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Carpenter Supervisor Jobs in Alberta 2024 – Apply Now

Parks Canada is extending an invitation to all candidates to express their interest in the position of carpenter supervisor. They are seeking candidates who can meet all of the post’s requirements. This position entails supervising and providing expert carpentry services for industrial and residential buildings and structures, as well as other assets in a national park and other historic sites. Registration for this position has commenced and will conclude shortly.

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Details of Carpenter Supervisor Jobs in Alberta:

  • Employer Name: Parks Canada
  • Position: Carpenter Supervisor
  • Salary: $34.40 to $37.39 per hour
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Location: Alberta, Canada

Job Description:

  • Candidates for this position should be prepared to manage a team of two to six craftsmen.
  • The work schedules of their team, as well as the work of other professions, are also coordinated by applicants for this position.
  • The candidates appointed to this position are responsible for skilled carpentry work as well as inspection or reporting of facility defects.
  • In this position, they are obligated to procure materials, maintain records, and develop project budget estimates.
  • Applicants for this position are responsible for overseeing and reporting on the activities of contractors employed at this location.
  • Additionally, they are obligated to design and execute medium-scale building renovation projects in this position.

    Job Requirement:

    • In order to qualify for this position, candidates must possess a minimum of five years of experience in the carpentry profession in a maintenance shop or field setting.It is imperative that they have finished. An asset for this position is a minimum of two years of supervisory experience, which includes the ability to lead a team of two to six individuals.
    • They also require assistance with the preservation and maintenance of historical structures, as well as the maintenance of residential and light industrial buildings, at this position. This position requires applicants to be appointed to oversee the maintenance of outdoor structures and facilities.

    Benefits of Carpenter Supervisor Jobs:

    • Leadership Opportunities: Carpenter Supervisors are accountable for the supervision and leadership of a team of carpenters. This position offers the chance to cultivate managerial skills and gain valuable leadership experience.
    • Competitive Salary: Supervisory positions are generally compensated at a higher rate than standard carpentry positions. A competitive remuneration is provided to account for the supplementary responsibilities and expertise that are necessary.
    • Job Security: The demand for skilled trades, such as carpentry, is consistently high. Supervisors frequently experience increased employment security due to their leadership skills and experience.
    • Skill Development: Supervisors are continuously refining their technical carpentry skills, as well as their communication, problem-solving, and project management capabilities.
    • Project Involvement: Supervisors are engaged in a variety of project stages, including planning, execution, and quality control. This contributes to professional development and offers a thorough comprehension of construction undertakings.
    • Networking Opportunities: Supervisors engage with a diverse array of professionals, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and clients. These interactions have the potential to broaden their professional network and pave the way for future career potential.
    • Professional Recognition: The industry frequently accords recognition and respect to individuals who hold supervisory positions. It exhibits a high degree of reliability and expertise.
    • Safety Oversight: Supervisors are essential in establishing a secure work environment for their team and themselves by ensuring the safety of the job site. Additionally, this obligation contributes to their comprehension of safety regulations and standards.
    • Career Advancement: The experience of a Carpenter Supervisor may provide the foundation for additional career opportunities, including the ownership of a construction business, the position of construction manager, or the promotion to project manager.
    • Diverse Work Environment: Supervisors are responsible for overseeing a wide range of undertakings, including residential and commercial structures. This diversity ensures that the position remains engaging and facilitates ongoing education.
    • Impactful Work: The quality and profitability of construction projects are directly influenced by supervisors. They are essential in the realization of architectural designs, guaranteeing the efficient and accurate construction of structures.
    • Problem Solving: The position entails the identification and resolution of on-site issues, which improves critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This aspect of the employment can be both rewarding and challenging.
    • Employee Development: Supervisors have the opportunity to mentor and train junior carpenters, thereby nurturing a supportive work environment and contributing to their professional development.
    • Autonomy: Supervisors frequently possess a substantial degree of autonomy in the management of their teams and the formulation of decisions regarding project execution and productivity. This can be a highly rewarding experience.
    • Job Satisfaction: The satisfaction that comes from effectively completing projects and witnessing the tangible results of one’s efforts can be extremely gratifying. The position instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in one’s work.

    Work Setting:

    They are responsible for the supervision of work crews at this post, which entails the use of a variety of modes of conveyance, working and traveling in a variety of locations, weather conditions, and terrain.

    How to Apply For Carpenter Supervisor Jobs in Alberta?

    The application form can be accessed by candidates by clicking on the link provided below. Complete the application form with the requested information and submit it. The most deserving candidates who submitted applications for this position will be selected by officials and contacted for an interview. Final selection will be granted to candidates who complete the interview.


    More Info

    1. What is the average salary for carpenters in Alberta?

      In Alberta, carpenters earn an average of $33.27/hour or $72,252.00 per year.

    2. What is the demand for carpenters in Alberta?

      From 2021 to 2025, we anticipate an average annual growth of 2.4% for the 7271: Carpenters occupational group in Alberta. In addition to job openings created by employment turnover, 278 new positions are forecast to be created within this occupational group each year.

    3. What does a supervisor do in carpentry?

      Plan, organize, supervise, and evaluate the work of others. Train and evaluate the performance of assigned staff. Plan and schedule carpentry-related work (as defined) in an efficient sequence. Estimate accurately the costs of repairs, construction work, and related labor requirements.

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