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Statistician Jobs in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

As part of their job, statisticians come up with and use statistical methods and principles for gathering, organizing, and analyzing data that can be computed. They also use statistical methods to make statistical studies and reports for businesses, the government, and other groups.

Statisticians gather information and look it over for businesses. Because they know how to work with both automatic and manual data, they work to find trends in large sets of data before selling those patterns to companies that need to keep an eye on their business operations.

What Are Statistician Jobs

Statistics is the field that studies how to figure out the percentages of a community based on a small sample size. So, a statistician’s job is to help people understand and read statistics by using mathematical formulas and statistical methods. They come up with mathematical models and use statistical tools to look at the data.

Salary of Statisticians in the United States

If you want to know how much analysts make in the US, read on. But you should know that the pay depends on where you work, the company that hires you, and how long you’ve been hired.

SalaryLow Base SalaryAverage Base SalaryHigh Base Salary
Per hour$26.00$42.10$68.17
Per day$269$436$705
Per week$1,111$1,799$2,913
Per month$4,299$6,961$11,272
Per year$60,715$98,318$159,210

Highest Paying Cities for Statistician Jobs

Here is a list of the places where statisticians can make the most money, along with a range of salaries.

New York, NY

The yearly salary range for a statistician in New York, NY is $81,938 – $233,828.

Cupertino, CA

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Cupertino, CA is $121,035 – $160,401.

Washington, DC

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Washington, DC is

$93,552 – $164,623.

Boston, MA

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Boston, MA is $75,258 – $164,073.

Austin, TX

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Austin, TX is $52,812 – $157,079.

Chicago, IL

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Chicago, IL is $69,253 – $120,292.

Suitland, MD

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Suitland, MD is $63,976 – $123,883.

Los Angeles, CA

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Los Angeles, CA is $71,670 – $123,418.

Ann Arbor, MI

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Ann Arbor, MI is $55,090 – $79,265.

Top Companies for Statistician Jobs in the United States

You can look for work as a statistician at some of the best companies. These companies and how much they give are shown below.

Top CompaniesSalary Per HourSalary Per YearHow To Apply
Apple$12.41 – $64.81$41,784 – $219,258
SAS$10.82 – $50.00$54,689 – $168,040
U.S. Food and Drug Administration$20.98 – $26.62$63,812 – $179,447
TechData Service Company LLC.$28.39 – $84.42$45,078 – $178,899
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services   _$45,000 – $197,000
Boston College$12.00 – $40.30$40,646 – $126,521
UCLA Health$13.96 – $80.87$46,000 – $172,433
U.S. Department of Commerce$14.24 – $31.55$38,109 – $158,549
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute$15.45 –$45.31 $39,597 – $141,936
Michigan Medicine$12.13 – $45.42$32,411 – $115,238

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Types of Statistician Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

People who are qualified can apply for a number of different types of statistical jobs. Here are some of these jobs that can be done. You can look for any job you can do below.

Principal Data Scientist

In the healthcare field, a senior data scientist works with a group of stakeholders, data engineers, and product managers to solve real-world problems.

Python Developer for Financial Model Risk Management Systems

It is the job of a Python developer to come up with requirements, design, analyze, build, design, and test the model risk management system using Python and other useful tools.

Business Data Analyst for Financial Modeling Systems

One part of the job description is to work as an analyst on a high-performing software development team that makes and supports Freddie Mac’s financial forecasts apps.

Data Scientist

You will be most interested in the marketing and product teams as a data scientist. You will need to keep an eye out for ways to better understand your customers and find the best ways to get them to spend and return your money by using models like MMM, CLV, retention, and loyalty.

Credit Management Analyst

Finding out about important credit risk management applications for payment system risk and lending actions is part of a credit management analyst’s job.

Where to Find Statistician Jobs with Visa Sponsorship Online

Duties and Responsibilities of Statistician Jobs

In this group are the tasks and responsibilities of a statistician.

  • Working with leaders in a range of fields.
  • Making plans for polls, experiments, and pools.
  • By analyzing data and reporting conclusions, they help businesses or government agencies make choices.
  • Outlining the info that is important.
  • Going on trips to collect data or oversee polls.
  • Choose the ways that data will be gathered or found, as well as the sample’s type and size.

Benefits Of Statistician Jobs

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Through the analysis of data, statisticians assist organizations in making informed decisions. This facilitates evidence-based decision-making that is more effective, ultimately resulting in improved outcomes.
  • Profession in Demand: The demand for statisticians is growing due to the expanding dependence on data across diverse domains. Numerous sectors, including finance, healthcare, technology, and government, are perpetually in search of proficient statisticians.
  • Career Diversity: Statisticians are employed across an extensive array of sectors, encompassing academia, healthcare, finance, marketing, government, and research. This diversity affords the opportunity to specialize in a particular field and facilitates a variety of career paths.
  • Competitive Salaries: Particularly as their expertise and experience expand, statisticians frequently earn competitive salaries. Superior degrees or specialized abilities may be associated with higher salaries.
  • Intellectual Difficulty: Statistical analysts are tasked with devising methodologies, conducting experiments, and resolving complex problems. Individuals who take pleasure in analytical reasoning and resolving problems may find this intellectual challenge to be valuable.
  • Contribution to Research: The involvement of statisticians in research endeavors is crucial as they devise experimental designs, conduct data collection and analysis, and formulate conclusive findings. Their contributions aid in the advancement of knowledge in a wide range of social and scientific fields.
  • High Job Satisfaction: A significant number of statisticians derive high levels of job satisfaction from their work, especially when they observe the practical consequences of their analyses. Involvement in significant initiatives and resolution of difficult problems have the potential to augment job satisfaction.
  • The versatility of Skills: The versatility of skills cultivated by statisticians extends to various industries. Proficiency in analytical thinking, statistical modeling, and data interpretation is advantageous across various professional domains, thereby affording individuals career flexibility.
  • Prospects for Progression: Statistical professionals with considerable experience may be eligible to transition into positions of leadership or management. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to specialize in specific fields, including data science, econometrics, or biostatistics.
  • Importance on a Global Scale: In our data-driven society, statisticians are indispensable on an international scale. This may present prospects for global cooperation, employment, and exploration.

How to Apply for Statistician Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Here are the steps you need to take to apply for a job as an analyst.

  • Get ready with your ID.
  • After that, you look for chances. You can look for job postings on the websites that were mentioned above.
  • When you find a job opening, send in your application and make sure your resume and cover letter are tailored to that job.
  • If you are chosen, go to the interview.
  • Next, you talk to your boss about the visa funding.
  • Together with your boss, make sure that the visa application process is finished.
  • Once your visa is approved, get ready to move.
  1. What Are Statistician Jobs?

    Statistics is the field that studies how to figure out the percentages of a community based on a small sample size. So, a statistician’s job is to help people understand and read statistics by using mathematical formulas and statistical methods. They come up with mathematical models and use statistical tools to look at the data.

  2. Is visa sponsorship common for statistician jobs in the U.S.?

    Yes, many companies in the United States actively offer visa sponsorship for qualified statisticians.

  3. What qualifications are necessary for a statistician job with visa sponsorship?

    It is very important to have a strong education in statistics or a related area and to know how to use the right software and programming languages.

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