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IT Project Coordinator Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Irving Oil extends an invitation to all qualified candidates to express their interest in the IT project coordinator position. They are seeking candidates who meet all of the qualifications for the position. They are tasked with supervising administrative duties, communicating with project teams, gathering task status reports, furnishing teams with necessary information, and maintaining project documentation while holding this position. The registration period has begun for this post and will conclude shortly.

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Details of IT Project Coordinator Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer Name: Irving Oil
  • Position: IT Project Coordinator 
  • Salary: $43,000 to $47,000 per year 
  • Employment Type: Full-time 
  • Location: Saint John, Canada

Job Description:

  • Candidates for this position must be capable of concurrently managing multiple deliverables and priorities in a fast-paced setting.
  • Additionally, they are tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the processing, organization, and advancement of all project components by pre-established schedules and deadlines for deliverables.
  • Ideal candidates for this position must have the ability to coordinate, validate, and obtain approval for project objectives, scopes, and requirements in conjunction with project teams, management, and vendors.
  • The individual in this role is designated to aid program administrators with the coordination of internal and external resources, the monitoring of tasks and budgetary matters, the organization of meetings, the enforcement of meeting actions, and the maintenance of RAID logs.
  • Additionally, they are designated at this level to ensure that any outstanding tasks are carried out by the team members through follow-up.

Job Requirement:

  • To qualify for this position, applicants must possess a postsecondary degree in Finance, Business Administration, Information Technology, or Engineering.
  • To qualify for this position, candidates must possess a minimum of three years of experience operating in a protected environment.
  • Candidates for this position must possess substantial practical knowledge and expertise in project management methodologies.
  • Strong analytic abilities and the capacity to maintain positive working relationships with team members and program stakeholders are required of candidates.
  • Effective verbal and written communication abilities are required for consideration for this position.
  • Applicants must have prior experience managing multiple priorities and deadlines, or demonstrate a consistent ability to meet stringent deadlines.

Benefits of IT Project Coordinator Jobs:

  • Project Management Experience: Gaining project management experience through employment as an IT project coordinator offers significant benefits in terms of familiarity with various methodologies, tools, and techniques. This experience possesses the potential to be applied in diverse sectors and may serve as a precursor to more advanced positions in project management.
  • Collaboration and Coordination: To ensure the seamless execution of projects, IT Project Coordinators typically collaborate closely with project managers, team members, and stakeholders. This collaborative effort improves interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Exposure to IT Systems and Technologies: Exposure to IT Systems and Technologies Project coordinators who hold IT-focused positions are exposed to a variety of project management-related IT systems, software, and technologies. This information enriches their comprehension of IT processes and infrastructure.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Issue identification and resolution are frequent responsibilities of IT project coordinators during project execution. This develops the capacity to think critically and solve problems while under duress.
  • Organizational Skills IT Project Coordinators are tasked with the organizational responsibilities of arranging project schedules, meetings, and documentation. This fosters proficient organizational abilities and meticulousness.
  • Client Interaction: The extent to which IT Project Coordinators engage with clients or external stakeholders to collect requirements, deliver updates, and resolve concerns may vary depending on the organization. This affords prospects for the cultivation of expertise in customer relationship management.
  • Professional Growth: Gaining practical experience as an IT project coordinator may pave the way for prospects of advancement in project management or other IT-related positions. It offers a fundamental basis for constructing proficiency and reputation within the discipline.
  • Professional Development: Numerous organizations provide training programs, certifications, and educational opportunities pertinent to project management and IT to support the professional development of their employees.
  • Variety of Projects: IT project coordinators frequently engage in the concurrent management of numerous projects, which allows them to gain experience with diverse technologies, teams, and obstacles. This variety maintains the role’s interest and vitality.
  • Job Stability: The growing dependence of organizations on technology has resulted in a high demand for IT Project Coordinator positions, which provide comparatively secure employment opportunities.

How to Apply For IT Project Coordinator Jobs in Canada?

Simply by clicking the link provided below, applicants will be able to access the application form. Complete and submit the application form with the requested information. The most qualified applicants for this position will be selected by officials for a shortlist and subsequently invited for an interview. Those who succeed in the interview will be chosen for the final round.

More Info

  1. Is a project coordinator in demand in Canada?

    Project managers and coordinators are in demand globally. Focusing specifically on Canada, a PMI report suggests tremendous demand for project coordinators. As per reports, nearly 90,000 new project managers will be hired in Canada alone.

  2. What does an IT project coordinator do?

    Oversees the work of professional information technology staff by making and reviewing work assignments, establishing priorities, coordinating activities, and resolving related work problems.

  3. How much do coordinators make in Canada?

    The average salary for a coordinator is $53,701 per year in Canada. The average additional cash compensation for a coordinator in Canada is $2,638, with a range from $1,151 to $6,048.

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