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King Fahd University Scholarships in Saudi Arabia 2024-25

Applications for the King Fahd University Scholarships 2024-25 in Saudi Arabia are now being accepted. All International Students from across the world are encouraged to apply for the position of Dean at King Fahd University. This is a fully funded scholarship at King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia for all local and international students from all over the world. Students who want to study for free in Saudi Arabia should apply. The scholarship is offered to study for a Master’s or PhD degree in Saudi Arabia. The prize is valid for the Spring 2024 intake.

King Fahd University Scholarship is available for all academic programs including M.B.A, All Sciences, Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Engineering & Sciences Fields.

King Fahd Institution of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM or UPM) is a Saudi public institution located in Dhahran. Among Saudi universities, its science, engineering, and business/management programs are among the best in the kingdom and the region.

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The university is ranked fourth among the top 100 global universities with US Utility Patents. The American National Academy of Inventors (NAI) published a report on this rank.

Details About King Fahd University Scholarships in Saudi Arabia:

University:King Fahd University
Degree level:Masters, PhD, Doctorate
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:National & International
Award country:Saudi Arabia

Benefits of King Fahd University Scholarships in Saudi Arabia:

  • Tuition Coverage: KFUPM scholarships often pay the entire cost of tuition. This is a big financial benefit because it allows students to continue their education without the financial burden of tuition.
  • Monthly Stipend: KFUPM scholarship recipients typically receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses. This stipend can assist with housing, food, transportation, and other day-to-day expenses.
  • Housing: KFUPM may grant housing or housing allowances to scholarship awardees in select instances. This will significantly reduce the cost of living in Saudi Arabia.
  • Health Insurance: Many of KFUPM’s scholarships include full health insurance, guaranteeing that students have access to medical care while studying.
  • Opportunities for Research: KFUPM is a well-known university in the domains of petroleum engineering, geology, and allied sciences. Scholarship recipients get the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research and use cutting-edge facilities and resources.
  • Cultural Exchange: Studying at KFUPM offers international students to immerse themselves in Saudi culture while also interacting with students and professors from all backgrounds. It’s a chance for cultural exchange and to widen one’s horizons.
  • Career Opportunities: Because KFUPM has strong ties to the oil and energy industries, scholarship recipients may be able to pursue career opportunities and internships with top businesses in these industries.
  • Quality Education: KFUPM is well-known for its excellent academic standards and demanding programs. Scholarship recipients can receive a world-class education that can lead to future employment success.
  • Networking Opportunities: Being a part of KFUPM gives you access to a network of alumni, lecturers, and industry professionals who can help you further your career and research.
  • Language and Cultural Learning: Studying in Saudi Arabia allows you to learn Arabic, one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. Students can also immerse themselves in the rich Saudi culture and history.

List of Academic Fields and Majors:

M.B.A., All Sciences, Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, and Sciences for Masters and PhD. The list is shown below.

  • ​Accountancy ​(M.ACC)
  • Aerospace Engineering (M.Sc)
  • Applied Statistics (M.Sc)
  • Architectural Engineering (M.Sc)
  • Business Administration (M.B.A)
  • Chemical Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Chemistry (PhD, M.Sc)
  • City & Regional Planning (M.C.R.P)
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Computer Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Computer Networks (M.Sc)
  • Computer Science (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Construction Engineering & Management (M.Sc)
  • Electrical Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Environmental Sciences (M.Sc)
  • Geology (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Geophysics (M.Sc)
  • Industrial & Systems Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • ​Information Assurance & Security (​M.Sc)
  • Life Sciences (M.Sc)
  • Materials Science & Engineering (M.Sc)
  • Mathematical Sciences (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Mechanical Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Medical Physics (M. Med. Phys)
  • Petroleum Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Physics (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Software Engineering (M.Sc)
  • Systems & Control Engineering (PhD, M.Sc)
  • Telecommunication Engineering (M.Sc)

Eligibility Criteria for Master, PhD & MBA:

When applying for King Fahd University Scholarships in Saudi Arabia, applicants must meet the following criteria:

For Master Programs:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (four years)
  • A GPA of 3.00 or better on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent, as well as a GPA of 3.00 in the major field’s topic.

For PhD Programs:

  • An MS Degree (after a four-year B.S. degree)
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale or equivalent in both the B.S. and M.S. degrees.

For MBA:

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree from a reputable university.
  • A minimum Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent.
  • At least one college-level calculus course that covers both differentiation and integration.
  • Working understanding of computers demonstrated by completion of at least one course in that field (e.g., data processing, programming, information systems, etc.)
  • At least one year of full-time job experience is required. Graduate assistants, research assistants, and applicants with extraordinary academic records may be exempt from this requirement.

Documents Required for King Fahd University Scholarships in Saudi Arabia:

To Apply Online for King Fahd University Scholarships 2023-24 in Saudi Arabia, make sure you have scanned copies of the following essential papers in PDF format. Each file can have a maximum size of 2 MB.

Required Documents:

  • Identification (National ID for Saudi nationals/Passport for applicants from outside Saudi Arabia/Iqama for KSA residents)
  • Official transcripts in their entirety[MS & BS Transcript for Ph.D. Applicants/ BS Transcript for Master Applicants] (The transcript should be official and include the names and grades of all courses taken.)
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from academic referees are submitted using the online recommendation system after you submit your online application.
  • Statement of Purpose (A one-page essay outlining your career and research objectives at FUPM).
  • Passport DimensionsWhite background photo (optional for females)
  • CV highlighting your education and job experience in brief.
  • GMAT (For International MBA Candidates).

The application will not be processed unless the required documents are provided.

Non Mandatory Documents:

Documents not required for online application but required before final admission:

  • TOEFL (minimum score of 68 for MS and 79 for Ph.D.)or IELTS (minimum 6.0 for MS, 6.5 for Ph.D). [WHEN AVAILABLE]
  • Score sheet for the GRE (General) (required for Engineering and Science programs)[WHEN AVAILABLE]
  • Certificates Degree(s) [If a degree was awarded]

Documents that are not mandatory must be necessary for final selection.

How to Apply for King Fahd University Scholarships?

To apply for King Fahd University Scholarships 2024-25 in Saudi Arabia, fill out an online application form. Fill out the online application form and upload all of the documents listed above. The following are the links to the online application and the official advertisement:

More Info


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) scholarships in Saudi Arabia offer a variety of beneficial incentives to overseas students. These scholarships pay for tuition, provide monthly stipends, and frequently include housing and health insurance, making it financially feasible for students to continue an education at a prominent university. Furthermore, KFUPM scholarships enable students to pursue high-quality education, research, and career advancement in subjects like as petroleum engineering and geology. Students can also participate in cultural exchange and language study while learning about Saudi culture and Arabic. KFUPM scholarships provide a road to a bright future by encouraging students to make a major difference in their chosen disciplines through strong industry contacts and academic performance. To make the most of this great educational opportunity, prospective applicants should carefully research the relevant scholarship programs, eligibility criteria, and obligations.

People Also Ask:

  1. Is King Fahd Scholarship 2023 fully funded in Saudi Arabia?

    The King Fahd University Scholarships 2023-24 program in Saudi Arabia provides fully financed scholarships to students from all over the world. The scholarship offers the following advantages: Tuition fees are entirely covered. A monthly stipend to assist with living costs.

  2. How can I apply for a Saudi scholarship?

    Students must apply directly on the website/online portal of the appropriate Saudi university. Each university has a unique list of eligibility requirements and application deadlines. Students have to check the webpage for each discipline/course/university’s eligibility criteria.

  3. Who is eligible for the scholarship in Saudi Arabia?

    The age of the candidate must be between 17 and 25 years old for the undergraduate level and for the Arabic Teaching Institute or its equivalent; 30 years for the Master’s and 35 years for the doctoral levels, respectively.

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