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Delivery Helper Jobs in Malta 2024 – Apply Now

Al-Nibras for Science & Technology Ltd is a reputable and innovative firm established in Malta that specializes in scientific and technological product distribution. We are committed to offering cutting-edge technology and solutions to our clients, which include laboratories, educational institutions, and research centers, and have a significant presence in the local market.

Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has made us a reliable source of scientific and technological developments. Even if you have no prior experience, we are now searching for dedicated individuals to join our team as Delivery Helpers. This is an amazing chance for young graduates in Malta who want to begin a career in product distribution.

Details About Delivery Helper Jobs in Malta:

  • Job Title: Delivery Helper Jobs in Malta
  • Company Name: Al-Nibras for Science & Technology Ltd
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: €10.00 – €18.00 Hourly
  • Location: Plot 12 Block C Midland Micro Enterprise Park Naxxar, NXR 6345, Malta.
  • Work Experience: 1-2 years of experience in the relevant field
  • Education & Qualification: Bachelor’s degree/ High School / Secondary

Job Overview:

Are you a motivated and physically healthy person eager to start a career in product distribution? Even if you have no prior experience, Al-Nibras for Science & Technology Ltd invites you to join our team as a Delivery Helper. This position is suitable for those who want to learn new things, help with the supply of scientific and technological items, and play an important role in ensuring timely and accurate deliveries to our clients.

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Responsibilities of Delivery Helper Jobs in Malta:

  • Help the delivery personnel load and unload merchandise from delivery vans.
  • Accompany delivery drivers on their trips to customer sites.
  • Ensure that products are delivered to clients safely and securely.
  • Assist with product quantity and quality verification following delivery.
  • Handle delivery papers and collect required signatures.
  • Inform the crew of any delivery issues or concerns.
  • To ensure a safe and efficient procedure, adhere to safety and delivery protocols.
  • Maintain the delivery area’s cleanliness and organization.

Qualifications and Experience for Delivery Helper Jobs in Malta:

  • We provide full training and do not require any prior delivery experience.
  • Physical fitness and the capacity to lift and move big objects are required.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
  • A motivated and enthusiastic work ethic.
  • Adaptability in a fast-paced and dynamic delivery environment.
  • Ability to learn and accept new procedures and standards.
  • The ability to work in Malta.

Benefits of Delivery Helper Jobs in Malta:

  • Work Stability: Delivery helper roles frequently provide secure and constant work, which contributes to the overall efficiency of delivery services.
  • Outdoor Work Environment: Delivery assistance duties generally involve outdoor activities, allowing folks to get some fresh air while remaining physically active.
  • Competitive Compensation: Employers offering delivery helper positions may offer competitive wages, assuring equitable recompense for the task completed.
  • Teamwork: Delivery assistants frequently work as part of a team, establishing a collaborative work atmosphere in which workers can support one another in completing delivery tasks.
  • Skill Development: Delivery assistance positions provide possibilities for skill development in logistics, time management, and customer service.
  • Customer Interaction: Delivery assistants may have the opportunity to communicate with customers, giving the delivery service a personal touch and contributing to excellent customer experiences.
  • Networking Opportunities: Individuals working in delivery services may have the opportunity to network with professionals in logistics and transportation.
  • Access to Social Benefits: Workers in Malta may have access to social benefits, such as healthcare and other services, depending on the circumstances of their employment.
  • Cultural Exposure: Malta’s diverse population and tourism economy can expose individuals to a variety of cultures and backgrounds, particularly if the deliveries include interactions with residents and tourists.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Some delivery helper jobs may provide flexible work hours, allowing workers to better manage their schedules.
  • Outdoor Scenery: The picturesque landscapes and mild climate of Malta might contribute to the appeal of working as a delivery helper outside.
  • Contribution to the Local Economy: Delivery drivers play an important role in assisting local businesses by ensuring that goods and products reach clients as quickly as possible.

If you are a motivated and physically fit individual looking to start a career in product distribution and help bring scientific and technological achievements, Al-Nibras for Science & Technology Ltd would like to hear from you. Join us in ensuring that cutting-edge items are delivered to our clients on the beautiful island of Malta in a timely and correct manner.

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  1. What are the duties of a delivery helper?

    This position requires you to help the delivery driver on their home deliveries while riding in the vehicle. Assessing merchandise and shipments, assisting the driver with equipment to load and unload, and delivering orders for customers or clients are among your responsibilities.

  2. What is the salary for a delivery boy in Malta?

    In Malta, the mean annual wage for a Delivery Driver is €26,106, or €10 per hour. Delivery drivers make an average salary that ranges from €18,901 to €31,222.

  3. What is the role of a delivery assistant?

    Orders have been received, organized, prioritized, and processed before shipment. Provides delivery and pick-up services via a vehicle. Item delivery to designated locations. Keeps the cleanliness of the vehicle and work area.

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