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Jobs in Moldova For Foreigners 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

If you are not a citizen of Moldova and you desire to work in the country, you must obtain a work permit. Due to the reality that Moldova is not a member of the European Union, this applies to EU citizens as well. Before relocating, many expatriates find employment in Moldova so that their prospective employers can apply for a work visa on their behalf.

You will also learn about positions in Moldova that sponsor visas for foreign nationals and are open to applicants from a variety of countries.

Economy of Moldova

Even though Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, its economy has grown and maintained significant growth since 1999. Despite the reality that the country is the poorest in Europe, this is the case. In 1991, after obtaining independence from the Soviet Union, Moldova began dismantling its Soviet-era industrial economy. Since then, the country has been transitioning to a new market economy that is primarily concentrated on a growing service sector, which currently accounts for more than 65 percent of its GDP.

Industry, which accounts for twenty percent of the economy, and agriculture, which accounts for fifteen percent, produce the overwhelming majority of the nation’s exports, including Moldovan wine, soybeans, sugar beets, tobacco, and wheat. Moldova’s moderate climate makes it an ideal location for agricultural cultivation, and agriculture is one of the country’s most important industries.


Moldova’s economy relies heavily on the tourism industry. The country’s pleasant climate draws visitors from all over Eastern Europe, and wine lovers go there to visit its many vineyards, which are of top-notch quality.

Expats in Moldova frequently hold managerial or technical positions in the food processing, manufacturing, and agriculture industries, as well as for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), embassies, and the government. Chişinău, the capital city of Moldova, has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate and the finest local economy, and many of these employment opportunities are located there.

Moldova Work Permits

Foreign nationals wishing to legally labor in Moldova must first obtain a work permit. Due to Moldova’s non-membership in the European Union, this regulation also pertains to citizens of other EU nations. It is common practice for expatriates to secure employment in Moldova prior to applying for a work visa, as the prospective employer can do so on the applicant’s behalf.

An application for a work visa must be submitted to the National Agency for Employment within the Ministry of the Economy. Before a work permit can be issued, the applicant must also meet a number of requirements, such as passing an HIV test and proving they have a safe place to reside. Work permit applicants are required to have a long-stay visa before they can even begin the application procedure.

Moldovan taxation

The earnings of expatriates who reside and operate in Moldova are subject to income tax. The progressive income tax system mandates you to pay the following tax rates based on your annual income:

  • 10% on earnings between 12,180 and 16,200 MDL
  • 15% on earnings between 16,201 and 21,000 MDL
  • 22% on income beyond 21,000 MDL

Individuals with incomes below 12,180 MDL do not owe income tax. Your employer will withhold income tax at the source, so you will not be required to file a tax return.

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Benefits Of Jobs in Moldova With Visa Sponsorship

Benefits for Employees:

  • Possibility of Working Abroad: Visa sponsorship jobs provide the opportunity to legally operate in a foreign country. This can be an outstanding opportunity for personal and professional development, cultural exchange, and international experience.
  • Profession Advancement: Working in a foreign country can expand your career options and strengthen your resume. It is capable of displaying adaptability and a resolve to face obstacles.
  • Stability and Protection: Typically, a sponsored work visa provides legal status and job security in the host country, reducing the risk of deportation or legal issues associated with working without documentation.
  • Access to Advantages: Visa-sponsored employees may have access to healthcare, retirement plans, and other employee advantages, depending on the country and sponsoring employer.
  • Cultural Interaction: Individuals who live and work in a foreign country are able to immerse themselves in a new culture, acquire a new language, and gain a greater appreciation for international perspectives.
  • The value of networking: Working in a foreign country can help you expand your professional network, which can be beneficial for future career opportunities.

Benefits for Employees:

  • Access to Talent Worldwide: Visa sponsorship enables employers to access a larger talent pool, including highly skilled individuals from around the globe who may bring distinctive abilities and perspectives to the organization.
  • Close Skills Gaps: Employers can address skill shortages or gaps in their workforce through the sponsorship of visas for foreign employees with specialized skills or expertise.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Hiring international employees can contribute to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, fostering a more culturally diverse and inclusive work environment.
  • Global Development: In order to establish a presence in other countries, employing international talent can be a strategic move for companies seeking to expand their operations or enter the global market.
  • Innovation: A diverse workforce can lead to increased innovation and problem-solving as employees from various backgrounds bring fresh ideas and approaches to the table.
  • Global Viewpoint: International employees can offer valuable insights into international markets and consumer preferences, thereby assisting in the development of global business strategies.

List of Jobs in Moldova For Foreigners

1 . Regional Logistic Expert


  • Ensure that the files you purchase are valid (in accordance with the RLR’s regulations on delegation of responsibility).
  • Ensure that missions investigate the suppliers they select.
  • Conduct logistics compliance audits using ACF tools or your own (remotely or on the ground).

2 . Landscape Crew Member

Job Duties

  • Facilitates the installation of patios, porches, and pathways.
  • Facilitates the upkeep of irrigation and lighting systems.
  • There are planted trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals.
  • Spreads foliage and amendments to the soil.
  • General maintenance tasks are carried out.

3. Program Officer

Primary Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Supervises the use of a specific grant or grants and the associated activities.
  • Maintains current knowledge of the funder’s and IRI’s policies and procedures pertaining to grant compliance and oversight.
  • Comprehends the requirements for the content, finances, and compliance of the assigned grant.

4. Program Officer

Primary Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Utilize, modify, and enhance AI technology.
  • Develop interfaces and tools for analyzing, interacting with, and processing massive quantities of data.
  • Collaborate with X, Alphabet, and academic experts in various disciplines.

5 . Mineral PhD Residency


  • Understanding the specific objectives and challenges of your teams
  • Researching computational agriculture-related topics such as machine learning, genomics, computer vision, natural language processing, geographic information systems, knowledge graphs, multi-modality learning, and remote sensing
  • During the program, community participation in the X Internship

How to Apply for Jobs in Moldova For Foreigners

All concerned parties must click on the link to learn more about the employment description and to submit an application.

More Info

People Also Ask:

  1. Can a foreigner get a job in Moldova?

    Foreign nationals and stateless persons wishing to work in the Republic of Moldova must obtain a work permit from the National Employment Agency of the Ministry of Economy. In order to obtain a work permit in Moldova, foreign employees must provide an original employment contract with a company in Moldova. Photo.

  2. How can I get a job in Moldova?

    Expatriates wanting to work in Moldova need a work permit. As Moldova is not a member of the European Union, this is also true for EU nationals. Many expatriates usually secure work in Moldova first before applying for a work permit, as your prospective employer can then apply on your behalf.

  3. What jobs are in demand in Moldova?

    Engineering: Moldova’s construction and engineering sectors are expanding, creating a demand for foreign professionals with experience in construction, architecture, electrical, mechanical, and project management.

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