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Fully Funded Poland Government Scholarship 2024

Students from abroad are encouraged to apply for the Poland Government Scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Ukasiewicz Scholarship if they wish to pursue a free master’s degree in Poland. The Banach Scholarship Program and the Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program have been combined into a single scholarship. The Government of Poland’s Ukasiewicz Fully Funded Scholarship is open to candidates from anywhere in the world and any academic field. The scholarship is available to all citizens of the world.

Numerous academic disciplines and majors are eligible for Poland Government Scholarships, including engineering, information technology, science, social science, and the arts, among others. The scholarship will cover all costs associated with pursuing a master’s degree.

This Scholarship in Poland for International Students is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) and will be implemented within the framework of Polish development assistance.

Details About Fully Funded Poland Government Scholarship:

Provided by:Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Degree level:Masters Degree
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Award country:Poland

Financial Benefits:

The Poland Scholarship will cover nearly all of the costs associated with studying in Poland for the selected students.

  • tuition fee exemption at public universities
  • A monthly stipend of 1,700 PLN will be provided.
  • Selected applicants will also receive PLN 500 to cover the costs of relocating to Poland for the duration of their studies.
  • 500 PLN to cover costs associated with dissertation writing.

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Available Study Fields:

All Courses are offered by the Government of Poland Scholarship Program.

  • Engineering
  • Science\sArts
  • Social science
  • Technical\sSciences
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Life sciences.

List of Eligible Countries for the Poland Scholarship:

Albania, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Montenegro, Ethiopia, Philippines, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Colombia, Kosovo, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, South Africa, Senegal, Serbia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must meet the following requirements when applying:
  • Be a citizen of one of the nations listed above.
  • Not being Polish nationals
  • Not having earned a Master’s degree previously.
  • Not previously awarded a scholarship under the Program Speak English at the B2 level or higher.

Benefits of Fully Funded Poland Government Scholarship:

  • Financial Assistance: The scholarship covers tuition, living allowances, and other necessary expenses, considerably reducing the student’s and their family’s financial load.
  • Coverage for Living expenditures: The scholarship may include a stipend to cover living expenditures such as lodging, meals, transportation, and other everyday expenses.
  • Education Expenses Covered: Tuition payments for the chosen program of study are covered, allowing students to focus on their academics rather than the financial side of their education.
  • Quality Education: Poland is well-known for its high-quality educational and research institutes. The scholarship allows students to attend top-tier universities and take advantage of world-class facilities and faculty.
  • Diverse Academic Opportunities: Scholarship recipients can pursue a variety of academic programs in Polish universities, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a variety of areas.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The scholarship allows students to connect with professors, researchers, and other students in their field of study, creating international collaboration and networking possibilities.
  • Cultural Exchange: Studying in Poland provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Polish culture, language, traditions, and history.
  • Language Proficiency: For non-native English speakers, studying in Poland can help them strengthen their English language skills, which are becoming increasingly vital in today’s global employment market.
  • Career Development: A scholarship from the Polish government can boost a student’s resume and give them a competitive advantage in the job market after they finish their education.
  • Community Engagement: Scholars frequently participate in community service or cultural activities, expanding their experience and cultivating a feeling of community and civic responsibility.
  • International Exposure: Living and studying in Poland exposes students to an international environment, allowing them to learn from other points of view and adapt to a multicultural society.
  • Potential for Research and Innovation: Fully financed scholarships can also help students who want to pursue research-based programs, fostering innovation and academic achievements in their respective sectors.
  • Long-Term Stay: Scholarship recipients may be able to seek career opportunities or apply for a work visa to stay in Poland and contribute to the country’s economy after completing their studies.

How to Apply for Fully Funded Poland Government Scholarship?

To apply for a Polish government scholarship, please visit the online application link listed below. Create an account and submit your application through the online portal by following the instructions provided. After applying, you will receive an email containing your application reference number. Below is the link to the official advertising site:

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The Fully Funded Poland Government Scholarship is a fantastic and distinguished option for international students who want to study in Poland. The scholarship provides comprehensive financial assistance, covering tuition, living expenses, and other necessary charges, allowing students to focus on their academic endeavors without financial restraints.

People Also Ask:

  1. What are the fully funded scholarships for international students in Poland?

    The Poland scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition. Scholarship recipients will receive funding for the duration of their degree program. Successful candidates will also receive a monthly stipend for the duration of their academic program. International students will have the opportunity to learn Polish.

  2. What is the Poland scholarship for the year 2024?

    A monthly allowance of 1,700 PLN will be paid. In addition, successful candidates will receive 500 PLN to cover their relocation expenses to Poland during their studies.

  3. How can I get a free scholarship in Poland?

    Scholarships are offered to students in Poland through the government, numerous institutions, and the universities themselves. They are accessible to students of Polish descent, including disabled applicants, as well as international students from inside as well as outside the EU.

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