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Call Center Agent Jobs in Qatar for Freshers – Apply Now

For entry-level call center agent positions in Qatar, Diva Lounge Spa, a renowned destination for sophistication and well-being, is dedicated to delivering exceptional health club and allure services to our clientele. Our goal is to create a tranquil and sophisticated environment where individuals can revel in luxury and experience a sense of rejuvenation. We are pleased to announce job openings for Call Center Agents, with a particular focus on individuals who are new to the industry and eager to commence a meeting profession in health club and health, as we expand and endeavor to deliver exceptional service.

Details About Call Center Agent Jobs in Qatar for Freshers:

  • Job Title: Call Center Agent Jobs in Qatar for Freshers
  • Company Name: Diva Lounge Spa
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: QAR2500.00 – QAR4550.00 Monthly
  • Country: Qatar
  • Work Experience: 1-2 years of experience in the relevant field
  • Education & Qualification: Bachelor’s degree/ High School / Secondary

About Us:

Our Diva Lounge Spa endeavors to establish an oasis for relaxation and individual attention; in this regard, our committed staff is instrumental in delivering an outstanding experience to each of our valued clients. In the role of a Call Center Agent, you will serve as the initial point of contact for our clients and actively contribute to the creation of a pleasant and inviting environment. Those who are new to the workforce, have a strong interest in customer service, and wish to begin a career in the medical wellness and health industry should consider this opportunity.

Key Responsibilities of Call Center Agent Jobs in Qatar for Freshers:

  • Customer Interaction: Respond to incoming calls and inquiries from clients with courtesy and professionalism.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Provide support to clients in the process of reserving health facilities and health appointments, ensuring that their preferences and requirements are met.
  • We gladly inform our customers about our varied health spa packages, special offers, and comprehensive deals, attending to any inquiries or concerns they may have to guarantee a gratifying and rejuvenating experience.
  • Client Relationship Management: Ensure that the reservation system maintains accurate and up-to-date records of client information and appointment particulars.
  • Assist and support clients with appointment modifications, cancellations, and reformatting.
  • Ensuring Client Satisfaction: Actively attend to and resolve customer concerns, implementing solution-oriented approaches and proficient communication to create a positive experience.
  • Promotion and Upselling: Advocate for health club plans and solutions to optimize revenue generation and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Qualifications for Call Center Agent Jobs in Qatar for Freshers:

  • No prior work experience is necessary;
  • This position is open to recent graduates who are enthusiastic about embarking on their professional careers by assisting customers.
  • A senior year of secondary school or an equivalent credential is required.
  • Social aptitude and effective communication are vital.
  • A strong commitment to providing exceptional customer service is required.
  • Preferred qualifications include proficiency in operating computer systems and reserving systems.
  • Additionally, the ability to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends, is required.

Benefits of Call Center Agent Jobs in Qatar for Freshers:

  • Opportunities at the Entry Level: Call center positions are frequently regarded as entry-level positions, rendering them accessible to recent graduates embarking on their professional journeys.
  • Learning Opportunities: Engaging in the role of a call center agent affords the chance to cultivate customer service and communication proficiencies that are indispensable in alternative professional settings and sectors.
  • Professional Development: To lay the groundwork for employees’ professional advancement, numerous call centers provide training programs designed to improve employees’ abilities.
  • Customer Interaction Experience: The practical application of customer interaction experience through the management of inquiries and concerns provides individuals with the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills through exposure to a variety of customer interactions.
  • Industry Exposure: Exposure to Diverse Industries, Products, and Services: Call center employment provides individuals with the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of various sectors of the economy.
  • Enhancement of Language Proficiency: Individuals employed in multilingual call centers have the chance to develop their linguistic abilities, particularly in English and other widely used languages in customer service.
  • Teamwork: Working in teams is a common occurrence in call center settings, which promotes the development of collaboration and cooperation abilities.
  • Stable Employment: Call centers can offer dependable employment due to the consistent demand for customer service representatives.
  • Shift Flexibility: Shift flexibility is a feature provided by certain call centers, which affords individuals the opportunity to work during various shifts or adjust their schedules to suit their preferences.
  • Incentive Programs: Numerous call centers offer performance compensation or incentive programs that are contingent on achieving predetermined goals or delivering outstanding customer service.
  • Basic Benefits: Call center agents might qualify for fundamental benefits, including paid time off, health insurance, and retirement plans, contingent upon the employer.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Call center employment provides the chance to develop professional connections that may prove advantageous in the pursuit of future employment prospects.
  • Customer Service Skills: Customer Service Abilities Acquiring proficient customer service abilities is a significant advantage, given their applicability to a vast array of professions.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Call center agents are frequently confronted with a variety of obstacles, which fosters the growth of their problem-solving capabilities and quick thinking.
  • Career Advancement: Individuals who begin their careers as contact center agents may be presented with prospects for progression both within the call center itself and to other departments or divisions of the organization.

Application Process:

  • Candidates are requested to submit their resumes and cover letters to


  1. What do call center agents do?

    An employee who handles incoming and outgoing customer contacts on behalf of an organization is a call center agent. A wide range of duties may be assigned to an agent, such as consumer complaints, account inquiries, and product and support concerns.

  2. Is call center a good career?

    Call centers have shown to be excellent careers for a surprising amount of individuals, even though a majority of individuals don’t believe them to be feasible career options.

  3. What is the Call Center Agent’s answer?

    Call center agents must understand and attend to customers’ concerns while providing consumers with useful information. The goal of customer service call centers is to make sure that each caller is completely content.

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