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Registration Clerk Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

A prominent Canadian healthcare institution, Michael Garron Hospital, is sponsoring visas for international applicants seeking Registration Clerk positions. This is an exceptional opportunity. We are seeking individuals with a keen attention to detail and a strong desire to ensure that the patient registration process runs smoothly.

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Details of Registration Clerk Jobs in Canada:

  • Job title: Registration Clerk Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship
  • Company: Michael Garron Hospital
  • Location: 825 Coxwell Ave, East York, ON
  • Vacancies: 2
  • Salary: CAD 18 to CAD 25 Per Hour
  • Country: Canada


  • No degree certificate or diploma


  • 1 year or less than 5 years

Job Responsibilities:

  • Patient registration for a variety of hospital procedures and services.
  • Patient information collection and verification, including identification and insurance information.
  • Performing data entry and maintaining accurate patient records.
  • Delivering outstanding customer service and responding to inquiries from patients.
  • Collaborating with healthcare personnel to organize appointments for patients.

Job Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.
  • Excellent English communication abilities.
  • Exceptional data entry and attention to detail abilities.
  • customer service-focused demeanor.
  • Eligibility for a Canadian work visa (visa sponsorship is available for international candidates who meet the requirements).

Benefits of Registration Clerk Jobs:

  • Entry-Level Opportunities: Registration clerk positions often require minimal prior experience or qualifications, making them accessible to individuals entering the workforce or seeking a career change.
  • Job Stability: Registration clerk roles are typically in demand across various industries, providing stable employment opportunities even during economic downturns.
  • Career Pathways: Registration clerk positions can serve as a stepping stone to other administrative roles within an organization. With experience and additional training, individuals may advance to supervisory or managerial positions.
  • Transferable Skills: Working as a registration clerk helps individuals develop valuable administrative skills, including data entry, record keeping, customer service, and communication skills. These skills are transferable to a wide range of industries and professions.
  • Customer Interaction: Registration clerks often interact with clients, patients, students, or members of the public, assisting, answering inquiries, and ensuring a positive experience. This interaction can be rewarding for individuals who enjoy helping others.
  • Variety of Work Settings: Registration clerk positions are found in hospitals, clinics, schools, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private businesses, offering opportunities for individuals to work in diverse environments.
  • Contribution to Operations: Registration clerks play a vital role in the smooth operation of an organization by maintaining accurate records, processing paperwork, scheduling appointments, and assisting with administrative tasks.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many registration clerk positions offer regular working hours, with opportunities for part-time or flexible schedules. This can contribute to a better work-life balance for individuals with personal or family commitments.
  • Professional Development: Some employers provide training and professional development opportunities for registration clerks to enhance their skills and knowledge in areas such as office procedures, computer applications, and customer service.
  • Job Satisfaction: Helping individuals navigate registration processes, providing assistance, and ensuring that administrative tasks are completed accurately can be fulfilling for individuals who enjoy attention to detail and problem-solving.
  • Community Impact: Registration clerks often work directly with members of the community, contributing to the efficient delivery of services in healthcare, education, government, and other sectors.

How to Apply For Registration Clerk Jobs in Canada?

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their applications via the careers website of Michael Garron Hospital. Kindly upload a cover letter, resume, and online application form that emphasizes your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position. Please utilize the website to communicate with our Human Resources department regarding visa sponsorship inquiries.



An employment opportunity as a Registration Clerk at Michael Garron Hospital presents a gratifying prospect to contribute to a committed team that executes an indispensable function in the provision of patient care. International candidates who share our dedication to healthcare excellence are encouraged to apply.

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  1. How do I become a clerk in Canada?

    The requirements of becoming an office clerk include secondary school education: to become an office clerk in Canada, you must complete your secondary school education. You can also pursue a business administration degree or attend a college commerce course to learn relevant skills for working in an office environment.

  2. What is the work of a register clerk?

    Processes registration transactions and determines residency status and eligibility for registration. Assists with routine clerical and administrative functions, including maintaining supplies, organizing files, maintaining Onbase workflow, etc., to provide excellent customer service.

  3. How much does a registration clerk earn in BC?

    Average Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) Registration Clerk hourly pay in Vancouver, BC, is approximately $23.25, which is 8% above the national average.

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