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Greece Work Visa Process 2024 – Types, Requirements

Greece is a lovely EU country and a Schengen state. People who are not from the EU can apply for a work visa in Greece. Like Italy’s seasonal work visa, the Greek work visa is pretty easy to get. There is now a single Greece house permit and work permit. This means that residence permits can include the right to work. Greece lets people stay there while they work, study, or do volunteer work. We’ll talk about how to get a work visa for Greece.

There are many ways to work in Greece, such as with a Digital Nomad Visa, a Seasonal Visa, or a Greece Employer Visa. There are also Golden Visa programs run by the Greek government. You can become a citizen of Greece by buying a property, getting an apartment in real estate, or investing in real estate. The steps and things you need to do to get a work visa for Greece are listed below.

Details About Greece Work Visa Process

  • Job Country: Greece
  • Visa Type: Type D long Stay National Visa
  • Opportunity Type: Work Permit

What is a Greek Residence Permit?

With a Greece residence pass, you can legally stay in Greece. This pass is valid for one year at first, and it can be renewed. The people who work for you can also apply for this pass at the right places in Greece.

What is a Greece Long Stay (Type D) Visa?

Once your application for a residence permit has been accepted, the Greece Long Stay Type D Work Visa lets you go to Greece. Your residence pass will be given to you when you get to Greece within 30 days.


An employee from a non-EU country must first get a visa to enter Greece. Once they are there, they must then apply for a work permit and leave.

Type of Greece Work Permits

Different kinds of “D” work visas for long stays in Greece. Greece gives work permits and residence permits to:

  • Greece Employment Visa
  • Greece Seasonal Work Visa
  • Self-employed visa

Greece Employment Visa

You will need an employment visa and a living permit for employment in order to work for any company in Greece. You will need to get a job in Greece.

Make sure that your employer gives you a valid work contract that lasts at least one year.

Greek Seasonal Work Visa

People who work as seasonal workers in Greece can only do so for six months a year. You will apply for a Long Stay Type D Visa as soon as you know about the spring job.

Greece Self-Employed Visa

People who want to open a business in Greece need this visa.

Greece Work Visa Process - Types, Requirements
Greece Work Visa Process

Validity of Greece Work Visa and Residence Permit

  • Employment Visa: 1 Year
  • Seasonal Employees: up to 6 months
  • Fish Workers: up to 11 months

After staying in Greece for 5 years, you can apply to stay there permanently.

Greece Work Visa Cost

  • Greece National Visa (Type D Long Stay): 180 Euros
  • Greece Residence permit for one year: 150 euros

Greece Work Visa Requirements

To get a Greece Long Stay Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • a copy of the job contract that has been signed.
  • The form for a D visa must be fully filled out in English or Greek.
  • A passport that is still good for at least three months after the D visa expires
  • Copy of the information page and the permit to live there.
  • A color picture the size of a passport that is no more than six months old.
  • Travel medical protection that is good for the length of the D visa.
  • Proof of medical fitness.
  • A copy of the applicant’s record with the police

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Benefits of Greece Work Visa:

  • Legal Authorization to Work: A work visa provides legal permission to work in Greece, ensuring that you can engage in employment activities without the risk of facing legal consequences.
  • Access to Job Opportunities: With a work visa, you gain access to the Greek job market, allowing you to apply for a wide range of employment opportunities across various industries.
  • Opportunity for Career Development: Working in Greece can provide valuable opportunities for career development and professional growth. You may have the chance to acquire new skills, gain international work experience, and expand your professional network.
  • Cultural Immersion: Living and working in Greece allows you to immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture, history, and traditions. You can learn the Greek language, explore the local cuisine, and engage with the vibrant community.
  • Quality of Life: Greece offers a high quality of life with its beautiful Mediterranean climate, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Living in Greece allows you to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with access to beautiful beaches, historic sites, and vibrant cities.
  • Healthcare and Social Benefits: As a legal resident with a work visa, you may be eligible for Greece’s healthcare and social welfare system, which provides access to medical care, education, and other social services.
  • Family Reunification: Work visas may also provide options for family reunification, allowing spouses and dependent children to join you in Greece and benefit from the opportunities available in the country.
  • Travel Opportunities: Greece’s strategic location in Europe offers convenient access to other European countries, making it easy to explore nearby destinations during your free time or holidays.
  • Long-Term Residency and Citizenship: In some cases, holding a work visa may be a pathway to obtaining long-term residency or even citizenship in Greece, depending on the specific immigration regulations and requirements.
  • Contribution to the Greek Economy: By working in Greece, you contribute to the country’s economy and workforce, helping to support its growth and development.

How do I apply for the Greece Work Visa?

Here are the steps you need to take to get a Greece work visa in 2023:

  • You should look for work in Greece first. Links to websites are given below.
  • To get a visa, you need to go to the office or consulate in the country you are from.
  • You need to send all of these things with your visa application.
  • After you get to Greece, you need to apply for a residence pass.

Get in touch with the Greek embassy in your country and ask how to get a work visa and what papers are needed.

Greece Work Visa Processing Time

The process for getting a visa will take 30 days.

Application Process to Get a Residence Permit in Greece

You need to apply for a residence pass as a worker. The Decentralized Administration’s one-stop shop is where all applications for residence permits are turned in.

Greece Job Websites

Greece Nomad Visa (No Job Offer Required)

The Greece Nomad Visa is a digital nomad visa for freelancers and people who work from home. For this visa, you don’t need a job offer from a Greek company.

Your digital nomad visa for Greece is good for one year at first. This visa is also called the Greek nomad visa or the Greek digital traveler visa.

Greece Nomad Visa Requirements
  • You can’t be from the EU.
  • Your pay must be at least €3,500 a month.

Greece Citizenship programs (Golden Visa Program)

People who want to become Greek citizens through business or real estate can also use the Golden Visa program run by the Greek government.

Greece Residence by Investment

  • At least EUR250,000 must be invested in real estate.
  • Between one and two months.
  • The freedom to move to Greece and the Schengen Area in Europe
  • There’s no need to live in Greece.
  • No set end date for the living permit.
  • Chance to rent out the investment home.
  • After living in the country for seven years, you can ask for citizenship.

Greece Real Estate

Everything you need to know about buying high-end property in Greece has to do with the Greece Golden Visa Program.

  • At least EUR 250,000 must be invested.
  • There is a chance to make rental income: 2.5% to 4.5% on residential property and 5–7% on business property.
  • Who owns it and how much?
  1. How can I get a work visa in Greece?

    To legally take on employment in Greece, the individual needs to apply for a national visa at their country’s consulate or embassy. After arriving in Greek territory and before the current visa expires, they must also obtain a residence permit.

  2. Is the Greece work visa open for Pakistan? 

    Work visas can be obtained through the Greek consulate or embassy in Pakistan. Alongside legal documents, language proficiency is essential.

  3. How much is a visa for Greece from Pakistan?

    Yugo. pk typically charges a fee of 30,000 euros per adult and PKR charges per child, in addition to the Greece Embassy fee, which stands at 80 euros per adult, 40 euros per child, and infaeurosre exempt and from euros.

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