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HGV 2 HIAB Driver Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Workchain is thrilled to be able to offer exceptional employment opportunities to qualified and experienced HGV 2 HIAB Drivers in the United Kingdom. Workchain offers visa sponsorship to qualified candidates, thereby presenting an exceptional opportunity for international drivers to advance their professional development in the transportation industry.

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Details of HGV 2 HIAB Driver Jobs in UK:

  • Title: HGV 2 HIAB Driver Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship
  • Company: Workchain
  • Location: UK, United Kingdom
  • Salary: £10.00-£20.00


  • 1-3 Years of Experience in a Related Field

Job Overview:

You will be responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of products utilizing specialized equipment as an HGV 2 HIAB Driver for Workchain. We are confident that your proficiency, meticulousness, and dedication to security will enhance our standing as providers of dependable and superior transportation services.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Employ HIAB-equipped HGV 2 vehicles to load and unload cargo.
  • Loads must be secured securely by transportation regulations and guidelines.
  • Accomplish designated routes with diligence and effectiveness.
  • Conduct vehicle inspections before and following the journey to ensure roadworthiness.
  • It is imperative to maintain precise and current delivery records and documentation.
  • Deliver with outstanding customer service in mind.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • It is mandatory to possess a legitimate HGV 2 license and HIAB certification.
  • Experience operating an HGV-2 HIAB or in a comparable capacity is mandatory.
  • Knowledgeable regarding transportation regulations and safety standards.
  • Outstanding abilities in customer service and communication.
  • Capability to operate efficiently and independently within strict schedule constraints.

Benefits of HGV 2 HIAB Driver Jobs in UK

  • Paid Competitively: As a result of the specialized duties and competencies involved in operating heavy goods vehicles outfitted with hydraulic elevating arms, HGV 2 HIAB drivers frequently earn competitive compensation.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Due to the critical nature of the transportation sector for the economy as a whole, demand for HGV drivers, including those with HIAB certification, is generally consistent. This ensures employment security and stability for those in these positions.
  • Diversity of Work: Drivers of HGV 2 HIABs might be offered employment in construction, utilities, landscaping, manufacturing, and other sectors. This variety allows drivers to acquire experience in a variety of settings and maintains the job’s appeal.
  • Specialized Instruction: Securing a HIAB certification necessitates the completion of specialized training to operate hydraulic lifting arm equipment securely. This training program augments the competencies and credentials of chauffeurs, thereby increasing their market value.
  • The Concept of Independence: HGV 2 HIAB drivers frequently operate with a certain level of autonomy, as their duties may include route planning, schedule management, and ensuring the secure transportation of products to clients or construction sites.
  • Physical Exercise: Physical activity is a component of the duties of an HGV 2 HIAB driver, which consists of loading and discharging cargo using a hydraulic lifting arm. This may appeal to those who prefer an active and hands-on work environment.
  • Prospects for Obtaining Overtime: Numerous HGV 2 HIAB driver positions provide opportunities for overtime compensation, particularly when additional deliveries are required or during periods of high demand. This may increase drivers’ prospective earnings for those willing to put in additional hours.
  • Travel Possibilities: Locally and nationally, HGV-2 HIAB drivers may be required to travel to various locations, contingent upon the nature of their employment. People whose jobs require them to travel to new locations may find this to be an attractive opportunity.
  • Advantages and Perks: To attract and retain experienced HGV-2 HIAB drivers, employers may provide perks and benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans. These advantages enhance overall job satisfaction and welfare.
  • Career Advancement: Career advancement prospects may become available to HGV-2 HIAB drivers through the accumulation of experience and further education in the transportation and logistics sector. This may encompass positions such as transportation manager, fleet supervisor, or specialized HGV instructor.

How to Apply For HGV 2 HIAB Driver Jobs in UK?

To apply for the position of Workchain as an experienced and qualified HGV 2 HIAB Driver and be eligible for visa sponsorship, kindly proceed with the application process via our official job portal. Emphasize your HIAB certification, pertinent driving experience, and commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation.


More Info


Workchain is seeking committed HGV 2 HIAB Drivers to join our team in the United Kingdom, where they will ensure the efficient and dependable transport of products. Accompany us as we maintain our steadfast dedication to safety and excellence while propelling your driving profession forward.

  1. How much does an HGV 2 driver earn in the UK?

    The average salary for HGV Driver Class II is £31,640 per year in the United Kingdom. The average additional cash compensation for an HGV Driver Class II in the United Kingdom is £2,017, with a range from £927 to £4,385.

  2. What is a Class 2 Hiab driver?

    A HIAB driver, or lorry loader, operates the lorry-loaded crane. This equipment has a huge variety of uses, often removing the need for forklifts to be present at collection and delivery sites. HIAB drivers will often be carrying building materials such as sand and ballast to building sites.

  3. Is there a demand for HGV drivers in the UK?

    In the UK, there are around 350,000 trucks in operation, and since AI has not yet mastered driverless HGVs, there’s an ongoing demand for human truck drivers to operate these colossal vehicles.

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