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Painter Jobs in New Zealand Visa Sponsorship

Painter jobs in New Zealand in 2024 that will pay for your visa: New Zealand is a place where you can find chances and learn new skills. Everyone can find something they like in New Zealand, which is known as “The New-Found” land and the new center of modernism and economic growth. When it comes to farming and gardening, the country is unmatched.

Anyone can dream of going to New Zealand, from a general laborer to a highly qualified professional in any area. This job is for foreigners who want to work as contractors or in their own homes. For example, Painter Jobs in New Zealand 2024 with Visa Sponsorship. You will find a full guide on how to apply for residential jobs in New Zealand as a foreigner, how to apply for a work visa or employment-related green card, the skills needed for the job, the duties of the job, and a link to apply online right away.

We are currently looking for painting workers to join our team at KB Brother Painter Ltd., a company that specializes in painting homes and businesses. There are 5 open positions for this job. In addition to having the right skills, the workers should be reliable, ready to work hard, and able to do their jobs.

Details of Painter Jobs in New Zealand Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Painter
  • Employer’s name: KB Brothers Painters Limited
  • Country: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Job type: Permanent, Full-time
  • Number of vacancies: 5
  • Duty timing: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
  • Duty hours: 35 to 40 hours per week
  • Expected Salary: Depends upon experience
  • Minimum Salary: NZD 27–35 per hour


  • Position Available: Visa sponsorship lets people legally work in New Zealand, which means they can pursue fulfilling careers as painters in fields like building, maintenance, and renovation.
  • Professional Growth: As a painter, you can improve your skills and move up in your career in the building and trades industry. People get better at preparing surfaces, drawing, mixing colors, and using a variety of tools and equipment.
  • Stability and Security: Visa sponsorship gives people stable and secure job status, so they can work legally in New Zealand without having to worry about immigration problems.
  • Competitive Pay: Painter jobs in New Zealand usually come with competitive pay packages that include perks like health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and hourly wages or project-based pay. Sponsoring a visa makes sure that you can get these perks.
  • Balance Between Work and Life: Many painting jobs have set hours, which lets people keep a good work-life balance. Painters usually have regular work hours, but some jobs may require them to work late or on the weekends.
  • Training and Development: Painters’ employers may offer training and development chances to help them learn more about things like product knowledge, safety rules, and how to paint.
  • Moving Up in Your Career: Painting jobs can lead to bigger and better jobs in the construction business. To get to higher-level jobs like lead painter, foreperson, or contractor, people can get more education, certifications, or specific training.
  • Contribution to Building Projects: Painters are very important to the completion of building projects because they add finishes to surfaces, make them look better, and keep structures safe from damage from the weather. Painting is an important part of building, and painters help make architectural plans come to life.
  • Exposure to Different Cultures and Backgrounds: People who work in New Zealand may meet with coworkers, clients, and subcontractors who are of different nationalities and ethnicities. This kind of exposure helps people understand other cultures and makes personal and professional situations better.
  • Supporting Community Development: Painters make communities stronger and better by making buildings, homes, and public areas look nicer. Their work makes places look better and improves the quality of life for people who live there.


The following is what most employers want in addition to traditional schooling:

  • Equivalent to a high school graduation, GED, or anything else.
  • Some companies may want you to have professional training as a painter from any approved painting organization, vocational training school, or skills trade institution.
  • Good knowledge of how to communicate in basic English.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • There are several ways to work as a painter in New Zealand: permanently, as an exchange visitor, on a seasonal or temporary worker visa, or if your company pays for your visa.
  • To get a job as a painter in New Zealand, you must first get the right certifications and training (as a vendor, job, or apprentice), and then you must find an employer or sponsor in New Zealand who is willing to hire you.
  • You need to be able to see colors well and like how things look.

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Types of Painters

You can work as a painter for KB Brothers Painters Limited in any of the following roles and places in New Zealand:

  • Painter Journeyman/ Industrial Painter/ Commercial Travel Painter
  • Automobiles Painter.
  • Production Spray Painters.
  • Oil Painter.
  • Design Artists.
  • Restoration Artists
  • Interior Home Decorators.

Job description/ job responsibilities of a Painter

  • Your first and most important job is to know how to properly apply paint, varnish, stain, enamel, lacquer, wallpaper, and finishes to outside and inside surfaces such as brick, steel, concrete, wood, plaster, drywall, steel, concrete, piping insulation, brick, furniture, woodwork, walls, doors, building structure, and equipment. You should know a lot about how to use painting tools and equipment.
  • Paint, stain, and coatings can be put on things, machines, and other surfaces. Know how to use paintbrushes, rollers, and sprayers correctly.
  • Putty is used to fix nail holes, cracks, and joints.
  • Using polishing tools like sandpaper to make surfaces smooth.
  • Scrape off old or scratched paint with a wire brush, a blowtorch, or otherwise.
  • Keep track of the paint supplies you need for jobs and let someone know when you run out.
  • Putting down primers and other sealants and binders.
  • Stepping up steps or scaffolding.
  • Cleaning and getting areas ready to paint.
  • Has a good sense of art and aesthetics, good speaking skills, and good customer service skills.
  • Buying or restocking paint brushes and rollers, paint, fittings, glue, and nails after making sure they are the right sizes, types, and quality.
  • Painting supplies, tools, and equipment are delivered on time to the job sites you choose.
  • Keeping track of the supplies and tools that are on hand and telling the construction boss about any shortages.

Average Salary of a Painter in New Zealand with Visa Sponsorship

Painters in New Zealand make a range of salaries, which depend on their experience, skill, duty hours, the company they work for, the type of painter they are, and their duty hours, whether they work as a worker for a well-known company or as a skilled vendors. However, a poll on found that the average salary for a residential painter is between NZD 20 and NZD 26, with NZD 23 being the middle range. Painters and decorators usually make between NZD 21 and NZD 31, with NZD 25 being the average. These numbers don’t include things like rent, transportation, medical insurance, fees for sponsoring a visa, and so on.

How to Apply for Painter Jobs in New Zealand with Visa Sponsorship?

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People Also Ask

  1. What types of painters can work for KB Brothers Painters Limited in New Zealand?

    Various roles are available, including Painter Journeyman, Industrial Painter, Commercial Travel Painter, Automobile Painter, Production Spray Painter, Oil Painter, design Artist, Restoration Artist, and Interior Home Decorator.

  2. What is the average salary for painters in New Zealand with visa sponsorship?

    Painters who work on homes usually make between NZD20 and NZD26 an hour, and painters and decorators make between NZD21 and NZD31 an hour. Your experience, skill level, and the type of job you have may cause these numbers to change.

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