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Jobs in Czech Republic for Foreigners Visa Sponsorship 

Jobs in the Czech Republic that will pay for your visa for 2024 or 2025! Many people haven’t been able to find the Czech Republic, which is in the middle of Europe. This is because many people, especially foreigners, don’t quickly think of it as a place to visit. A lot of the millions of people who come to the country every year, whether it’s for work, school, or a holiday, know about it and what it has to offer. The Czech Republic is in the middle of Europe, which makes it a popular place for both international businesses and foreign workers.

You just graduated from college. Are you excited to start working and ready to take on the world? Or maybe you’re a seasoned worker who’s loved the view from your office for years but wants to see what else is out there.

You may have just moved to Prague and aren’t sure what to do next. Do you need to have a job that can support your foreigner visa? No matter what, you’re in the right place if you want to start, change, or just move up in your job! Let us help you get the job you want! There are skilled and unskilled Visa Sponsorship jobs in Czech here.

This page has information about the current foreigner visa sponsorship jobs in the Czech Republic. It also has information about the country’s work visa types, the best-paying jobs, the average monthly salary, and a lot more.


Work visa categories in the Czech Republic

People who are not from the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) need to get a Schengen visa before they can visit the Czech Republic. Also, the country and about 40 states have deals that let people stay for up to 90 days as long as their trip has nothing to do with work or business.

There are two main types of visas for the Czech Republic: long-term and short-term Schengen visas. Because they are both open to hiring, both can be used, but your staff must have a work permit to stay legal. The visas are different in the following ways:

People with a short-term visa can only stay in the country for up to 90 days out of every 180 days. There are different types of visas for this larger group, depending on the reason for the stay, such as for business, work, school, or vacation.

Long-term: People who want to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days need a long-term Schengen visa. If someone applies at the Czech diplomatic office, they may have to go through a longer interview as part of the process.

Along with the Czech Republic’s working visas, the EU Blue Card and the employee card are both long-term licenses that can be used as both places to live and to work. People from the EU who have been deemed highly skilled are the only ones who can get EU Blue Cards. People from non-European countries who have the right skills and records can ask for employee cards.

Jobs in Czech Republic for Foreigners Visa Sponsorship 

Below is the list of Visa sponsorship jobs in Czech Republic for foreigners:

  • Server- San Marino Retirement Community – Food Service, 5000 West 75th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80030
    $15 an hour – Temporary, Part-time, Temp-to-hire, Full-time, Internship: Visit the official website to apply
  • Dishwasher at Retirement Community- San Marino Retirement Community – Food Service 5000 West 75th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80030 Part-time : Visit the official website to apply
  • Slovak Interpreter- LanguageLine Solutions (part of Teleperformance), Remote, Part-time : Visit the official website to apply
  • Email Operations Specialist- Grammarly, Inc. United States, Hybrid work, $98,000 – $122,000 a year: Visit the official website to apply
  • Shift Manager– Macedonia- Dunkin’ 815 East Aurora Road, Macedonia, OH 44056
    $14 – $17 an hour:  Apply Now

Others include:

  • Drivers
  • Hybrid Medical Lead
  • Industrial cleaner
  • Financial Accountant
  • Manufacturing Process Engineer in production
  • Engineer
  • Front Office Agent
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • Technology analyst

Which Careers Offer the Best Returns?

There are jobs available for people from other countries, especially those with skills in banking, IT, and business growth. In the Czech Republic, the average monthly wage is 27,200 CZK, which is about $1,200 USD. However, foreigners who work in these fields usually make more. These are also the areas where people make the most money on average.

There are a lot of places to teach foreign languages in Prague, though the monthly pay will be about the average of 25,000 CZK.

Criteria to Acquiring Work Visas for the Czech Republic

There may be requirements for a Czech Republic work permit that depend on the type of visa your staff need. For every Schengen visa, you need to:

  • a fully filled out application.
  • a passport that is at least three months old at the time of departure
  • 2 photographs the size of a passport.
  • documents describing the applicant’s purpose for being there, such as a work permit.
  • evidence of traveler’s health coverage.
  • A plane ticket may be used as proof of intent to depart the country when the visa expires.
  • confirmation of lodging for the entire stay.
  • a statement describing the applicant’s intended stay.
  • criminal history in the nation of residence
  • evidence of financial stability.
  • paying the application fee for a visa

Work visa for the Czech Republic Application Method

To get a work pass in the Czech Republic, both the employer and the worker must fill out an application. Foreigners can only be hired for jobs that didn’t have any good options in the Czech Republic or other EU member states. As long as you meet the country’s standards, you can apply for a work permit at the labor office in the district where the foreign worker will be working. Your staff needs to have a work permit before they come to the Czech Republic. If they don’t, you could be held responsible.

You must show the following documents for your employees in order for them to get work permits:

  • signs of who you are.
  • proof that the foreigner has a real address in the country where they live.
  • Information that can be used to find your business.
  • data about the place, time, and type of work that is being done.
  • a written statement from you saying that you will hire the foreigner.
  • Notarized copies of all of your academic and business proofs.
  • the cost of running the business being paid.

Important Points to Bear in Mind

Anyone from outside the EU who comes to the country must register with the Foreign Police Department or a Ministry of Interior office within three business days.

Within 30 days, they have to sign up with the Foreigners’ Police Inspectorate in their area or a Ministry of Interior office. People with an EU Blue Card or who want to work must also go to the Ministry of the Interior’s Department of Asylum and Migration Policy within three days of arriving to give biometric information.

What is the Czech Republic’s highest paying job?

People who work in financial services in the Czech Republic make the most money, $51,000 a year. People who work in data earn the least in the Czech Republic, at $19,000 a year.

What is the average monthly wage in the Czech Republic?

Beginning salaries for workers in the Czech Republic range from 26,011 K (low salaries; actual wages may be much lower) to 78,790.00 K (high salaries; actual wages may be even higher). This is the full monthly wage, which includes any bonuses.

What employers in the Czech Republic are looking for English-speaking candidates?

The best places to work right now for English-speaking jobs are Find My Guides, Expedia Partner Solutions, Einstein English, Ryanair, TELUS International Europe, L’Oréal, Center People Appointments Ltd, Pro Praha Temp (GR), UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, and AB InBev.

Is it a decent place to work in Czech?

It has been said that the Czech Republic is one of the top three places for expats to find work. There are about 500,000 foreigners living in the Czech Republic, so you’ll have plenty of chances to meet other expats.

Prague’s Major Industries

In the past few years, Prague has changed from an industrial city to one with a service and R&D-based economy that is on the cutting edge. During this process, local companies have done a great job of attracting both domestic and foreign investment.

The city’s growth is now driven by the service industry, which employs about 80% of the people who live there. The banking business and business-related services are the most important ones. Another one that is becoming more important is tourism.

The city still depends a lot on the pharmaceutical, electrical engineering, and auto businesses. There are still some brewers, though they aren’t very important to the economy.


Foreigners can find many job prospects in the Czech Republic. Banking, IT, and business growth are some of the most lucrative fields. This guide is helpful for expats because it tells them about the different types of work visas, how to apply for them, and the best-paying jobs in the country. This makes it easier for them to find work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Czech Republic’s highest paying job?

    Financial services professionals in the Czech Republic earn the highest salaries, averaging $51,000 a year.

  2. What is the average monthly wage in the Czech Republic?

    The average monthly wage in the Czech Republic ranges from 26,011 K to 78,790 K, depending on the job and bonuses.

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