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Electronics Technician Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Canam is a well-known business in Canada with expertise in a number of sectors, such as building and manufacturing. To expand our team, we are presently looking for driven and experienced electronics technicians. For anyone wishing to work in Canada under sponsorship and lend their electrical knowledge to our operations and projects, this is a fantastic opportunity.

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Details of Electronics Technician Jobs in Canada:

  • CompanyCanam
  • Job Position: Electronics Technician
  • Job Types: Full-Time
  • Education: Bachelor, Diploma, or Secondary, which is as prescribed below.
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Minimum Experience: Minimum 1–3 Years of Experience
  • Salary: 17.50 hourly or 30 hours per week
  • Location: Saint-Gédéon-de-Beauce, QC, Canada

Description of Electronics Technician Jobs

It will be your duty as an Electronics Technician at Canam to install, maintain, and repair electronic systems and equipment in compliance with project specifications and safety regulations. Among your duties will be, but not restricted to:

  • Electronic Systems: installing, debugging, and fixing electronic systems, such as communication devices, control systems, and sensors.
  • Equipment Maintenance: doing regular upkeep and checks on electrical devices and parts.
  • Testing and Calibration: Conducting tests, calibrations, and modifications on electronic devices and systems.
  • Blueprint Interpretation: Accurately executing electronic installations requires reading and comprehending technical drawings and schematics.
  • Component Replacement: replacing damaged electronic parts and components as necessary.
  • Safety: maintaining a safe working environment by following safety procedures and requirements.
  • Documentation: keeping thorough records of all electronic maintenance and repair operations.
  • Equipment Upgrades: helping with projects including renovation and equipment upgrades.
  • Communication: working together with colleagues and project teams to make sure electronic systems are implemented successfully.
  • Problem-Solving: recognizing and resolving any electronic problems or difficulties that may develop during a project.
  • Quality Assurance: guaranteeing the performance and quality of electronic components and systems.
  • Compliance: ensuring adherence to standards and norms for electronics.
  • Material Handling: handling and transferring electronic tools and materials safely.
  • Training: supplying more technicians or employees with training as required.

Benefits of Electronics Technician Jobs:

  • Strong Demand: There are many work prospects for electronics technicians because they are in high demand across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer electronics.
  • Flexibility: Working with a variety of electronic devices, systems, and parts, electronics technicians have flexible work schedules and can pursue specializations in fields like automation, robotics, telecommunications, or instrumentation.
  • Practical Work: Electronics technicians work with their hands, diagnosing, fixing, and maintaining electronic devices and systems. For those who like practical, hands-on work, this can be a fulfilling career.
  • Development of Problem-Solving Skills: Strong problem-solving abilities are developed by electronics specialists through the diagnosis and resolution of technical problems, the identification of flaws, and the application of fixes to guarantee the appropriate operation of electronic systems.
  • Ongoing Education: Because technology is always changing, and the electronics profession is no exception, electronics technicians must stay current on new discoveries and take advantage of ongoing learning opportunities throughout their careers.
  • Promotion in Career: To progress in their jobs, electronics technicians might seek additional education, training, and certifications. These include earning an associate’s degree, earning professional certifications (like Certified Electronics Technician), or receiving specialized training in particular electronic fields.
  • Workplace Safety: The need for qualified electronics technicians is still high as electronic systems and devices grow more and more integrated into different businesses, which promotes stability and job security in the workforce.
  • Competitive Pay: Because of their specific training and experience, electronics technicians often earn attractive salaries. In addition, they may be eligible for bonuses, overtime pay, and perks.
  • Worldwide Prospects: Electronics technicians may be able to work abroad, particularly in multinational companies that offer travel and cross-cultural exchange opportunities.
  • Innovation-Related Contribution: Electronics specialists are essential to the creation and application of new technologies, fostering innovation and progress in industries including automation, robotics, renewable energy, and telecommunications.
  • Workplace Contentment: Electronics technicians might feel a great sense of joy and accomplishment when they solve and fix electronic systems successfully.
  • Impact on the Community: Electronics technicians have a positive influence on their communities and society at large by helping vital electronic systems in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, transportation, energy, and communication.

Visa Sponsorship:

Indeed, Canam is dedicated to helping qualified applicants secure the work permits required to enter the workforce in Canada. We will help you every step of the way as you sponsor a visa.



Join Canam and provide your knowledge of electronics to our Canadian operations and projects. We invite you to apply if you’re an experienced electronics technician looking for a job that will sponsor your visa so you may join our team and contribute to our commitment to excellence in electronics installation and maintenance.

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  1. Is an electronic technician in demand in Canada?

    The employment outlook will be moderate for electronic service technicians (household and business equipment) (NOC 22311) in the Toronto region for the 2023–2025 period.

  2. How much do electronic repair technicians make in Canada?

    The average salary of an electronics technician in Canada is $56,255. It varies according to the number of years of experience and according to the companies.

  3. How do I become an electronic technician in Canada?

    Completion of a two- to three-year college program in electronics or completion of a four-year apprenticeship program in electronic servicing and repair or completion of high school or college courses in electronics and on-the-job training is required.

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