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Forklift Operator Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Uline, a prominent Canadian distributor specializing in shipping, industrial, and packaging materials, is in search of competent and safety-aware forklift operators to become members of our dynamic warehouse staff. Individuals with prior experience operating forklifts and a desire to work in a dynamic, productive warehouse setting will find this position to be an exhilarating opportunity. We are pleased to sponsor visas for international candidates who meet the necessary requirements.

In your capacity as a forklift operator at Uline, your responsibilities will be of the utmost importance in optimizing the safety and efficiency of material and product handling. A strong commitment to safety protocols, meticulousness, and the capacity to function efficiently in a team setting are essential qualifications for this position.

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Details of Forklift Operator Jobs in Canada

  • Company: Uline
  • Location: 3333 James Snow Parkway North, Milton, ON
  • Vacancies: 3
  • Salary: CAD 30–$36 an hour
  • Country: Canada


  • No degree, certificate, or diploma


  • 1 year to less than 5 years

Responsibilities of Forklift Operator Jobs in Canada

  • Utilizing forklifts to stack, tally, locate, and relocate products.
  • Cargo loading and unloading from conveyors, containers, or vehicles.
  • Ensuring the efficient and secure management of products and materials.
  • Carrying out routine equipment inspections, including servicing and lubricating machinery and recharging the truck’s battery.
  • By keeping the work area tidy and organized, one can guarantee a secure working environment.

Benefits Of Forklift Operator Jobs

  • Job Demand: The demand for forklift operators is a consistent factor in numerous industries, including construction, logistics, manufacturing, and warehouses, ensuring a constant supply of employment opportunities.
  • Diverse Work Settings: Forklift operators are afforded a range of work experiences as they are permitted to operate in warehouses, distribution centers, and construction sites, among others.
  • Competitive Pay: In most cases, proficient forklift operators are compensated competitively, particularly those who possess supplementary certifications and years of experience.
  • Prospects for Progression: Certain employers provide training initiatives or assistance in obtaining certifications that may result in career changes, such as the promotion to supervisor or lead operator.
  • Proficiency enhancement: Operating a forklift necessitates particularized expertise in managing substantial apparatus, which may be extrapolated to alternative positions within the construction or logistics sectors.
  • Physical Activity: For those who favor physically demanding occupations that require both cognitive function and motion, forklift operation can offer a favorable equilibrium between the two.
  • Safety Knowledge: By operating forklifts, employees develop a comprehensive comprehension of safety protocols and procedures, thereby augmenting their overall awareness of workplace safety.
  • Team Collaboration: A significant number of forklift operators maintain close relationships with warehouse teams, which promotes a cooperative and cohesive work atmosphere.
  • Job Security: In light of the growing dependence on streamlined supply chains and efficient logistics, forklift operators assume a pivotal function, providing employment stability even in the face of economic volatility.
  • Autonomy: Forklift operators frequently enjoy a degree of independence in task management, which contributes to the perception of their work as independent, provided they adhere to safety protocols.

Requirements for Forklift Operator Jobs

  • A valid operator’s certification for forklifts.
  • Proven forklift operation experience, with warehouse or distribution center experience preferred.
  • Proficient knowledge of warehouse operations and best practices for item handling.
  • Excellent physical health and coordination.
  • Visa sponsorship eligibility for applicants originating from outside Canada.

How to Apply for Forklift Operator Jobs in Canada

Interested parties in the Forklift Operator position at Uline are encouraged to submit their applications via our careers page.



Uline’s forklift operator program is an organization committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in distribution and warehousing. We appreciate our employees’ diligence and commitment and are dedicated to providing a secure and gratifying workplace. Your application and the possibility of your joining our team are eagerly anticipated.

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  1. What Is The Work Of A Forklift Operator?

    A forklift driver is responsible for delivering, moving, loading, and unloading a variety of goods in warehouses and on construction sites.

  2. What Is The Highest-Paid Forklift Operator?

    You can find these jobs in a wide variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, retail, food service, and warehouse storage. In this role, you likely have other duties beyond the operation of the actual forklift.

  3. Is a forklift operator in demand in Canada?

    Your skillset is in high demand! Adecco is recruiting a wide range of material handlers for a number of well-recognized Canadian organizations. We offer full-time, part-time, and contract-to-hire opportunities.

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