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House Maid Jobs in Romania with Free Visa 2024 – Apply Now

Alliance Recruitment Agency is looking for a House Maid with at least one year of experience working in Bucharest, Romania. The ideal candidate will have done housework tasks like cooking, cleaning, and ironing for at least one year. People who have worked in Dubai before will be given preference. The company will pay for the visa, food, and lodging. People of all countries can apply. The person applying should be able to speak English. Let’s learn everything we can about House Maid Jobs in Romania with Free Food, Housing, and Visa by Company.

Details of House Maid Jobs in Romania with Free Visa

Job CountryRomania
IndustryHousekeeping/ Domestic Services
Job TypeHouse Maid
Minimum Experience Required1 year
Education RequiredBasic English
Any Age LimitNo
Employment TermTemporary and Full-Time (Subject to Visa Extension)
Salary Hourly€700 per month


  • Free Visa: The company will give the worker a visa for free, which will allow them to legally enter and work in Romania.
  • Free Food and Accommodation: The company will provide free food and a place to stay to make sure that the workers’ basic needs are met without having to pay extra.
  • English Speaking: The candidate must be able to speak and write English well enough to connect with the employer and maybe even other people in the house.
  • Preference for Christian Religion: The company likes to hire Christians, which could be because of cultural or personal reasons for the boss.
  • Open to Traveling: The person applying should be ready and willing to travel with the company when needed, for work or pleasure.
  • Household Duties: The candidate will be responsible for a range of household chores including:
    • Cleaning
    • Cooking
    • Ironing
    • Laundry
    • General housework
  • Marital Status: The employer has a preference for candidates who are married.

Job Duties of a House Maid

  • Cleaning
  • Mopping
  • Ironing
  • Cooking on demand
  • Sweeping


  • Free Visa: The business pays for the visa, which makes it possible for the employee to legally enter Romania and start working there without having to pay for it.
  • Free Food: Meals are given for free so that employees can eat healthy food without having to pay for it themselves.
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  • Free Accommodation: Because the company pays for the employee’s housing, they don’t have to worry about paying rent or energy bills.
  • Competitive Salary: Along with the free perks, the company offers a competitive salary that can help you save money and keep your finances stable.
  • Visa Sponsorship: The company helps with and takes care of the visa process, which lets the worker properly do their job in Romania and focus on it.

Who can Apply

Asians, Africans, and Latin Americans usually look to Romania and other European countries for work, and they can apply for housekeeping jobs in Romania. The company will pay for their visa, food, and housing.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominicia
  • Sudan
  • Grenada
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago
  • Lucia
  • Vincent
  • The Grenadines
  • Kitts-Nevis
  • Montserrat.
  • All European, Asian, and African nationalities can apply

How to Apply

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Alliance Recruitment Agency is giving people looking for housekeeping work in Romania a great chance. This job makes sure that employees can focus on their work without having to worry about simple things like getting a visa, food, and a place to stay. To get the job, you must be able to speak and understand English and have done housework for at least a year. People from all over the world have a great chance to work in a supportive workplace and get a good salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the main responsibilities of the House Maid position?

    The main responsibilities include cleaning, mopping, ironing, cooking on demand, sweeping, laundry, and general housework.

  2. What is the required experience for this job?

    Candidates must have at least one year of experience in household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and ironing. Preference is given to those who have worked in Dubai

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