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Sign Installer Jobs in Calgary 2024 – Apply Now

Delex Printing, a Calgary, AB-based company, is seeking applications from individuals who possess strong interpersonal skills and are self-motivated for the position of sign installer. The selected candidate will be expected to commence work as soon as feasible. The vacancies are considered permanent employment or full-time employment.

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Details of Sign Installer Jobs in Calgary:

  • Employer Name: Delex Printing
  • Position: Sign installer
  • No. of vacancies: 1
  • Salary: $29.50 hourly, or 35 to 40 hours per week.
  • Employment type: permanent employment, full-time
  • Location: Calgary, AB

Job Description:

  • The candidate will be responsible for repairing and maintaining exterior prefabricated products.
  • The candidate will be accountable for establishing the installation and layout procedures.
  • The candidate will be responsible for measuring and annotating the guidelines used during installations.
  • The candidate must possess the ability to operate both powered and manual instruments.
  • The candidate will install and erect scaffolding, falsework, and other working platforms.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must possess a high level of proficiency in the English language.
  • The candidate must show a certificate of secondary (high) school matriculation.
  • The selected candidate will receive training.
  • The candidate must prioritize the needs of the consumer.
  • Dependability is a prerequisite for the candidate.
  • The candidate must be dependable.
  • The ideal candidate should possess solid teamwork skills.

Benefits of Sign Installer Jobs:

  • Job Variety: Sign installers are responsible for a wide range of initiatives, such as the installation of signage in public spaces, roadways, businesses, and events. This diversity ensures that the job remains engaging and enables installers to work in a variety of environments and with a variety of sign types.
  • Hands-on Work: Sign installer positions are an excellent choice for individuals who derive pleasure from physical activity and manual labor. Employment entails the use of machinery, equipment, and tools, which offers a rewarding hands-on experience.
  • Job Satisfaction: The completion of the installation of a sign that will be utilized and observed by a large number of individuals provides a tangible sense of accomplishment. Sign installers enhance businesses’ visibility and branding, as well as the lucidity of public information.
  • On-the-Job Training: Numerous sign installer positions provide on-the-job training, which enables individuals to commence employment without requiring extensive prior experience or formal education in the field. This enables the acquisition of new skills and knowledge development while simultaneously earning a salary.
  • Physical Activity: The position necessitates physical activities such as lifting, ascending, and assembling, which may prove advantageous for individuals who prioritize active work over sedentary office positions. It has the potential to aid in the preservation of physical fitness.
  • Stable Demand: The demand for competent sign installers is consistent due to the necessity of signage for businesses, wayfinding, safety, and advertising. There will be employment opportunities in this industry as long as there is a demand for signs.
  • Career Development: Supervisory or managerial positions, the supervision of larger projects, or the specialization in specific types of installations, such as custom sign fabrication or digital signage, are all opportunities for sign installers to advance with experience.
  • Competitive Compensation: Sign installer positions frequently provide competitive compensation, particularly for individuals with specialized skills or experience. Furthermore, earnings may be enhanced through overtime opportunities.
  • cooperation and collaboration: sign installers frequently collaborate in teams, which cultivates a sense of camaraderie and cooperation. Collaborating with colleagues can enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of one’s work.
  • Creative Elements: Although the position is predominantly technical, it frequently involves a creative component. Installers may be responsible for custom signage projects that necessitate creativity and problem-solving abilities to guarantee that the signs are aesthetically appealing and meet the client’s requirements.
  • Outdoor function: Numerous sign installations are conducted outdoors, which may be appealing to individuals who prefer to function outdoors rather than in an office environment. This may involve working at multiple locations, which offers a variety of scenery.
  • Independence: Professional sign installers may have the chance to establish their installation businesses or operate independently. This can provide a higher degree of autonomy and the capacity to oversee their initiatives and schedules.
  • Immediate Impact: The labor of sign installers has a visible and immediate impact. The installation of a sign results in immediate functionality and benefits for both the client and the public, providing instant gratification.

Work Setting:

  • The candidate will be expected to operate in a variety of locations.

Additional Information

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • The candidate must be prepared to engage in physically taxing duties as part of their daily responsibilities.
  • The candidate should possess a keen eye for detail.
  • The candidate should be expected to manage substantial tasks as part of their daily responsibilities.
  • The candidate should be expected to conduct repetitive tasks regularly.

How to Apply For Sign Installer Jobs in Calgary?

Apply through the provided options if you are intrigued.

By Email:

  1. What skills are important for a sign installer?

    Mechanical ability and tool proficiency. I possess strong physical fitness and the ability to lift heavy objects.
    Good problem-solving abilities. It is important to pay attention to detail and precision in installation work. You need effective communication skills to interact with clients and team members. You need basic electrical knowledge, especially when installing illuminated or digital signs.

  2. What qualifications are required for a sign installer job?

    High school diploma or equivalent. Often, employers prefer candidates with experience in related fields like construction or general labor. You can use both hand and power tools. Understand safety procedures and practices. A valid driver’s license is usually required, as is travel to various installation sites. Some positions, such as forklift operation or working at heights, may require certifications.

  3. What is the job description of a sign installer?

    Read and interpret blueprints, schematics, and construction drawings. Operate hand and power tools, including drills, saws, and cranes. Perform electrical work, including wiring and connecting signs to power sources. Install signs safely and securely, adhering to all safety protocols and regulations.

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