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Visa Sponsorship Housekeeper Jobs in Luxembourg 2024

Luxembourg is an exceptional destination for professionals seeking employment abroad, as it is home to a diverse array of cultures, magnificent landscapes, and a robust economy. Despite the abundance of career opportunities, domestic occupations, such as housekeeping, offer a distinctive blend of cultural exposure and labor.

If you are interested in working as a domestic in Luxembourg and obtaining a sponsored visa, this guide provides all the necessary information. It addresses the advantages, obligations, potential earnings, and diverse categories of domestic employment that are accessible in this picturesque European nation.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Housekeeper Jobs in Luxembourg

  • Position: Housekeeper
  • Location: Luxembourg.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available
  • Language requirements: Proficiency in English; understanding of French, German, or Luxembourgian is beneficial.

Requirements of Housekeeper Jobs

  • Legal Permission: To engage in employment in Luxembourg, it is necessary to obtain legal permission. Typically, this involves obtaining a legitimate work visa or residence permit. Employers may assist qualified candidates during this process.
  • The ability to communicate and write English fluently is frequently a prerequisite for a variety of positions. Additionally, the ability to communicate in French, German, or Luxembourg is highly advantageous, particularly in environments where individuals communicate in multiple languages or customer-facing roles.
  • Experience: Prior experience with household chores or related tasks is highly advantageous. Housekeeping positions necessitate the capacity to adhere to instructions, organize items, manage time efficiently, and pay close attention to detail.
  • To verify that applicants are professional, trustworthy, and a good fit for the position, employers may request references or recommendations from their previous supervisors. Good references can help an individual secure employment while also serving as evidence of their previous success in comparable circumstances.
  • Work Permit Compliance: To obtain a work permit in Luxembourg, an individual must adhere to all regulations and procedures established by the country’s customs agency. To acquire the relevant work pass for the position, it is necessary to submit the requisite documentation and satisfy specific criteria.
  • Health and Safety Awareness: It is imperative to comprehend the health and safety regulations that pertain to cleaning responsibilities. This entails adhering to hygiene regulations, comprehending the appropriate use of cleaning chemicals, and maintaining a secure environment to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Physical fitness: Housekeeping professionals may require you to stand for extended periods, bend over, or raise large objects. Applicants must be in excellent physical condition and capable of performing these tasks safely and efficiently.
  • Becoming a professional: Organizations favor candidates who are dependable, honest and possess a robust work ethic. You must be punctual, treat others with dignity, and maintain a positive disposition as part of your job responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Housekeeper Jobs

  • The cleaning and maintenance tasks are performed according to the boss’s preferences and instructions for the laundering, ironing, and folding of garments and linens.
  • Maintaining and cleaning the entire residence, which encompasses bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, and common areas.
  • Ensure that the room is free of germs and clean by dusting, mopping floors, scrubbing, and cleaning surfaces.
  • Specialized cleaning tasks, such as the use of specific cleaning solutions or the scouring of delicate surfaces, are executed as required.
  • Maintaining a clean and organized living environment by overseeing domestic objects and possessions.
  • Ensuring that items are appropriately labeled, stowed, and readily accessible when necessary is crucial for optimizing storage space.
  • Monitoring inventory levels and replacing household necessities, including cleaning supplies and amenities, as required.
  • Maintaining the general well-being of pets, which includes feeding, grooming, and providing fundamental care.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of pet-related areas of the home, cleaning up after pets, and taking them on walks or other outdoor activities.
  • Conduct errands for the employer, such as grocery purchasing, dry cleaning, mail, and package delivery.
  • Guaranteeing the timely and accurate completion of duties while upholding professionalism and confidentiality.
  • Notifying the employer of any concerns and arranging for the necessary repairs or services.
  • Minor repairs or troubleshooting tasks, such as replacing light bulbs or resolving minor drainage issues, should be feasible for individuals who are qualified and authorized.
  • Assisting with employer-sponsored events, gatherings, or social activities at their residence.
  • Preparing event facilities, arranging furniture and decorations, serving refreshments, and providing assistance to attendees as required.
  • To restore the house to its pre-event state, it is necessary to clean up, remove debris, and wash food and other items.

Benefits of Housekeeper Jobs in Luxembourg:

  • Wages Competitive with Others: Luxembourg is renowned for its excellent standard of living and robust economy. Consequently, housekeepers in Luxembourg might be remunerated competitively, commensurate with the country’s cost of living.
  • Employment Security: Because of the prosperous hospitality industry and affluent populace, the demand for housekeepers in Luxembourg remains relatively stable. This presents a degree of employment stability for those engaged in this vocation.
  • Possibilities for Progress: In the hospitality industry, housekeeper positions can function as entry-level positions that provide prospects for professional growth and development. As one gains experience and completes further education, they may advance to positions of supervision or management in the hotel, resort, or private domestic industries.
  • The domain of training and development: Employers in Luxembourg may offer housekeepers the chance to acquire additional skills and knowledge through training and development initiatives. This may encompass language proficiency, customer service, cleansing methodologies, and safety protocols.
  • Life-Work Balance: A reasonable work-life balance may be advantageous for housekeepers in Luxembourg, contingent upon the employer and the specific demands of the position. Numerous positions provide consistent working hours and, in some cases, even permit flexibility to accommodate personal obligations.
  • Employee Advantages: To attract and retain talented housekeeping personnel, some employers may provide supplementary rewards and benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacation days.
  • The Global Environment: Luxembourg is a multilingual and multicultural nation with a substantial expatriate community and a diverse population. Housekeepers employed in hotels or private residences might be afforded the chance to engage with individuals representing diverse cultural origins, thereby augmenting their professional development.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Engaging in employment within the hospitality industry in Luxembourg presents prospects for establishing professional connections and networks within the sector. These networks may provide access to prospective employment opportunities and aid in career advancement.
  • Obtaining Entry to Opulent Properties: Numerous luxury hotels, resorts, and private estates can be found in Luxembourg. Housekeepers employed in such establishments might be allowed to serve affluent patrons while working in opulent environments.
  • Service with Pride: Housekeepers fulfill an essential function by guaranteeing the hygienic conditions, contentment, and layout of visitors or inhabitants. A great number of people derive satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from delivering exceptional service and facilitating a favorable visitor experience.


Housekeepers in Luxembourg are compensated differently according to their location, training, talents, and job responsibilities. The average monthly salary for housekeepers is between €2,000 and €3,500. Jobs at luxury condominiums or high-end restaurants can generate salaries of €4,000 or more.


Types of Housekeeping Jobs in Luxembourg:

  • Hotel housekeepers ensure that the visitor rooms and public areas of hotels are maintained by the highest standards of hospitality.
  • Executive Housekeeper: supervises a team of housekeepers at large residences or hotels, guaranteeing that they perform their duties efficiently and deliver exceptional service.
  • Office cleaners are responsible for the cleaning and sterilization of common areas, conference rooms, and workstations.
  • In healthcare facilities, hospital housekeepers guarantee that patient rooms, operating rooms, and common areas are spotless and well-maintained.
  • Vacation Rental Cleaner: Guarantees that vacation rental properties are clean, supplied, and ready for guests before their arrival.
  • Yacht Steward/Stewardess: Their duties include the maintenance of the cleanliness of luxury vessels and the provision of assistance to passengers during their journeys.
  • Personal Assistant/Housekeeper: manages administrative tasks, scheduling, travel planning, residence maintenance, and housekeeping.
  • Estate Housekeeper: Is responsible for the upkeep of extensive estates, working in conjunction with other personnel to ensure the preservation of numerous structures and expansive grounds in top condition.
  • Specialist cleaners specialize in particular types of cleaning, including window washing, carpet cleaning, and thorough cleaning.

How to Apply For Housekeeper Jobs in Luxembourg?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

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Working as a housekeeper in Luxembourg is an exceptional opportunity to advance in your career, earn a substantial salary, and gain insight into the local culture. This book will furnish you with all the necessary information to commence your professional career in this charming European nation, including employment standards, income levels, and visa sponsorship from businesses.

  1. Is it easy to get a job in Luxembourg?

    All in all, it is harder to find a job in Luxembourg than in other European countries due to stricter requirements (more languages and experience required in the fiduciary sector, for instance). It is worth trying, but please make sure that you have sufficient time for moving and searching for accommodation.

  2. Can foreigners get jobs in Luxembourg?

    Nationals, cross-border commuters, and foreign workers comprise the workforce in Luxembourg. Luxembourg’s job market is multicultural and multilingual; in fact, working knowledge of one of the three official languages (Luxembourgish, French, or German) is essential for many jobs.

  3. How much do housekeepers make in Luxembourg?

    In Luxembourg, the average housekeeper’s domestic gross salary is 32,735 euros or an equivalent hourly rate of 16 euros. In addition, they earn an average bonus of 354 euros. Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Luxembourg.

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