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Fruit Picking Jobs in Greece for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Foreign nationals with sponsored credentials are allowed to harvest fruit in Greece. Greece’s agriculture industry is a great illustration of how people from many continents, such as Asia, Africa, and South America, may find low-skilled work.

Greece provides numerous career opportunities for foreign nationals seeking employment as agricultural laborers. We typically refer to these as seasonal positions and implement a significant recruitment effort to fill them when they become available.

During the winter months in Greece, there is a high demand for fruit-picking employment, as many companies are eager to begin harvesting their crops. In Greece, there is an intriguing aspect of fruit-picking employment: certain organizations will reimburse you for the expense of transportation to their premises. We will provide you with all the necessary information to secure a lucrative fruit-picking job in Greece for foreign laborers.

You must comprehend the precise responsibilities of your position as a fruit harvester before that time. The following is a comprehensive outline of the job description and application requirements for fruit harvesting positions in Greece.


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Job Description:

The following duties, among others, are required of a fruit and vegetable picker:

  • Identifying, selecting, and organizing the produce by its size, type, and freshness.
  • It is imperative to evaluate a diverse array of fruits and discard any that are either overripe or decayed.
  • Loading, assembling, and weighing premium produce and vegetables onto pallets for transportation.
  • Receiving, tallying, labeling, and storing merchandise as necessary.
  • Utilizing a variety of machinery to harvest fruits and vegetables and complete other related duties
  • Guaranteeing that the workspace is secure for work and that it is maintained in a clean and organized manner.

Skills & Qualifications:

The following qualifications and skills should be incorporated into the job description of a farmer:

  • Proficient in the art of interpersonal communication.
  • Must be in satisfactory condition.
  • Eyes and limbs that are well-balanced.
  • Understanding of the most effective methods for the task.
  • Capable of working for extended periods at an alternative location.

Fruit Picking Jobs Salary in Greece

An average of $1,200 per month is earned by picking fruits and vegetables on fields in Greece. This sum may fluctuate by the factors that are assessed as the project advances.

However, fruit and vegetable laborers are compensated either by the quantity of produce they harvest or by the hour, in contrast to other low-skilled employment opportunities abroad. This is a supplementary clause in a work contract that is frequently deliberated and resolved by both parties. Many fruit-picking jobs in Greece offer supplementary benefits, such as housing, food, and prizes, in addition to the primary salary.

How to Find Fruit Picking Jobs in Greece for Foreigners

If a visa sponsor is necessary, there are numerous opportunities for foreign nationals to secure lucrative employment in Greece that entails fruit harvesting or farming. These are a few of the most popular approaches to lucrative fruit-picking jobs in Greece.

  • Request that a relative or acquaintance who resides in Greece secure employment for you as a fruit picker: If you are a foreign national seeking visa sponsorship employment, you may request that they contact nearby farms and plantations on your behalf.
  • Search for Employment Agencies Abroad: In each of the seven countries, numerous agencies help individuals secure employment abroad. It is advisable to establish contact with an individual whose record is readily accessible and whose reputation is well-established.
  • The locate Job Posting Board by Hundreds of International Employment Job Posting Boards is another exceptional option for individuals from other nations who are seeking fruit-picking jobs in Greece that will sponsor their visas. Browse their websites to obtain the most recent positions in the location or field you have specified.

Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs in Greece:

  • Opportunities for Employment: The agricultural sector in Greece, particularly fruit harvesting, offers a plethora of seasonal employment opportunities, which are instrumental in satisfying the labor shortage during harvest periods.
  • Potential Earnings: Fruit-picking jobs can provide competitive wages, which may be particularly appealing to workers from countries with lower income levels. Payment is frequently contingent upon the quantity of produce harvested, which enables diligent employees to augment their earnings.
  • Intermittent Flexibility: These positions are well-suited for individuals seeking temporary or intermittent employment. This adaptability can be advantageous for students, travelers, or those seeking to supplement their income during specific seasons of the year.
  • Accommodation and Meals: In Greece, a significant number of fruit harvesting employers provide their employees with lodging and meals. This has the potential to substantially decrease living expenses and facilitate the savings process for foreign laborers.
  • Cultural Immersion: Through employment in Greece, foreigners can immerse themselves in Greek culture, learn the language, and interact with the local populace, potentially leading to a personally rewarding experience.
  • Outdoor Work Environment: Fruit picking is an appealing alternative to indoor or sedentary employment for individuals who prefer working outdoors and are physically active. Particularly in the picturesque countryside of Greece, the work environment can be both scenic and pleasurable.
  • Travel Opportunities: Greece is a very popular tourist destination. Seasonal laborers can explore the country’s vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and rich history during their time off.
  • Skill Development: Although fruit harvesting is classified as unskilled labor, it can still impart valuable skills, including physical endurance, time management, and teamwork. These abilities may prove advantageous for prospective employment prospects.
  • Networking: Employment in the agricultural sector can offer the chance to interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, such as local farmers, seasonal laborers, and employers. This networking can be beneficial for personal connections or future job opportunities.
  • Legal Work Options: Greece provides legal channels for seasonal agricultural work, assuring that workers are protected under Greek labor laws and receive the necessary work permits. This legal status guarantees equitable treatment and prevents exploitation.
  • Health Benefits: The physical activity of fruit harvesting can enhance physical fitness and overall health, provided that employees adhere to safety protocols and prioritize their well-being.
  • Contribution to Local Economy: Seasonal laborers contribute to the local economy by engaging in the agricultural sector, which ensures the continued production of high-quality fruits and the sustainability of Greece’s farming communities.

How To Apply For Fruit Picking Jobs in Greece for Foreigners?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

More Info

  1. Is it difficult to get a job in Greece?

    Finding a job in Greece is not easy, but there are opportunities, and many people find jobs in various fields, especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Determination, consistency, and good preparation are key elements for success. For more information on how to find a job in Greece, please check out our video.

  2. How can a foreigner get a job in Greece?

    To legally take on employment in Greece, the individual needs to apply for a national visa at their country’s consulate or embassy. After arriving in Greek territory and before the current visa expires, they must also obtain a residence permit.

  3. How much do fruit pickers make in Greece?

    The average fruit picker’s gross salary in Greece is 10.919 euros or an equivalent hourly rate of 5 euros.

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