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International Priority Scholarships in Indonesia 2024

International Priority Scholarships in Indonesia Applications are being accepted in Indonesia for the International Priority Scholarships IPS 2024. This is a fully financed fellowship aimed mostly at international candidates from all around the world. The scholarship is accessible to undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate students interested in attending Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS). The scholarship program will begin in September and will last 12 months, or one year.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) is a private Islamic institution in Surakarta, Indonesia. The Muhammadiyah organization founded it. The university also features several research centers and institutes that specialize in specialized fields of study. UMS is also well-known for its vibrant student clubs, sports teams, and cultural events. There are a total of 25000 students, with 24000 being undergraduates and 1000 being postgraduates.


In the world of higher education, Indonesia has become a popular place for students to go to get a good education and learn about different cultures. Thanks to the International Priority Scholarships given in Indonesia, 2024 should be an exciting year for students all over the world who want to study. These fully-funded scholarships give bright people the chance to get a world-class education in the heart of Southeast Asia, where they can also follow their academic dreams. In this article, we’ll go into more depth about these scholarships, including their eligibility requirements, how to apply, and the amazing opportunities they provide.

Understanding the International Priority Scholarships

What Are International Priority Scholarships?

The International Priority Scholarships, or IPS, are a highly regarded program run by the Indonesian government and several colleges. The goal of these scholarships is to bring in the best foreign students, which will help people from different cultures learn from each other and promote Indonesia as a center for education around the world. IPS covers a wide range of academic areas, such as the arts, sciences, engineering, and humanities, to make sure that a wide range of academic goals are met.


Key Features

  • Fully Funded: One of the most enticing aspects of IPS is that it covers all the costs associated with higher education. From tuition fees to accommodation and even living expenses, recipients can focus on their studies without financial burdens.
  • Multiple Levels: IPS offers scholarships at different academic levels, catering to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students. This inclusivity ensures that students at various stages of their academic journey can benefit from the program.
  • Diverse Study Options: With a plethora of universities participating in IPS, students have access to a wide variety of courses and programs. Whether you’re interested in environmental science or business management, there’s likely a program that aligns with your interests and career goals.

Details of International Priority Scholarships IPS 2024

University:Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS)
Degree level:Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Award country:Indonesia

Financial Benefits:

This offer is financially advantageous to a diverse variety of individuals worldwide who wish to apply for International Priority Scholarships (IPS) 2024. It will help applicants with the following:

  • Tuition is completely free for the duration of the degree.
  • The candidates would receive a monthly living stipend of IDR 1,750,000.
  • They will benefit from a monthly book allowance of IDR 50,000.
  • Health Coverage
  • Return airline ticket
  • This scholarship will cover all living expenses, educational costs, transport charges, and so forth.
  • While working with mentors, candidates will receive expert assistance.
  • Applicants will be able to network with candidates from all over the world.

Scholarship Duration:

  • 8 semesters (for Undergraduate)
  • 4 semesters (for Master Program)
  • 6 semesters (for Doctoral Program)

List of Available Degree Programs:

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

Subject NameDegree
Mathematics Education
Accounting EducationS.Pd.
Pancasila and Civic EducationS.Pd.
Indonesian Language and Literature EducationS.Pd.
English EducationS.Pd.
Teacher Training for Early Childhood EducationS.Pd.
Biology EducationS.Pd.
Primary Teacher EducationS.Pd.
Faculty of Communication and InformaticsS.Pd.
Geography EducationS.Pd.
Informatics Engineering EducationS.Pd.
Sports EducationS.Pd.
Faculty o Economic and Business
Economic DevelopmentS.E.
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringS.T.
Civil EngineeringS.T.
Electrical EngineeringS.T.
Chemical EngineeringS.T.
Industrial EngineeringS.T.
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Geography
Faculty of Islamic Studies
Islamic EducationS.Pd.I.
Sharia Economic LawS.Ag.
Al-Qur’an and TafsirS.Ag.
Faculty of Health
Profession of NersNs.
Public HealthS.K.M.
Faculty of Communication and informatics
Communication ScienceS.I.Kom.
Informatics EngineeringS.Kom.

PhD Degree Programs:

Subject NameDegree
Master in Islamic EducationM.Pd.I.
Master in Islamic Economic LawM.HES.
Master in LawM.H.
Master in ManagementM.M.
Master in AccountingM.Ak.
Master in Education ManagementM.Pd.
Master in Indonesian Language EducationM.Pd.
Master in English EducationM.Pd.
Master in Basic EducationM.Pd.
Master in Mathematic EducationM.Pd.
Master in PsychologyM.Psi.
Master in PharmacyM.Farm.
Master in NursingM.Kep.
Master in Civil EngineeringM.T.
Master in Mechanical EngineeringM.T.
Master in Chemical EngineeringM.T.
Master in InformaticM.Kom.

Masters Degree Programs:

Subject NameDegree
Doctor in LawDr.
Doctor in Islamic StudiesDr.
Doctor in EducationDr.
Doctor in PsychologyDr.
Doctor in Mechanical EngineeringDr.
Doctor in PharmacyDr.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • This scholarship is open to candidates from all over the world.
  • This Scholarship is open to students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

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How to Apply for International Priority Scholarships:

To apply for International Priority Scholarships IPS 2024 in Indonesia, there is an online application procedure. Interested candidates should go to the following website:

More Info


International Priority Scholarships in Indonesia for 2024 give students from all over the world a golden chance to study in one of the most culturally rich and academically satisfying places in the world for free. These grants not only help with money, but they also help people grow personally and professionally by letting them experience other cultures. If you want to go further in your education, you might want to apply for the IPS program in Indonesia.

People Also Ask:

  1. What is the period of the International Priority Scholarships in Indonesia 2024 scholarship?

    8 semesters (for undergraduate students)
    Four semesters (Master’s Program)
    Six semesters (Doctoral Program)

  2. Is the Indonesia scholarship for international students in 2024 fully funded?

    In 2024, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia will select 222 (two hundred twenty-two) KNB scholarship applicants. KNB is a fully funded scholarship covering airfare, tuition fees, a living allowance, a settlement allowance, a monthly stipend, and health insurance.

  3. What is the IPS scholarship in Indonesia?

    The International Priority Scholarship 2024 is open to students from developing Muslim countries. The mode of instruction in the IPS 2024 can be English, Bahasa, or Arabic. International students can apply for undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs under this UMS IPS 2024.

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