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Senior Support Worker Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship

The Randstad Health and Social Care company has teamed up with a well-known aged care provider to help find and move qualified nurses to Australia. The company we work for is a non-profit with locations all over Australia.

Because Randstad Health is an equal opportunity employer and knows that Australia has a serious shortage of healthcare workers, they will sponsor visas for people from other countries who are interested in the job.

Australia’s health workforce modeling shows that there will be a lack of 109,500 nurses and 2,700 doctors by 2025. This is from a report released by the Sydney Morning Herald. The health workforce is getting older, which means that healthcare workers are working fewer hours. That’s why a lot of the 482 visas that were given out were for healthcare workers like doctors and support workers like caregivers and nurses.

You can apply for senior support worker jobs in Australia through the link in this post. It will also help people who are looking for healthcare worker jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship or caregiver jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship. You will find out everything you want to know, such as how to get a visa sponsored as a support worker, what the job entails, how much you will be paid and what benefits you will receive in return. To begin, let us go ahead and do it.


Details of Senior Support Worker Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Title: Senior Support Worker / Support Worker/ Healthcare Worker / Caregiver
  • Job Location: Regional VIC- Warrnambool, Bendigo and Colac
  • Minimum Age: 21 years
  • Experience Required: No
  • Education Required: Nursing qualification or any Social Worker Qualification preferred but not compulsory
  • Average Salary: Senior Support Worker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship
  • Eligible Nationalities: Discussed below (Selective)

Requirements of Senior Support Worker Jobs in Australia

  • An AHPRA-registered nurse who has worked with older people.
  • Being a good leader and being able to share tasks and set priorities are important.
  • Good ways to talk to people.
  • Computer skills.
  • Able to provide caring, all-around care.
  • Knowing the laws that apply to elder care.
  • Proof of the necessary vaccines.

How Do You Get a Visa as a Support Worker in Australia?

In subclass 482 there is a temporary skill shortage visa (employer selected). It is possible for employers in the aged care industry to apply for foreign workers for the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa if they work in direct care jobs like nursing support. Help with personal care. Here are the requirements for getting a work visa to work as a support worker or caregiver in Australia with a sponsor. Subclass 491-836 and 186 are some other popular types of visas.

However, there is a different type of visa in Australia for healthcare workers. It’s called the Carer Visa Subclass 116 and Subclass 836. For the Australian Carer Visa Subclass 116, you need to meet the following standards: You can look up each visa’s standards on Google if you want to apply for a 482, 836, or 186 visa.

  • Be sponsored by a person who meets the requirements; this funding must also be approved by the Australian Government.
  • You and any family members who are qualified will need to meet certain health requirements.
  • Do not owe the Australian Government any money.
  • Put your name on the Australian Values Statement.
  • Show that it is in your best interest if you are younger than 18 years old.
  • If you apply through a skilled path like 491 or 482, you need to get at least 5 bands on the IELTS. Otherwise, you don’t need IELTS if your job isn’t very skilled and doesn’t require training.
  • When a person applies, they have to show proof of good health and pass a personality test.
  • The children under 18 years old should be the ones who know about the visa the best.
  • On the form, it should say what information is needed about the funds and the person giving the funding.
  • Should be able to explain why they want to live in the country.
  • It is not okay for the applicant or anyone in their family to use their name on any Australian government money transactions.
  • The person helping you get the visa should be able to tell them all the important things they need to know.
  • The person working with the person should know what kind of medical help the person needs and be able to meet their basic needs whenever they come up.

Who is Eligible for a Carer Visa/ Support Worker Visa in Australia?

If you are supported by a family member or friend of a family member who needs care, you may be eligible for a carer visa. You are able to give your family members the care they need. You have a valid visa except for a transit visa 771, which is needed for subclass 836.

People from the following countries can apply:

The Carer Visa Subclass 116 is especially for people who meet the requirements set out by the organization:

  • To file for a Carer Visa 116, the person can be anywhere outside of Australia other than Australia.
  • 116 Visa candidates must have a suitable sponsor who is willing to pay for their stay in the country for at least two years.

People from all over the world can apply, including those from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago, Ethiopia, the USA, the UK, the EU, Egypt, the UAE, and more.

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What is the New Carer Visa in Australia in 2024?

With an Australian Visa Subclass 836 permanent visa, you can stay in Australia to care for a long-term sick person who doesn’t have good access to care in Australia. Changes will be made to the requirements for some New Zealand citizens having a Special Category (subclass 444) (SCV) visa to become citizens of Australia.

Benefits of Senior Support Worker Jobs

  • Meaningful Work: Senior support workers are of paramount importance in enhancing the well-being of marginalized populations, including the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and those grappling with mental health challenges. This occupation has the potential to yield immense satisfaction, as it entails effecting positive change in the lives of clients.
  • Job Security: Senior support workers are in high demand for social care services and are necessary to accommodate an aged population. This sector offers numerous employment opportunities and job security.
  • Competitive Salary: In most cases, senior support workers earn competitive compensation, especially those who possess supplementary credentials and extensive work experience. Additionally, opportunities for overtime and additional compensation are provided for night schedules and weekend work.
  • Career Progression: The role provides explicit trajectories for professional development. Advancement from the position of Senior Support Worker to Care Manager, Service Manager, or other supervisory responsibilities is possible in the social care industry.
  • Skill Development: This position facilitates the growth of an extensive repertoire of abilities, encompassing problem-solving, communication, empathy, and medical expertise. In addition, senior support workers acquire expertise in team management and administrative duties.
  • Training and Qualifications: To foster professional growth, numerous employers offer continuous training programs and avenues for candidates to acquire pertinent credentials, including diplomas in health and social care or NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications).
  • Variety of Work: Comprised of an extensive array of responsibilities, this position encompasses personal care, medication administration, provision of emotional support, and coordination of activities. This diversity maintains the job’s appeal and involvement.
  • Team Collaboration: Senior Support Workers frequently collaborate with social workers, healthcare professionals, and other caregivers as members of a multidisciplinary team. Engaging in collaborative efforts can provide mutual support and cultural enrichment.
  • Work-Life Balance-Improving Flexible Working Hours: A number of Senior Support Worker positions provide flexible working hours, such as the option to work nights or weekends, schedules, or part-time positions.
  • Establishing Relationships: This position facilitates the formation of intimate, empathetic connections with clients and their families, fostering a sense of community and personal fulfillment.

Average Minimum Salary of a Support Worker

It costs $31.63 an hour to be a personal care or support worker in Australia, where the average pay is $61,678 a year. Jobs for new graduates start at $55,822 a year, and those with more experience can make up to $90,768 a year. You can make more money, though, if you have experience and the right schooling.

How Do I Become a Support Worker in Australia?

Your chances of getting a job as a support worker in Australia will go up if you do these things.

  • At a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO), get a Certificate III in Individual Support or a Diploma in Community Health Services.
  • Have a valid driver’s license that is up to date. Additionally, some companies may want you to have certain types of licenses and/or a car.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations and have passed any necessary certifications and checks, such as a First Aid Certificate, a Working with Children Check, a Police Check, and/or an NDIS Worker Screening Check.

How to Apply for Senior Support Worker Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship

 For more details contact Lisa at +61 7 3337 5222 or email


Apply for Senior Support Worker jobs in Australia that will sponsor your visa if you want to help the healthcare industry there. Randstad Health and Social Care gives trained nurses a chance to make a big difference in the world of healthcare, where the need is growing. Find out more about the details, requirements, and benefits, and then apply for a rewarding job in Australia’s healthcare business.

  1. How do I get a visa as a Support Worker in Australia?

    Helpers can apply for the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa, the Carer Visa Subclass 116 and Subclass 836, or other visas that are right for them. You must have permission to work and meet health standards. Your employer can help you apply for a visa.

  2. Who is eligible for a Carer Visa/Support Worker Visa in Australia?

    People who are helping a friend or family member who needs care may be able to get a Carer Visa. They need sponsors who are qualified and ready to pay for their stay for at least two years. People from many countries can apply, such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the USA, the UK, and more.

  3. What is a senior support worker’s job?

    They will be responsible for preparing and maintaining up-to-date support plans and coordinating the provision of high-quality, individualized support by support staff. They will establish and maintain good joint working practices with relevant parties.

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