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How To Get Malta Seasonal Work Visa 2024

You can use this post to help you apply for the Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process if you live in a country that is not in Europe. Anyone from outside of Malta who wants to work there during the summer will need a special work visa. As the name suggests, this visa will only let foreign workers work during certain times of the year.

Besides that, the usual monthly pay rate is also fair. They can make between €1,000 and €2,000 a month. That being said, casual jobs in Malta are a good deal for people who don’t have much or any experience. But there are some things you need to remember to get a seasonal work visa.

Details About How To Get Malta Seasonal Work Visa 2024

  • Country: Malta
  • Type: Seasonal
  • Category: work visa
  • Eligible Countries: Non-EU countries

Benefits of Malta Seasonal Work Visa:

  • Legal Authorization: The Seasonal Work Visa grants foreign nationals lawful permission to engage in employment in Malta for a designated duration, thereby enabling them to circumvent the hazards inherent in working clandestinely or without appropriate documentation.
  • Transitory Employment: The visa is purposefully crafted to accommodate transitory or seasonal labor, rendering it appropriate for individuals desiring to engage in work in Malta for a brief period of time, such as during periods of high tourist activity or agricultural harvest.
  • Diverse Employment Prospects: Malta’s seasonal work visa program accommodates seasonal workers with diverse skill sets and origins in a variety of industries, including retail, tourism, hospitality, agriculture, and agriculture.
  • Cultural Experience: Seasonal laborers who choose to work in Malta are afforded a singular cultural experience wherein they engage in meaningful interactions with individuals from diverse backgrounds and become fully immersed in the local culture, traditions, and way of life.
  • Language Learning: Working in Malta provides opportunities for individuals interested in acquiring or enhancing their language proficiency to engage in practical application of English and/or Maltese, the country’s two official languages.
  • Networking Opportunities: Seasonal employment in Malta provides the chance to establish professional networks and affiliations within one’s field, which may facilitate access to forthcoming employment prospects or collaborative ventures.
  • Malta’s geographical positioning in the Mediterranean provides convenient travel connections to various European nations, thereby enabling seasonal laborers to visit neighboring locations during their leisure time.
  • Income Generation: Seasonal employment in Malta offers individuals the chance to supplement their finances or acquire significant work experience while providing an opportunity to support themselves or their families.
  • Travel Opportunities: Seasonal laborers make a valuable contribution to cultural exchange in Malta through the introduction of their distinct viewpoints and experiences, which they concurrently assimilate into the local customs and culture.
  • Economic Contribution: Seasonal laborers significantly contribute to the support of Malta’s economy, specifically in sectors that are heavily dependent on this labor force, including agriculture and tourism.

Malta seasonal work visa:

It lets you work in Malta during certain times of the year. The Identity Malta Agency (IMA) gives it out.All visa applications are handled by IMA.

Who is exempted from Malta work visa?

Cyprus is a European country, so people from Europe can work there without a work visa. But people from non-European countries still need to get a ticket.


Malta Seasonal Work Visa Requirements

All candidates from outside of the United States need to remember a few things, such as

  • Get a job offer from any company in Malta.
  • As soon as you were offered a job, you had to get a work contract.
  • Your contract must spell out the type of work you will do, how long it will last, and where it will be done.
  • You must also show proof of where you will stay in Malta during your stay.
  • Get a single work permit. Since you can only work for one company, all applicants must get a single work permit. A work permit can be applied for by your company instead of you.
  • Get a National D visa (long stay). People who want to work during the summer may have to wait up to several months before they can return, so they will need to apply for an extended stay National D visa.

Visa Validity

The season work visa for Malta is good for 9 to 12 months. Once the visa is up, the person has to leave the country.

Malta seasonal work visa Processing Time?

It could take up to three months to finish the application.

What is the cost of a Malta seasonal work visa in 2024?

The cost is as follows:

  • Single Work Permit Fee – €280.50
  • National Long Stay (D) Visa Fee – €100

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How to Apply for Malta seasonal work visa 2024?

Here are the steps you need to take to get a seasonal work visa in Malta:

  • You need to have a job offer from a company or boss in Malta.
  • The company you work for must get one work pass for you.
  • There is an application fee for a single work permit that you need to pay if your company is not paying for it.
  • After getting the single permit, you can make an interview at the Malta embassy in the country where you live.
  • Give the government all the paperwork they ask for.
  • Pay the fee for a seasonal work visa.
  • After getting permission, go to Malta.

How to find jobs in Malta?

  1. What is the seasonal work visa in Malta?

    Once granted, the seasonal work visa allows individuals to stay in Malta for a duration of one year. Additionally, visa holders can visit other Schengen countries up to two times a year, each lasting for a maximum of 90 days.

  2. How do I apply for a Malta work visa?

    To obtain a Malta work visa, Indians need to secure a job offer from a Maltese employer. Then, they can apply online through the Malta Visa Online Portal, upload the required documents, pay the visa fee, attend a biometric appointment, and await a decision from Maltese authorities.

  3. Is finding a job in Malta easy? 

    Getting a job in Malta can be a very simple task, as this country offers many opportunities for its citizens and migrants. Additionally, according to the latest censuses, the unemployment rate for July 2023 stands at 2.6 for men and 2.4 for women.

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