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Guide to New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa

Getting a job visa as a foreigner is often a scary-looking difficult process. New Zealand’s Accredited Employer Work Visa, on the other hand, aims to make this usually very complicated legal process much easier.

for companies that are officially allowed to hire people from other countries. This article will go over each important step and requirement in great depth.

Accredited Employers in New Zealand

New Zealand-based businesses are carefully checked by Immigration NZ based on core factors before they can be officially approved as an employer able to hire people from other countries.

  • Financial viability: steady sales and returns that show the business can last.
  • Excellent HR management includes everything from keeping track of employees to making sure policies protect workers who are vulnerable.
  • Migrant worker treatment: full help given to people hired from other countries.
  • Tenure and compliance: the business has been open for 18 months or more and has never broken any big compliance rules.

Eligibility for Employee Applicants

Still, candidates must meet simple requirements, such as:

  • Matching skills: qualifications and experience that are relevant to the job tasks that are being sought, though there are some salary thresholds that may waive occupation matches.
  • Needs for health: Having regular medical exams done by panel doctors who have been approved
  • Evaluations of character: Applying for a domestic police license in every country they’ve lived in in the last five years
  • Valid proof of identity: passport, old visas, birth certificate, digital photos

Introducing the Accredited Employer Work Visa

This special work visa has conditions that are much better than before:

  • 3 years of initial validity, which is a lot longer than most normal temporary work visas. Renewals for an unlimited number of years allow for long stays.
  • Ways to get permanent residence in New Zealand: If you work for an approved company for two years or more, you can apply for permanent residence.
  • Eligibility for dependents: Partners who meet the requirements for character, health, and proof of connection can apply as secondary applicants for temporary visas that allow families to stay together.

Navigating the Streamlined Application Process

Applying requires getting through two steps that are connected:

  • Getting a job offer
  • Only hire people or interview them with approved NZ companies.
  • Send in personal information that will allow pre-checks for internal immigration
  • Get an official offer letter and sign it.
  • Applying for a lodging visa
  • Employer types in important information, such as offering pay, job duties, your qualifications, and so on.
  • The system makes a list of documents that you need to send within 14 days. These include police certificates from all countries you’ve lived in in the last 5 years, physical checks done by a panel doctor, copies of your passport and birth certificates, and more.
  • The fee for an employee worker visa is $640 NZD, or $1,715 for a partner.
  • The employer is in charge of your application until a choice is made and may ask for more information from you if needed.
  • Get the answer in as little as two weeks!

Life After Visa Approval

People who finally get an Accredited Employer Work Visa can:

  • Plan your trip so that you get to New Zealand by the “must arrive before” date.
  • Start working right away for the sponsoring company and have all of your rights restored.
  • Bring qualified family members, like partners, with you on temporary visas as well.
  • Eventually, use simplified processes to apply for permanent residence.


The Accredited Employer Work Visa in New Zealand makes the process easier for foreign workers and gives them perks like longer validity, ways to become permanent residents, and the chance to bring qualified family members with them. People can get through this visa programme more easily if they know the requirements, how to apply, and what to do after getting the visa.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the key benefits of the Accredited Employer Work Visa?

    Initial validity of 3 years, pathways to permanent residence, eligibility for dependents, and a streamlined application process.

  2. What are the eligibility requirements?

    Matching skills, health requirements, character evaluations, and valid proof of identity.

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