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Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

The Kensington Early Learning Center in Edmonton, Alberta, is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Administrative assistant. The Kensington Early Learning Center is a brand-new childcare facility that opened. The focus of our program is to provide children with opportunities to play, explore, and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our activity programs focus on fostering children’s imagination and creativity through enjoyable, all-around development-promoting activities. Temporarily, we employ foreign workers to address labor or skill shortages. The successful candidates for the position will be required to begin work as soon as practicable. LMIA has approved this Administrative assistant position.

Details Of Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer Name: Kensington Early Learning Center
  • Position: Administrative assistant
  • No of Vacancies: 1
  • Salary: $26.34  hourly for 32 hours per week
  • Employment Type: Full-time, Permanent Employment
  • Location: 12524-137 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T5L 4Y5
  • Shifts: Day

Benefits of Administrative Assistant Jobs

  • Transferable Skills: Administrative assistants acquire a variety of skills, such as office administration, communication, organization, time management, and computer proficiency. These abilities are essential and transferable to a variety of positions and industries.
  • Job Protection: Administrative assistants are indispensable team members in the majority of businesses. As a result, there is a consistent demand for competent professionals in these positions.
  • Comparable Remuneration: Administrative assistants typically receive competitive compensation packages that include benefits such as health insurance, retirement programs, and paid time off, although salaries can vary based on location and industry.
  • Profession Advancement: Administrative assistant positions can serve as a stepping stone to more advanced positions in office management, executive assistance, and other disciplines such as human resources, project management, and event management.
  • Networking Possibilities: Administrative assistants interact with coworkers, clients, and higher-level professionals, giving them abundant opportunities to expand their professional networks, which can be advantageous for future career advancement.
  • Diverse Industries: Administrative assistant positions exist in virtually every industry, allowing you to choose an environment that aligns with your interests and career objectives.
  • Problem Resolution: Administrative assistants are frequently required to solve problems, make decisions, and deal with unforeseen circumstances, which can improve their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Contribution to productivity: Administrative assistants play a crucial role in streamlining operations, managing schedules, and ensuring the seamless operation of the office. Their contributions can increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Educational Opportunities: In this position, you may have the opportunity to learn about the organization’s products, services, and processes, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of how the business operates.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Numerous administrative assistant positions offer regular hours and a predictable work schedule, which contribute to a healthy work-life balance.
  • Persona Development: Administrative assistants can develop greater self-assurance, adaptability, and a sense of professionalism over time, thereby enhancing their personal development and career prospects.
  • Responsibility Variety: Administrative assistants often have a broad range of responsibilities, from managing calendars and handling correspondence to organizing meetings and maintaining records. This variety can keep the work engaging and fascinating.
  • The ability to adapt: Some administrative assistant positions provide flexibility in terms of work location (remote or in-office) and working arrangements, which can be advantageous for those who value work-life balance.

Requirements of Administrative Assistant Jobs

  • Candidates must have a working knowledge of the English language. Candidates must possess standard educational credentials, such as a secondary (high school) diploma.
  • Experience: Candidates must have one to two years of experience.
  • Computer and technology savvy: Candidates must be familiar with Microsoft Office and electronic communications.


  • The candidate must be able to organize and coordinate seminars, conferences, etc., as well as record and prepare meetings, seminars, and conference minutes.
  • The candidate must be able to determine and establish office procedures and routines, schedule and confirm appointments, order office supplies, maintain inventory, and type and revise letters, forms, and other documents.
  • The candidate must be able to handle and relay telephone calls and messages, as well as greet and direct individuals to appropriate contacts or service areas.
  • The candidate must assemble data, statistics, and other information.

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How to Apply For Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada?

If the position is a good match for you and you meet the minimum requirements, you can now apply (along with your resume) using the information listed below.


By Email:

  1. Is administrative assistant in demand in Canada?

    There are expected to be 68, 200 job openings from 2022-2031, many of which will be filled by newcomers, according to the Government of Canada.

  2. Can I immigrate to Canada as an administrative assistant?

    Administrative assistants are in high-demand across Canada, and you may be able to get a Canada PR visa with or without any job offer based on this occupation.

  3. What credentials are required for administrative assistant positions in Canada?

    Typically, completion of secondary school is required. Requirements include the completion of a one- or two-year college program or another curriculum for administrative assistants or secretaries, or prior clerical experience.

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