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Project Development Specialist Jobs in Canada 2024

Canadian Pacific Railway has recently issued an invitation to all qualified candidates for the Project Development Specialist position. At work, candidates are expected to contribute to the development of briefs that address significant market developments. It is essential to support new buildings and expansions in order to broaden the network scope of CP KC.

They will stay updated on industry and commodity trends. They will ensure that all significant stakeholder groups are kept informed. They will create precise, nourishing project charters that consider the current clientele and commodities.

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Details of Project Development Specialist Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer Name: Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Position: Project Development Specialist
  • No. of vacancies: 1
  • Salary: $102,500 per year
  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta

Job Description:

  • Candidates will oversee the strategic evaluation of expansion initiatives in this role.
  • In addition, they will develop project charters.
  • They will impart knowledge regarding strategic ramifications.
  • They will produce risk assessments and recommendations regarding the way forward.
  • They shall formulate suggested initiatives and strategies in light of market research.
  • They will conduct intricate and sophisticated financial, economic, and business analyses.
  • They must assist with departmental strategies and corporate endeavors.

Job Requirement:

  • Applicants for the position are required to possess a bachelor’s degree.
  • They must possess robust analytic abilities.
  • They are required to comprehend the critical factors that influence both revenues and expenses.
  • They must be capable of translating logistical solutions into business requirements.

Work Setting:

  • Each applicant must possess exceptional abilities in verbal communication and exerting influence.
  • Comprehension and practical implementation of financial investment returns are essential.
  • They must have competence in project management.

Benefits of Project Development Specialist Jobs in Canada:

  • Abilities in Project Management: These positions emphasize the development and refinement of project management abilities, such as effective project planning, execution, and completion.
  • Strategy Development: In strategic planning, specialists frequently assume a pivotal position by undertaking tasks such as project design, feasibility assessments, and the development of project frameworks.
  • Cooperation and Unity: Working with diverse departments, constituents, and teams, these positions require the development of collaboration and communication skills.
  • Approaches to Problem Solving: By identifying and resolving obstacles that arise during the development of a project, specialists hone their problem-solving skills.
  • Management of finances and budgeting: Project development frequently necessitates the oversight of financial planning, resource allocation, and budget management, thereby cultivating aptitudes in financial management.
  • Energy and Resource Optimization: A critical element is the optimization of available resources, such as finances, time, and personnel, which enables the development of resource optimization expertise.
  • Industry Expertise: Gaining experience in diverse industries and sectors through participation in a range of projects enables one to develop a comprehensive understanding of numerous disciplines.
  • Establishing Relationships and Networking: Cooperating with diverse constituents and partners offers prospects for establishing connections and fostering networks, both of which can prove beneficial for forthcoming endeavors and professional development.
  • Opinions on Leadership Opportunities: Project development specialists may, on occasion, assume leadership responsibilities, such as supervising project teams or overseeing specific elements of a project.
  • Career Advancement: Frequently, project development experience functions as an intermediary pathway to senior-level positions in project management or analogous disciplines.

How to Apply For Project Development Specialist Jobs in Canada?

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More Info

  1. What does a project development specialist do?

    Performs analysis on negotiation strategy development and execution. supports the technical development and economic justification of capital programs and alternatives to proposed capital projects. Support the business plan and other related activities.

  2. Is PMP in demand in Canada?

    Yes! The national average salary for a project manager (PMP) is $81,503 in Canada. The scope for PMP professionals in Canada is quite high, as the growth and salary hikes don’t stop. The more experience, education, certifications, and skills you achieve and learn, the higher your salary will be.

  3. How much do project specialists make in Canada?

    The average project specialist salary in Canada is $100,012 per year or $51.29 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $77,507 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $127,681 per year.

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