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Long Haul Transport Driver Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

AGKS Transport Inc., located at 78 SEDGEWICK PLACE, Bedford, NS B4A 0G5, is currently accepting applications from qualified candidates for the position of long-haul transport driver. The ideal candidate should possess strong interpersonal skills and be self-motivated. We expect the selected candidate to start work as soon as possible. The vacancies are categorized as permanent or full-time employment. We include night, weekend, and on-call shifts.

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Details of Long Haul Transport Driver Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer Name: AGKS Transport Inc.
  • Position: Long haul transport driver
  • No. of vacancies: 1
  • Salary: $25.00 to $29.00 hourly (To be negotiated) / 30 to 44 hours per week
  • Employment type: Permanent employment, Full time
  • Location: 78 SEDGEWICK PLACE, Bedford, NS B4A 0G5

Job Description:

  • The candidate is responsible for the loading and unloading of products.
  • To transport products and materials, the candidate must operate and drive straight or articulated trucks.
  • The candidate is required to supervise the vehicle’s condition and conduct an inspection of the brakes, tires, lights, refrigerated storage, and other equipment.
  • The candidate must possess the ability to conduct emergency roadside maintenance.
  • The candidate will be accountable for the supervision of all vehicle aspects and the performance of pre-trip, en-route, and post-trip inspections.
  • The candidate is required to conduct preventive maintenance.
  • The candidate will be accountable for the receipt and transmission of information to central dispatch.
  • The candidate will be accountable for the recording of cargo information, hours of service, distance traveled, and fuel consumption.
  • The candidate will be accountable for the safety and security of the cargo by tarping it.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must possess a high level of proficiency in the English language.
  • A certificate of secondary (high) school matriculation is required for the candidate.
  • The selected candidate will receive training.
  • The candidate is required to possess an Arizona class license.
  • Up to 23 kg (50 lbs) of weight must be accommodated by the candidate.
  • The candidate must possess effective interpersonal skills.
  • The candidate must possess exceptional written and verbal communication abilities.
  • The candidate should possess a flexible and organized nature.
  • The candidate must possess strong judgmental abilities.
  • The candidate must be dependable.
  • The ideal candidate should possess solid teamwork skills.
  • Hard labor is required of the candidate.
  • Patience is a prerequisite for the candidate.

Experience and Specialization

Documentation knowledge

  • The candidate must possess a comprehensive understanding of trip reports, maintenance and repair reports, driver logbooks, and inspection reports (pre-trip, en-route, and post-trip).

Type of trucking and equipment

  • Tractor-trailer and tractor-trailer B train are among the equipment and trucking categories.

Communication systems experience

  • The candidate must be able to use GPS (Global Positioning System) and other navigation devices.
  • The candidate must be familiar with the Trip recorder (on-board computer)

Transportation/travel experience

  • The candidate must possess experience in long-haul transportation.
  • The candidate must possess travel experience in provincial or territorial locations.

Additional Information

Security and safety

  • The candidate must undergo a comprehensive criminal background check, driver’s license validity check, driving record check (abstract), substance test, and medical examination.

Transportation/travel information

  • A verified driver’s license is required for the candidate.
  • The candidate must be willing to travel across frontiers.
  • The candidate must be prepared to travel overnight.

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • The candidate should possess a keen eye for detail.
  • The candidate must be prepared to work for extended periods in seated positions.

Own tools/equipment

  • The candidate is required to possess a safety vest, gloves, steel-toed safety footwear, and a cell phone.

Benefits of Long Haul Transport Driver Jobs:

  • Competitive Salary: Long-haul transport drivers frequently receive a competitive salary, with the potential for additional income through bonuses, overtime, and per diem allowances for meals and accommodations.
  • Job Security: The demand for commodity transportation is consistent, ensuring job stability and security for long-haul drivers. The economy is reliant on the logistics and transportation industries to maintain a consistent demand for drivers.
  • Travel Opportunities: Long-haul drivers are granted the opportunity to travel extensively, frequently across states or even countries. This presents a thrilling opportunity to explore new locations and encounter diverse environments while earning a living.
  • Independence: Long-distance travel provides a significant degree of autonomy. Those who prefer working independently may find the prospect of spending a substantial amount of time on the road alone alluring.
  • Flexible Work Schedule: Although the position necessitates extended periods of time spent on the road, drivers frequently have the ability to adjust their schedules. Several trucking companies provide a variety of shift options, and certain drivers have the ability to select their routes and schedules.
  • Training and Certification: Numerous organizations offer exhaustive training programs for novice drivers, which assist them in obtaining the requisite commercial driver’s license (CDL) and other certifications. This training may serve as an invaluable asset for prospective employment prospects.
  • Benefits Packages: A multitude of long-haul transport companies provide comprehensive benefits packages that encompass health insurance, dental and vision coverage, retirement programs, and paid time off. These advantages contribute to general well-being and job security.
  • Career Advancement: The transportation industry offers opportunities for career advancement. Supervisory, dispatching, training or logistics management positions are all viable options for experienced drivers.
  • Job Satisfaction: Long-haul transport can be a rewarding profession for individuals who derive pleasure from driving and traveling. Job satisfaction can be enhanced by the sense of accomplishment that results from the timely delivery of products and the completion of lengthy journeys.
  • Community and Networking: The transportation industry is characterized by a robust sense of community. Drivers frequently establish connections with their peers, thereby establishing a support network that can be advantageous in both professional and personal contexts.
  • Sign-On Bonuses and Incentives: To recruit qualified drivers, numerous organizations implement retention bonuses, performance incentives, and sign-on bonuses. The aggregate earnings can be substantially enhanced by these financial incentives.
  • Exposure to New Technologies: The transportation industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with the inclusion of advanced safety features, electronic logging devices (ELDs), and GPS. These technologies are introduced to drivers, which improves their technical abilities.
  • Physical and Mental Health: Although the position can be taxing, it also fosters discipline and consistency. Drivers must remain physically fit to meet the demands of the job, develop strong time management skills, and adhere to strict schedules.
  • Contribution to the Economy: Long-haul drivers are essential to the economy as they guarantee the efficient delivery of products over long distances. This indispensable service is instrumental in the maintenance of economic stability and the support of a variety of industries.
  • Diverse Cargo: Drivers may have the opportunity to transport a diverse array of products, including heavy machinery and perishable items. This diversity can maintain the job’s interest and offer a variety of experiences.

How to Apply For Long Haul Transport Driver Jobs in Canada?

Apply through the provided options if you are intrigued.

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  1. Is truck driving a good career choice in Canada?

    The average salary for a Canadian long-haul trucker is between $48,000 and $67,000 a year. Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, this is a relatively high salary with the opportunity to earn more. A comfortable salary is a big draw for many truck drivers to immigrate to Canada.

  2. Can I become a truck driver and immigrate to Canada?

    Transport truck drivers worldwide can now immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program. Is it hard to become a truck driver in Canada? It might be necessary to finish a three-month recognized driver education program at a community college or vocational institution.

  3. What is the salary of a long-haul truck driver in Canada?

    The average long-haul truck driver salary in Canada is $50,636 per year or $25.97 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $46,800 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $62,334 per year.

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