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Pig Stockperson Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Roadhogs Recruitment is seeking devoted foreign laborers to join our team as pig stockpersons in the United Kingdom. This position sponsors visas, providing an exceptional opportunity for foreign nationals to labor and advance in the thriving pig farming industry of the United Kingdom.

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Details of Pig Stockperson Jobs in UK

  • Company: Roadhogs Recruitment
  • Location: Wincanton BA9
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Industry: Agriculture & Farming Company
  • Salary: £20–£40 per hour
  • Country: UK



  • English

Benefits of Pig Stockperson Jobs in UK:

  • A Range of Duties: In addition to general care, pig stockpersons are responsible for feeding, breeding, and monitoring the health of pigs. This diversity can serve to avert monotony and offer fresh challenges daily.
  • Contribution to the Production of Food: Pig farmers are of paramount importance to the food chain as they raise hogs for the production of meat. They assist in satisfying the market demand for pork and other products associated with pigs.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Stable employment opportunities frequently result from the demand for pork and pig-related products within the swine husbandry sector.
  • Possibilities for Progression: In the agricultural sector, swine stockpersons have the potential to progress to supervisory or managerial positions with further education and experience.
  • Self-Governance and Separation: Performing manual labor on a farm frequently affords an individual a degree of autonomy in administering daily operations and making decisions.
  • Learning and Development of Skills: Pig stockpersons acquire a diverse range of competencies through practical application, including but not limited to animal husbandry, health management, breeding methodologies, and agricultural practices.
  • A Rural Way of Life: For individuals with an affinity for rural lifestyles, swine stockmanship provides the chance to reside and labor in rural regions, far from the congestion of urban centers.
  • Support for Animal Welfare: The practice of responsible pig husbandry entails the safeguarding of the animals’ welfare. Many stockpersons advocate for animal welfare and provide appropriate care for animals as a source of pride.
  • Prospects for Entrepreneurship: Certain pig stockpersons ultimately establish their own pig farming enterprises, which provides them with opportunities for business ownership and entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainable Methods of Agriculture: A considerable number of pig producers prioritize environmentally friendly farming methods, land stewardship, and waste management, thereby making a positive contribution to environmental conservation.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Although no specific experience in pig farming is mandatory, prior knowledge of animal husbandry or agriculture would be beneficial.
  • written and spoken English proficiency for effective communication.
  • Work authorization in the United Kingdom (visa sponsorship will be furnished)

Responsibilities of Pig Stockperson Jobs in UK

Your duties as a pig stock person at Roadhogs Recruitment will consist of the following:

  • Maintaining and attending to swine with compassion and accountability
  • providing nourishment, hydration, and welfare and health surveillance for the animals.
  • Maintaining and cleaning the housing and apparatus of pigs
  • Providing support in the farrowing and reproduction procedures
  • Consciously adhering to health, safety, and biosecurity protocols

Requirements for Pig Stockperson Jobs

  • an authentic affection for animals and a steadfast dedication to ensuring their welfare.
  • ability to perform outdoor tasks in diverse environmental conditions.
  • physical endurance and the capacity to execute duties that require lifting moderate to large loads.
  • willingness to study and implement best practices in pig farming.

Work Setting:

You will be seamlessly integrated into the Roadhogs Recruitment team, a reputable agricultural sector-focused recruitment agency. Stakeholders in the pig farming sector maintain elevated benchmarks of animal welfare and agricultural methodologies, thereby offering a gratifying professional milieu.

Additional Information:

  • Visa sponsorship will be extended to candidates who meet the necessary criteria.
  • a competitive benefits and compensation package.
  • Intensive training and continuous opportunities for professional development
  • Roadhogs Recruitment is an employer that fosters equal opportunity.

How to Apply for Pig Stockperson Jobs in UK

To be considered for the Pig Stockperson position at Roadhogs Recruitment, kindly email with your resume and a cover letter detailing your qualifications and any pertinent experience. Use the subject line “Application for Pig Stockperson, Roadhogs Recruitment, UK” when composing your email.


Interested in animal welfare and agriculture, we welcome candidates from around the globe to join the Roadhogs Recruitment team in the United Kingdom. This opportunity affords you the chance to contribute to the welfare of pigs while working in a rewarding and encouraging environment. We proudly support diversity and inclusion at Roadhogs Recruitment and encourage all qualified applicants to submit their applications. Support our initiative to advocate for ethical and humane pig husbandry practices throughout the United Kingdom.

  1. Which industry do Pig Stock Person jobs belong to?

    Pig stockperson jobs are part of the farming and agriculture industries.

  2. What are the uses of pigs in industry?

    The majority of pigs are used for human food but also supply skin, fat, and other materials for use in clothing, ingredients for processed foods, cosmetics, and medical use.

  3. What other similar jobs are there to Pig Stock Person jobs? 

    As well as Pig Stock Person jobs, you can find Pig, Farm Assistant, Farming, and Agriculture, amongst many others.

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