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Farm Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024 – LMIA Approved

These farm jobs in Canada are LMIA-approved. In Canada, numerous agricultural laborers are urgently required. Read on to begin the application process before the closure date.

Details of Farm Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

  • Job Position: Farm Worker—Harvesting
  • Employer: SST Enterprises Ltd.
  • Location: Osoyoos, BC
  • Salary: $16.75 hourly
  • Terms of Employment: term or contract, full-time
  • Schedule/Shift: Flexible Hours
  • Start Date: Starts as soon as possible.
  • Vacancies: 50 vacancies
  • LMIA Approved: Yes


  • Languages: English
  • Education: No degree, certificate, or diploma
  • Experience: I will train


Your role as a Farm Worker – Harvesting at SST Enterprises Ltd. will be of the utmost importance during crop cultivation and harvesting. Included in your responsibilities will be:

  • Compound fertilizer
  • Irrigating, planting, and cultivating crops
  • Disease and health concern detection in poultry, livestock, and crops
  • Preparing produce for the market and evaluating its quality
  • Sorting and packaging vegetables and legumes
  • Harvesting orchard and arable crops
  • The process of transferring, loading, and unloading crates, provisions, farm produce, livestock, and poultry
  • Upkeep of work locations

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Who Can Apply to This Job?

Apply for this position only if:

  • You are a citizen, permanent resident, or transient resident of Canada, respectively.
  • You possess a valid work permit for Canada.

We kindly request that individuals lacking the necessary authorization to work in Canada refrain from applying. You will not receive a response from the employer regarding your application.

Benefits of Farm Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

  • Employment Opportunities: The agriculture industry in Canada is prosperous, and skilled and menial labor are both in demand on farms. This generates employment prospects for non-native individuals seeking practical experience in the agricultural sector.
  • Employed Experience: Farm employment offers practical knowledge and understanding in multiple facets of agriculture, encompassing livestock administration, agricultural development, and farm functioning. Individuals who are considering a profession in agriculture or a closely related industry may find this experience useful.
  • Year-Round and Seasonal Positions: Depending on the nature and functioning of the farm, employment prospects may be seasonal or continuous throughout the year. Agricultural labor is prevalent during the cultivation and harvesting periods.
  • Visa Administration Programs: Specific visa programs in Canada permit foreign nationals to labor on farms temporarily. Initiatives such as the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) serve to facilitate the employment of foreign laborers in the agriculture industry.
  • Benefits and Revenue: Wages for farm laborers can vary; they are generally remunerated by factors such as geographical placement, occupation, and employer. Certain agricultural occupations might offer supplementary perks, including lodging, refreshments, or transportation.
  • An Intercultural Exchange: Foreigners have the opportunity to experience the rural way of life, culture, and traditions of Canada through agricultural work. It offers cultural immersion and the chance to become acquainted with the Canadian way of life.
  • Language Formation: Working on a farm in Canada can provide non-native English speakers with an immersive linguistic experience. Daily interactions with colleagues and members of the community afford the chance to enhance one’s command of the English language.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Collaboration with other laborers, farm proprietors, and community members may be an integral part of farm labor. This affords the chance to expand one’s professional connections and potentially investigate additional employment prospects in the future.
  • Outdoor Circumstance: Canada’s agricultural sector offers individuals who take pleasure in working outdoors the chance to do so in a picturesque and natural setting. This may appeal to those who have a preference for outdoor and physical activities.
  • Contribution to the Agriculture of Canada: Foreign laborers are of paramount importance in bolstering the agricultural sector of Canada, thereby making substantial contributions to the generation and provision of sustenance. For those who take pride in their work, this sense of contribution can be gratifying.

How to Apply For Farm Jobs in Canada for Foreigners?

By Email:

By Mail:

SST Enterprises Ltd
10699 100 Avenue
Osoyoos, BC
V0H 1V2

All applicants are greatly appreciated; individuals who have been invited for an interview will be notified in due course. SST Enterprises Ltd. is delighted to receive applications from all qualified individuals in furtherance of its commitment to equal employment opportunity.

Why choose Canada for your farm-work adventure?

Canada’s agricultural sector is prosperous, producing canola, wheat, dairy, and produce, among other products. The profusion of employment prospects results from this diversity, encompassing positions such as livestock handlers, produce pickers, and farm managers.

In addition to its professional prowess, Canada is renowned for its hospitable and multicultural society, breathtaking natural beauty, and dedication to social justice. There are thriving communities that are anxious to welcome newcomers, thereby facilitating a seamless adjustment to your new life.

What types of farm jobs are available?

The agricultural sector in Canada is expansive and heterogeneous, providing an abundance of prospects for individuals with a range of interests and abilities. Possibilities are virtually limitless, ranging from managing production and tending to livestock and vegetation to operating machinery. An excerpt from the captivating spectrum follows:

  • General farm workers: These multifaceted positions entail an assortment of duties, including machinery maintenance, animal care, and planting and harvesting.
  • Specialized personnel: Develop and refine your proficiency in domains such as poultry production, horticulture, dairy farming, and agricultural mechanics.
  • Supervisory functions: Supervise operations and direct teams, putting your leadership abilities to the test.

How to find LMIA-approved farm jobs

You have an internet acquaintance. Canada-wide, employment boards such as Indeed and Canada Employment Bank list a multitude of LMIA-approved agricultural positions. Furthermore, employment listings and valuable resources can be found on government websites, such as those of the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) and provincial agricultural departments.

LMIA Approved Farm Worker, General

  • Job Position: Farm Worker, General
  • Employer: Black Avon Farms Ltd
  • Location: Heatherton, NS
  • Salary: $18.00 hourly
  • Terms of Employment: Permanent employment, Full time
  • Start Date: Starts as soon as possible
  • Vacancies: 30 vacancies
  • LMIA Approved: Yes


  • Languages: English
  • Education: No degree, certificate, or diploma
  • Experience: Experience an asset

Work Setting

  • Staff accommodation available
  • Rural area


You will be an essential component of Black Avon Farms Ltd.’s agricultural operations in your capacity as a Farm Worker, General. Included in your responsibilities will be:

  • Care for and nourish animals
  • Maintain and operate agricultural machinery and apparatus
  • Dairy heifers
  • Identify health issues and diseases affecting poultry, livestock, and produce.
  • Perform routine agriculture tasks
  • Clean work areas and appliances immediately
  • Ensure compliance with biosecurity and farm safety protocols

Who Can Apply for This Job?

Only apply to this job if:

  • You are a citizen, permanent resident, or transient resident of Canada, respectively.
  • You possess a valid work permit for Canada.

We kindly request that individuals lacking the necessary authorization to work in Canada refrain from applying. You will not receive a response from the employer regarding your application.

How to Apply?

By Email:

How-to-Apply Instructions

Please include the following in your application:

  • References attesting to experience

While we express our gratitude for the attention of all applicants, communication will be limited to those who have been invited for an interview. We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes applications from people of all backgrounds; Black Avon Farms Ltd.

  1. How do I get farm work in Canada?

    If you want to come to Canada temporarily to work in the agriculture sector, you’ll need a valid work permit. A work permit is a temporary residency permit that allows you to live and work in Canada for a fixed period. As a foreign farm worker, you cannot work in Canada unless you have a work permit.

  2. What is the minimum wage for farmers in Canada?

    As a farm worker, am I entitled to the minimum wage? Yes. All farm workers who are paid hourly, by salary, or by any other method (other than the piece rate, explained below), are entitled to the general minimum wage. As of June 1, 2023, the general minimum wage is $16.75 per hour.

  3. What education do you need to be a farmer in Canada?

    It is possible to enter farm work as a laborer without training. However, those who wish to go further with their careers will need a diploma or degree in plant sciences or related subjects such as farm equipment mechanics, agricultural welding, tree pruning, and pesticide application.

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