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Seasonal Warehouse Worker/ Operative Jobs in UK Visa Sponsor

It’s important to note that Dnata Catering UK is currently seeking a Warehouse operator to join their already very successful and growing team at Cardiff Airport. Your main job will be to make sure that all the important supplies, like duty-free trolleys, luggage bands, bar refilling supplies, and more, are always available and on time so that planes can leave on time. You will also get an extra £150 if you get a friend to join. The pay is £10.9 to £10.9 an hour. A seasonal job deal with a 40-hour workweek is what you will do. Let’s take a closer look at Seasonal Warehouse Worker/Operative Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship (£10.9–£11.9/hour)

Details of Seasonal Warehouse Worker/ Operative Jobs in UK Visa Sponsor

Job CountryUK
IndustryLogistics/ Supply Chain
Job TypeWarehouse Workers
Minimum Experience RequiredNo
Education RequiredBasic English
Any Age LimitNo
AccommodationNo, but accommodation assistance is provided.
Salary Per Year£10 – £10.9 / hour


  • Seasonal Work Visa Eligibility: You must meet all the standards for a UK Seasonal Work Visa in order to be sponsored for seasonal work. This means meeting requirements like being from a country that can get a visa, having a job offer approved, and showing that you have enough money to pay for your stay.
  • Minimum Age of 18: To work as a seasonal warehouse worker or warehouse operator, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Basic Numerical Abilities: You need to be able to do at least some basic math to do things like count inventory, keep track of orders, and do simple calculations. To make sure you have basic math skills, you should have at least a college education or high school GED diploma.
  • Physical fitness: People who work in seasonal warehouses often have to lift, carry, and move heavy things and stand, walk, and bend for long periods of time. The people who apply should be in good physical shape and able to do these jobs safely and well.
  • Passionate and Flexible Work Style: For seasonal warehouse jobs to go well, you need to show that you are excited about your job and be able to adapt to different tasks and work settings. Becoming ready to learn new skills, working quickly, and working well with others on a team are all important parts of this job.

Who can Apply

People apply from India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada UAE (United Arab Emirates), Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. You can be from any nationality.


  • On-site Free Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served for free on-site, which lowers the cost of daily life and makes sure that people can get healthy meals.
  • Free Tea and Coffee: You can get free tea and coffee while you work, which helps you stay refreshed and get things done.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance: The Simply Health Cash Plan covers dental and vision insurance for £60, which helps workers keep track of their healthcare costs.
  • Referral Bonus: Employees who bring a friend to the company will get a £150 bonus. This is done to encourage referrals and create a good work environment.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance: More than 2,000 gyms across the country offer deals on memberships to encourage employees to stay healthy and fit.
  • Referral Bonus: The Cycling to Work Program helps employees who choose to ride their bikes to work and promotes healthy transportation choices and physical activity.
  • Internal Apprenticeship plan: The company’s internal apprenticeship plan gives workers the chance to get more education and advance their careers while also improving their skills and qualifications.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Access to EAP, a private counseling and advice service that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help with a wide range of personal and professional issues.
  • Pension Plan: Signing up for a pension plan protects workers’ finances and helps them save for retirement.
  • Life insurance: coverage under a life insurance contract that protects employees and their families financially in case something bad happens.

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Job Duties as a Warehouse Worker/ Operative at Cardiff Airport

  • Process, load, and unload orders to handle shipping.
  • Getting new materials and stock in and processing it, as well as putting stock on shelves.
  • Processes customer orders, requests, or other supply orders, such as getting materials, putting them in boxes, marking the boxes, and putting the orders in the delivery area.
  • Drive a delivery vehicle (truck or van) to and from sellers to finish the delivery process.
  • Take care of warehouse cars and equipment by scheduling repairs and doing preventative maintenance as needed.
  • Using and taking care of a forklift operator.
  • In charge of all inventory control measures, such as keeping track of orders and where they are kept and printing, marking, and identifying what people need.
  • Follows the organization’s rules to provide good service.
  • Must keep the workplace clean by putting things away on shelves, in pallet areas, and at desks.
  • Going through the goods to look for flaws and damages and writing down any customer complaints they find.
  • Enters the necessary information to finish stock and inventory records.

Required Physical and Competency Skills for Seasonal Warehouse Workers/ Warehouse Operative Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

  • Good Communication Skills: Being able to talk to coworkers, bosses, and customers in a clear way to keep things running smoothly and quickly solve problems.
  • Organizational Skills: Being able to set priorities, organize jobs, and keep things running smoothly in the warehouse.
  • Time management skills: Being able to use your time well to meet goals, get things done quickly, and get the most done in less time.
  • Mathematical Skills: Able to do simple math calculations for managing inventory, processing orders, and other tasks related to working in a warehouse.
  • Technical Know-How: Being able to use warehouse tools and equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, and conveyor systems with ease.
  • Strength: Regularly able to lift and move things that weigh 10 to 50 pounds, and sometimes able to handle things that weigh over 100 pounds. Physical mobility is also needed to be able to stand, walk, bend, kneel, crawl, and reach.
  • Vision Skills: You should be able to see clearly up close, far away, and in your peripheral vision. You should also be able to change your focus as needed to read labels, check goods, and move around the warehouse.
  • Customer Service Skills: The ability to give great customer service, handle requests, and answer questions or address issues in a professional and timely manner.

How to Apply

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Seasonal Warehouse Worker/Operative Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship at Cardiff Airport offer people the chance to join a successful team that makes sure airport operations have the supplies they need on time. Candidates can apply if they meet the requirements for a seasonal work visa, are physically fit, know basic math, and have good communication, organization, time management, and customer service skills. They will get free meals, referral bonuses, dental and vision insurance, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What benefits are offered for Seasonal Warehouse Workers/Operatives in the UK?

    Aside from free meals and drinks, there are also dental and eye insurance, referral bonuses, gym membership deals, apprenticeship plans, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a pension plan, life insurance, and more.

  2. What are the job duties of a Seasonal Warehouse Worker/Operative at Cardiff Airport?

    Processing orders, loading and unloading shipments, keeping track of inventory, running delivery vehicles, operating warehouse equipment, keeping the place clean, and giving great customer service are all part of the job.

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