’t need to have gone to school, but it would be helpful to have basic English skills and three months of training. You’ll get a good salary, free food, and chances to move up in your job. Send in your application right away to start an exciting new job as a café worker in Auckland.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the requirements to work as a café assistant in Auckland?

    People who want to apply should be able to speak and write English well and have ideally had three months of training in a similar role. You don’t need a degree, but working in a café, bakery, diner, or other similar place is recommended.

  2. What benefits are offered with café worker jobs in Auckland?

    A competitive pay ranges from NZD 18 to NZD 23 per hour, with NZD 20 per hour being the expected average. Free food, the chance to do an apprenticeship, help with visas, and good working hours are some of the other perks.


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