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Kitchen Helper Jobs at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza 2024

Bread Stream Bar and Kitchen Someone from outside of Dubai wants to work as a kitchen helper there. For foreigners looking for hospitality, hotel, and restaurant jobs in Dubai with visa sponsorship or just kitchen jobs in Dubai, this is the best chance of their lives because they don’t need any experience. Foreigners can get a visa.

They want an eager kitchen helper to join their team in Dubai, which is growing. As a full-time kitchen helper, you can advance your job, which is a great way to get better at competing. You can apply for the job of kitchen helper right now if you are good at planning, thinking critically, and having the right attitude for the job.

You need to know how to make salads and be able to help the chef cut and prepare food for meals. As required by UAE law, you will get between AED 1,800 and AED 2,000, as well as free lodging, meals, and all other perks. This post will tell you everything you need to know about getting a kitchen job at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza with free housing on a visa.

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Details of Kitchen Helper Jobs at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza:

  • Job Title: Kitchen Helper
  • Job Country: Dubai, UAE
  • Employer name: Gordon Ramsay
  • Average Salary: AED 1800- AED 2000 per month
  • Experience Required: No
  • Education Required: No
  • Benefits: Free Accommodation, Meals, and as per UAE Law

About Gordon Ramsay Restaurant and Bar Dubai:

With endless pizza slices, craft beers, creative cocktails, and ice cream, Street Pizza is the best place to unwind in a chill space with good vibes.

In a laid-back space with graffiti and street art, you can enjoy pizza and soft drinks that keep coming at no cost. You can pick from five different pizza options or our daily special. Our pizzaiolos use only the freshest ingredients, seasonal toppings, and their skills to make a Neapolitan-style sourdough pizza. Some of the signatures are pepperoni, grilled aubergine, corn and chorizo, and Margherita.

At Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Dubai, you can enjoy the best of British food. Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is a popular place for families and groups of friends to hang out. Its design was inspired by a London warehouse.

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, there is live music. Gordon Ramsay is happy to be a bud-pleaser and an equal opportunity employer. He gives people of all nationalities, races, religions, genders, etc. the same chances to work for him. People from other countries can get visa sponsorship, especially for skilled and highly skilled jobs like chefs and managers.


  • You don’t need experience, but it’s helpful.
  • No Need for Schooling.
  • You need to know how to make salads and be able to help the chef cut and prepare food for meals.
  • Must be skilled and willing to work hard.
  • Must be someone who works hard and can adapt to new situations.
  • Must be ready to work different shifts, extra hours, or on the weekends.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly in basic English.

Benefits of Kitchen Helper Jobs at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza:

  • Gaining Knowledge from a Culinary Icon: An exceptional opportunity arises to gain knowledge from one of the most renowned chefs globally by becoming a member of Gordon Ramsay’s team. Kitchen assistants have the opportunity to acquire significant knowledge, strategies, and proficiency directly from Gordon Ramsay and his group of seasoned chefs.
  • Professional Development: Kitchen assistants are allowed to augment their culinary expertise and understanding within a dynamic and fast-paced setting. They can acquire essential kitchen management skills, food preparation methodologies, and cooking techniques that are indispensable for a career in the culinary industry.
  • Professional Growth: Becoming a kitchen assistant may serve as a precursor to prospects for advancement within the esteemed culinary empire of Gordon Ramsay or for employment at alternative upscale dining establishments. Culinary aids have the potential to advance to more senior positions within the culinary hierarchy through diligence and perseverance.
  • Utilization of Fresh, High-Quality Ingredients: Gordon Ramsay’s recipes are renowned for their reliance on fresh, high-quality ingredients. Kitchen assistants at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza are afforded the chance to gain knowledge and experience in ingredient sourcing, handling, and preparation techniques while working with premium ingredients.
  • Team Collaboration: Working in a professional kitchen necessitates the implementation of robust cooperation and collaboration principles. Culinary helpers engage in close collaboration with chefs, sous chefs, and other members of the culinary staff in order to facilitate seamless operations and guarantee the production of food of superior quality.
  • Achieving Optimal Outcomes: Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza is renowned for its dynamic kitchen atmosphere that prioritizes accuracy and efficiency. Kitchen assistants excel in this fast-paced environment, where they acquire significant practical knowledge of effectively handling stress and operating with efficiency in the face of stringent time constraints.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Kitchen assistants at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza have the privilege of connecting with potential mentors, industry experts, and culinary enthusiasts. Engaging in professional networking can facilitate access to prospective employment prospects and foster partnerships within the culinary sector.
  • Employee Benefits: Kitchen assistants might qualify for employee benefits, including competitive wages, meal discounts, health insurance, and prospects for professional development or training programs, contingent upon the policies of the restaurant.
  • Pride and Prestige: The affiliation of culinary helpers with Gordon Ramsay’s brand enhances their professional standing and fosters a sense of accomplishment-oriented pride. Positive reflections of the restaurant’s staff’s stellar reputation contribute to a sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment.
  • Passion for Food: For those with an insatiable appetite for food and the art of cooking, employment at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza provides the opportunity to daily manifest their enthusiasm for these subjects. Kitchen assistants derive immense satisfaction from aiding in the preparation of delectable and superior-quality dishes that satisfy patrons.

Average Salary:

According to data from the United Arab Emirates as of December 13, 2023, the average kitchen helper gets AED 25,692. That’s about AED 2,141 per month, AED 535 per week, or AED 13.38 per hour, which is about the same as AED 2,000 per month. So Gordon Ramsay is paying you the truth, plus he’s giving you a free visa, a place to stay, and food.

Job Duties:

  • Making Salada
  • Helping Chef De Partie in preparing and garnishing dishes
  • Helping Chefs in washing dishes
  • Making ingredients for the dishes

Who can Apply for Kitchen Helper Jobs at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza?

Anyone from any country can apply for Kitchen Helper Jobs at Gordon Ramsay Dubai. But anyone from the UK or Europe who knows how to make traditional British food on the street will be given preference.

How to Apply for Kitchen Helper Jobs at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza?

Go to Grab Jobs and click on this link to apply online. Set up an account on the website, click the “Notifications” button, fill out the application, and then wait for the email to arrive. You can also apply right on the website for Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza. You should check out the official website to find more job openings that might be a good fit for your skills.

More Info


In conclusion, the Kitchen Helper job at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza Dubai is a great chance for people who want to work in the hospitality business. The job offers good pay, free housing, meals, and help with visas, so even people who have never held a job before can grow personally and professionally. Because Gordon Ramsay wants everyone to have the same chances to get a job, this is a unique and welcoming place to work.

  1. How much does Gordon Ramsay pay his kitchen staff?

    Average Gordon Ramsay North America hourly pay ranges from approximately $15.97 per hour for Line Cook to $24.98 per hour for Accounts Payable Specialist. Salary information comes from 124 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

  2. How much is Gordon Ramsay’s salary?

    Gordon Ramsay’s earnings vary yearly, but he typically earns between $60 million and $100 million per year. His income comes from various sources, including his restaurants, television appearances, books, and other ventures.

  3. What does a kitchen helper do?

    A kitchen helper cleans and sanitizes kitchen equipment, assists in basic food preparation, and assists with receiving and storing products in kitchens, restaurants, clubs, fast food outlets, and catering companies.

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