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Junior Clinical Fellow Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

NHS Jobs, the designated employment platform of the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, is presently in search of enthusiastic and committed Junior Clinical Fellows to augment healthcare teams throughout the nation. You will have the opportunity to develop your clinical skills and acquire valuable experience as a Junior Clinical Fellow under the supervision of senior clinicians within the NHS.

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Details of Junior Clinical Fellow Jobs in UK:

  • Company Name: NHS
  • Job Position: Junior Clinical Fellow
  • Job Location: Sheffield, S10 2TH, UK
  • Job Type: Full–time Permanent


  • 1-2 Years of Experience


  • General

Responsibilities of Junior Clinical Fellow Jobs

  • Engage in patient care and treatment while collaborating extensively with senior clinicians to ensure the provision of superior healthcare services.
  • Conduct diagnostic procedures, examinations, and clinical assessments in accordance with the guidance of the supervising consultant.
  • Provide support in the formulation and execution of treatment plans for patients, encompassing tasks such as medication prescription, diagnostic test ordering and interpretation, and minor procedure execution.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including therapists, nurses, and members of multidisciplinary teams, to ensure coordinated and comprehensive patient care.
  • Attend departmental meetings, case discussions, and educational activities in which you actively participate.
  • Ensure that medical records pertaining to patient consultations, treatment plans, and progress are precise and current.
  • Effectively engage in communication with patients, their families, and colleagues, ensuring the exchange of information is unambiguous and succinct.
  • Maintain current knowledge of pertinent medical research, evidence-based practices, clinical guidelines, and standards by engaging in ongoing professional development.
  • Observe ethical and professional principles, adhering to the policies, guidelines, and regulations set forth by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the NHS.
  • Assume accountability for one’s personal development by soliciting advice and criticism from seasoned clinicians in order to augment one’s clinical expertise and understanding.

Requirements for Junior Clinical Fellow Jobs

  • Eligibility to register or valid registration with the General Medical Council (GMC).
  • A medical degree (MBBS or its equivalent) and Foundation Training or equivalent work experience are required.
  • Proven determination to pursue a profession in a particular medical specialty.
  • Outstanding clinical expertise complemented by solid diagnostic and decision-making skills.
  • Proficiency in written and oral communication, along with the capacity to interact with patients, their families, and healthcare practitioners.
  • Capability to collaborate effectively with coworkers to provide patient-centered care.
  • Unwavering commitment to ongoing education and professional growth.
  • Adaptability to diverse clinical environments and work timetables, such as weekend work, evening obligations, and on-call responsibilities.
  • Consistency with the fundamental values of the NHS, which comprise regard, empathy, and a dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare.
  • An eagerness and proactivity to acquire new knowledge and make valuable contributions to the healthcare team.

Benefits of Junior Clinical Fellow Jobs in UK

  • Clinical Background: JCF positions offer significant practical clinical experience across a range of medical specialties. By collaborating closely with seasoned consultants and multidisciplinary teams, junior physicians are exposed to an extensive array of medical conditions and treatment modalities.
  • Skill Enhancement: These roles afford novice physicians the opportunity to advance their clinical competencies, encompassing but not limited to history gathering, physical assessment, diagnostic reasoning, and treatment strategizing. They also provide opportunities for students to gain supervision while learning new procedures and techniques.
  • Advancements in Professional Development: JCF positions provide organized avenues for education and training, encompassing opportunities to engage in specialty-specific training programs, grand rounds, and clinical teaching sessions. This allows junior physicians to advance their professions and increase their medical knowledge.
  • Career Advancement: Typically, a JCF position serves as a prerequisite for registrar positions requiring more specialized training. It provides novice physicians with the opportunity to acquire the critical experience and skills necessary to succeed in specialty training programs and ultimately specialize.
  • Research Exposure: A considerable number of JCF positions provide prospects for participation in audit and clinical research initiatives. Junior physicians have the capacity to expand their body of medical knowledge, cultivate their research capabilities, and bolster their academic resumes.
  • Life-Work Balance: Although junior physicians may be required to put in extended periods of work, JCF positions generally provide well-organized work schedules and consistent breaks in adherence to the European Working Time Directive. This contributes to a more favorable work-life balance in comparison to more arduous training positions.
  • Ensuring a supportive environment: JCF roles frequently offer a nurturing professional atmosphere, encompassing provisions for guidance, oversight, and pastoral assistance. This aids novice physicians in managing the complexities of their positions while preserving their health.
  • Workplace Adaptability: Junior physicians who hold JCF positions are afforded the opportunity to investigate various medical specialties and career trajectories prior to enrolling in a specialty training program. They are able to make well-informed career choices in accordance with their interests and experiences due to this adaptability.
  • Networking in a Professional Setting: Junior physicians are exposed to a network of healthcare professionals, including administrators, nurses, consultants, and ancillary health professionals, through their clinical experience. Professional relationships can facilitate opportunities for future collaboration and advancement in one’s career.
  • Implementation of Patient Care: Most importantly, JCF positions afford novice physicians the chance to significantly influence the quality of patient care. Junior physicians are instrumental in enhancing patient satisfaction and outcomes through the provision of compassionate care and the delivery of high-quality clinical services.

How To Apply For Junior Clinical Fellow Jobs in UK?

We strongly urge ambitious medical professionals seeking a worthwhile opportunity to augment their clinical proficiencies to submit their applications via NHS Jobs at this time. Become a Junior Clinical Fellow with the National Health Service (NHS) and aid in the provision of superior healthcare services throughout the United Kingdom.

More Info

  1. What is a junior clinical fellow salary in the UK?

    The average junior clinical fellow salary in the United Kingdom is £39,467 per year or £20.24 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £37,137 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £43,923 per year.

  2. What is the role of a junior clinical fellow?

    The primary duties of the post are to see new patients within the emergency department, with ready access to supervision from more senior staff. There is a regular ED training program that facilitates each doctor’s acquisition of the knowledge and skills required in emergency medicine.

  3. How do I become a clinical fellow in the UK?

    Anyone with a medical degree and full GMC registration can work as a clinical fellow, though most clinical fellowships require doctors to have completed both years of their foundation training as a minimum.

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