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Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs in Canada 2024

You are in possession of a thrilling opportunity. We are seeking personnel to perform golf course maintenance in Canada to join our organization. You will have a critical responsibility as golf course maintenance personnel to ensure that our golf course is kept in pristine condition.

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Details of Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs in Canada

  • Company Name: Maple Downs Golf & Country Club
  • Job Category: Hospitality Jobs
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Jobs Location: 11101 Dufferin St Maple ON L6A 1S2
  • Salary: CAD 20 per hour
  • Country: Canada

Benefits of Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs in Canada

  • Outdoor Workplace Conditions: Those who appreciate the great outdoors will have the privilege of working in a picturesque environment surrounded by vegetation and the natural world.
  • Diverse Duties: The responsibilities of golf course maintenance include turf management, mowing, landscaping, irrigation system maintenance, and insect control. This diversity contributes to the work’s appeal and engagement.
  • Skill Enhancement: It affords the chance to acquire knowledge and expertise in landscaping methodologies, apparatus operation, turf maintenance, and other specialized skills pertinent to the upkeep of golf courses.
  • Work in Teams and Collaboration: Assisting the maintenance crew promotes the development of cooperation and collaboration skills, given that ensuring the course’s quality frequently necessitates coordinated efforts among team members.
  • Adaptable Timetables: Golf courses frequently alter their timetables in response to seasonal demands, tournaments, or weather conditions. This could potentially afford opportunities for seasonal employment or greater flexibility in work hours.
  • Patronage of Golf Facilities: Certain courses offer privileges such as complimentary or reduced-cost access to golf facilities, enabling staff members to partake in the activity while on vacation.
  • Physical Exercise: Physical labor on the job enables individuals to engage in exercise and maintain an active stance throughout the day, thereby potentially promoting the adoption of a more health-conscious way of life.
  • Potential Advancement in One’s Career: Proficient maintenance staff might be eligible for promotion to supervisory or specialized roles in the administration of golf courses.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Golf courses frequently experience a steady demand for maintenance staff, which affords a degree of employment stability in contrast to certain other sectors.
  • Community Participation: A career at a golf course facilitates engagement with fellow staff members and golfers, thereby encouraging collaboration and establishing connections within the community.

Responsibilities of Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs

Included in your responsibilities will be:

  • Mowing and maintaining tee boxes, fairways, greens, and roughs in order to provide our sportsmen with optimal playing conditions
  • Implementing and sustaining machinery operations, including mowers, vehicles, and other specialized apparatus,
  • conducting routine maintenance duties, including fertilizing, watering, aerating greens, and repairing irrigation systems.
  • Providing support in landscaping endeavors by performing tasks such as planting, pruning, and upkeep of flower beds and shrubbery
  • performing the duty of maintaining a debris-free golf course by removing branches and foliage.
  • working in conjunction with the golf course superintendent to identify specific areas that necessitate development or special attention.
  • ensuring compliance with all safety protocols and directives in order to preserve a secure operational setting.

Qualifications of Golf Course Maintenance Personnel Jobs

For success in this position, the following credentials are required:

  • Preferred qualifications include prior experience in a comparable outdoor maintenance role or on a golf course.
  • Proficiency in equipment operation and turf management procedures is a valuable asset.
  • ability to function both independently and collaboratively.
  • excellent attention to detail and the capacity to effectively prioritize duties.
  • Working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions while performing physically demanding duties requires sufficient stamina.
  • outstanding communication abilities. Be a part of our committed group of experts who are fervent in their pursuit of upholding outstanding golf courses for the benefit of our members and visitors.

This is an exceptional opportunity for professionals in the golf industry seeking to advance their professions. Should you feel prepared to confront this stimulating challenge, we eagerly await your response. Submit your resume and cover letter detailing your pertinent experience at this time.

Please be advised that only those individuals who have been invited for an interview will be contacted. As an equal opportunity employer, we place a high value on diversity in the workforce.

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  1. What should I put on my resume for golf course maintenance?

    Typical work activities listed on a resume sample for a golf course superintendent include checking turf health, respecting environmental safety guidelines, repairing golfing facilities, reporting to the manager, overseeing the car fleet, maintaining supplies, and updating records.

  2. What do you call golf course maintenance?

    A groundskeeper is required to be able to complete a large variety of tasks throughout the day. Groundskeeper tasks can be generally categorized as manual labor and are related to landscaping.

  3. How much do golf course workers get paid in Canada?

    Entry-level positions start at $29,082 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $49,530 per year.

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