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Plant Manager Jobs In Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Dana has issued an announcement inviting applicants for the position of plant manager. They are accountable for ensuring that daily production, safety, quality, and on-time delivery targets are met or exceeded based on volume, quality, and delivery bogeys, identifying and resolving operational challenges, and optimizing the use of human, material, and mechanical resources to meet daily production goals.

They are accountable for leading the production department in the annual business planning process, establishing production department performance improvement goals with the plant manager, collaborating with plant leadership team members, and supervising subordinates to ensure the professional execution of improvement plans and the achievement of superior results.

Details Of Plant Manager Jobs In Canada:

  • Employer Name: Dana
  • Position: Plant Manager
  • Salary: $20.24 per hour
  • Employment Type: Temporary, Part-Time
  • Location: Mount Forest, ON, CA, N0G 2L1

Job description

  • Candidates are tasked with devising short- and long-term labor plans to meet customer needs and the annual business plan.
  • They are responsible for identifying training gaps and devising training plans to ensure a skilled hourly workforce that increases our workforce’s flexibility.
  • They are also accountable for supporting and sustaining maintenance quality, safety, and uptime improvements.
  • Candidates are tasked with identifying, promoting, and sustaining continuous improvement initiatives at the facility in order to drive excellence in the manufacturing discipline.
  • They must also elevate the manufacturing facility to world-class standards.
Plant Manager Jobs In Canada
Plant Manager Jobs In Canada

Job requirement

  • A postsecondary degree in engineering, engineering technology, business administration, or a related field is required.
  • In a unionized environment, they must have progressively responsible manufacturing and supervision experience in the auto parts industry.
  • They must be familiar with product system concepts and procedures, such as Kaizen, Hoshin Planning, visual controls, kanban, set-up reduction, process mapping, and MBF tools.

Work setting

  • Candidates must have a track record of success in collaboration, change management, and continuous improvement (planning, establishing performance metrics, and successful implementation of new processes).
  • Within the scope of this position, superior communication skills and the ability to instruct, motivate, and develop others are required. Strong analytical and computer literacy Health and safety accreditation is advantageous.

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Benefits of Plant Manager Jobs In Canada

  • Competitive Salary: The level of responsibility and expertise required for the position of plant manager typically results in high salaries. Performance bonuses and other financial incentives are frequently included in this compensation.
  • Leadership Opportunities: As a plant manager, you have the opportunity to lead and manage a team, making strategic decisions that influence the success of the company and the facility.
  • Opportunities for Career Advancement: Plant managers possess substantial prospects for career advancement. Success in this position may result in advancement to more senior executive positions within the organization, including Director of Operations, Vice President of Manufacturing, or even CEO.
  • Skill Development: The position necessitates a broad range of skills, such as technical expertise, strategic planning, project management, and leadership. These abilities are fostered and improved through employment as a plant manager.
  • Job Security: Manufacturing plants are essential to numerous industries, offering plant managers a stable and secure employment outlook, particularly in critical sectors such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, and food production.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Plant managers frequently receive comprehensive benefits packages that may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other benefits, such as company vehicles or housing allowances.
  • Impact and Influence: Plant administrators are essential to the manufacturing process’s success, as they ensure quality control and safety, as well as enhance productivity and efficiency. This effect induces feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  • Innovation and Improvement: The position enables plant managers to contribute to the overall advancement of manufacturing technologies and practices by implementing innovative processes and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Plant managers operate in a dynamic and diverse environment where they collaborate with a variety of departments, including engineering, quality control, supply chain, and human resources, to cultivate a comprehensive professional experience.
  • Global Opportunities: A multitude of manufacturing organizations operate on a global scale, providing plant managers with the opportunity to work in various countries and gain insight into a variety of business practices and cultures.
  • Networking: The position entails the establishment of relationships with suppliers, consumers, and other industry professionals, thereby broadening your professional network and presenting additional career opportunities.
  • Job Satisfaction: The tangible outcomes of your efforts, such as meeting production targets and enhancing operational efficiency, can be highly motivating and satisfying when you successfully manage a facility.

How to Apply for Plant Manager Jobs In Canada?

All candidates who are qualified and interested in the position of plant manager are strongly encouraged to swiftly register by clicking the link provided below. They are required to provide accurate information during registration. The registration procedure has already begun and will conclude shortly.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much do plant managers make in Canada?

    The average plant manager salary in Canada is $129,537 per year or $66.43 per hour.

  2. Is being a plant manager a stressful job?

    As a plant manager, you ensure the maximum optimization of resources. Since you are responsible for different facets of production, your role can be stressful.

  3. What does a plant manager do?

    The plant manager will oversee all daily operations of the plant, from production and manufacturing to ensuring policies and procedures are followed. They develop processes that will maximize stewardship, safety, quality, and productivity.

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