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Cleaning Operative Jobs in Accor Hotels Poland Visa Sponsorship

Accor, a major international hotel company, is looking for a housekeeper or cleaning assistant who is very professional and driven. To provide a high-quality cleaning service to both guests and tourists, Accor is always looking for housekeepers from around the world to join their team. The company will pay for the candidate’s visa and give them a place to stay that is only a short walk from the hotel. Read on to learn more about the Room Attendant/Cleaning Operative Jobs in Accor Hotels Poland 2024 that will pay for your visa.

Details of Cleaning Operative Jobs in Accor Hotels Poland Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Title: Room Attendant/ Cleaning Operative
  • Job Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Knowledge required: Very Basic
  • Job Schedule: 10-12 hours shift for six days a week
  • Experience required: Not high
  • Expected Salary: 4000-5000 PLN (800 -1000$)
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes


Experience working in the cleaning business, either in a residential or professional setting, for at least one to two years.

  • Good fitness level because you will be lifting big things.
  • Very good English skills.
  • Be sure of yourself, nice, and helpful.
  • A good level of health in general.
  • Ready and willing to work extra hours when needed.
  • A good understanding of cleaning supplies and products.


  • Rooms that look like hostels are meant for two to three people. In Poland, on the other hand, it’s never a problem to find a shared or private home because they are very cheap.
  • The utility bills for the accommodations are paid, and it’s only a short walk from the hotel.
  • A competitive salary, which is 1000 Naira. Also, because this job is on foot, you don’t have to go through a long and time-consuming process to get a license.
  • Poland has a huge hotel or business housing business. That means you’ll always have work. Additionally, cleaners are also in high demand in the home market.
  • Visa Sponsorship.
  • Health Insurance.

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Job Description of a Room Attendant/ Cleaning Operative:

  • Signing up people and keeping track of them.
  • Making bookings for rooms or any other hotel service, like dining services.
  • Doing check walks for security and other reasons.
  • Taking care of housework when it’s needed.
  • Hotel lobbies, waiting areas, welcome areas, and other public areas need to be cleaned and kept in good shape.
  • Cleaning and taking care of designated or assigned places.
  • Keeping an eye on the stock of cleaning supplies and restocking them as needed, or telling the General Manager or Housekeeping Manager about any problems or bottlenecks that come up with a lack of cleaning supplies.

How to Apply for Room Attendant/ Cleaning Operative Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship

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If you are skilled, driven, and have experience cleaning, you might want to work as a room attendant or cleaning operative for Accor Hotels in Warsaw, Poland. This job gives stability, room for growth, and a supportive work environment by sponsoring visas, paying a competitive wage, and providing housing close to the hotel. Fill out an application right now to join the Accor team and clean for tourists and guests.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the primary requirements for applicants?

    You should be in a good mood, have been in good health, and have worked as a cleaner for at least one to two years. You should also be physically fit and speak English very well.

  2. What are the job duties of a room attendant/cleaning operative?

    As part of their job, they have to register guests, book rooms, do security checks, do housekeeping chores, clean public areas, keep cleaning supplies stocked, and report any problems to management.

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