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Laboratory Assistant Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

All qualified applicants are cordially invited to submit their expressions of interest regarding the laboratory assistant position, on behalf of Telus. They are in search of individuals who satisfy every single requirement for the given role. It is the responsibility of those holding this position to ensure that all correspondence with clients, suppliers, and medical facilities is accurate. Furthermore, candidates must cultivate and sustain professional connections with suppliers, clients, community healthcare providers, and staff. The registration period for this position has commenced and will soon come to a close.

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Details of Laboratory Assistant Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer Name: Telus
  • Position: Laboratory Assistant 
  • Salary: $20 to $37 per hour. 
  • Employment Type: Full-time 
  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


  • Prospective employees of this position are obligated to conduct diagnostic and testing procedures on patients, including but not limited to tonometry, audiogram analysis, visual acuity evaluation, phlebotomy, processing, and accessioning. 
  • Additionally, candidates for this position must be committed to lifelong learning and becoming well-versed in and proficient with any new processes implemented at this organization. 
  • Additionally, applicants must collaborate with medical, kinesiology, and dietitian personnel to gain a comprehensive comprehension of their particular requirements. 
  • Applicants for this position are additionally tasked with coordinating client reservations and CCC and CSC personnel. 
  • Additionally, candidates for this position must be capable of handling sample analysis and shipping. 

Requirements of Laboratory Assistant Jobs in Canada:

  • To qualify for this position, candidates must possess a minimum of one year of practical work experience in the areas of phlebotomy and ECG performance. 
  • To qualify for this position, applicants must possess a comprehensive understanding of desktop computer systems and Microsoft Office. 
  • Outstanding organizational and customer service abilities are required of them. 
  • To be considered for this position, candidates must possess both a medical laboratory assistant certification and a specialized CPR certification. 
  • They must have extensive experience and specialized knowledge of our electronic medical record system, Med Access. 

Benefits of Laboratory Assistant Jobs:

  • Hands-on Experience: Laboratory assistants acquire practical, on-the-job training in the operation of scientific apparatus, methodologies, and protocols. Individuals interested in pursuing careers in scientific or research disciplines will find this practical knowledge to be invaluable.
  • Skill Development: Opportunities exist for the development and enhancement of numerous skills through this position, including data analysis, record-keeping, laboratory procedures, and collaboration. These are transferable abilities that can be advantageous in a variety of scientific and technical fields.
  • Contribution to Research: Laboratory assistants make a vital and indispensable contribution to the research process. Their presence enhances the efficacy of experiments, data acquisition, and analysis. For those with a strong desire to contribute to scientific progress, this engagement may prove to be gratifying.
  • Exposure to Diverse Fields: Assistants may gain exposure to a variety of scientific fields, including but not limited to healthcare, chemistry, biology, and physics, contingent upon the laboratory environment. This diversity enables individuals to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of science by exploring various areas of interest.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Laboratory work offers prospects for establishing connections with scientists, researchers, and industry experts. Networking can provide advantages in terms of future career prospects, collaborative endeavors, and remaining updated on the most recent advancements within the scientific community.
  • Preparation for Advanced Degrees: Laboratory assistant positions frequently function as a transitional phase for individuals endeavoring to attain advanced degrees (PhDs or M.Sc.) in scientific fields. The acquisition of experience can bolster applications and establish a robust groundwork for further specialized research.
  • Job Stability: Laboratory assistant positions are frequently in demand, particularly in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research industries, which contributes to their stability. For those entering the workforce, this may afford a degree of employment stability.
  • Contribution to Healthcare: Assisting in diagnostic testing and research within medical laboratories, auxiliaries make a significant contribution to the progression of healthcare. Individuals who are motivated to effect positive change in patient outcomes may find this notably gratifying.
  • Problem-Solving Opportunities: Laboratory work entails overcoming obstacles and resolving problems, including those associated with equipment malfunctions, unanticipated results, or experimental design. This fosters an attitude characterized by analytical reasoning and flexibility.
  • Progression in the Scientific Community: Laboratory assistant positions can function as a cornerstone for professional growth and development. As one gains experience and furthers their education, they have the potential to advance into positions of greater specialization, supervision, or research leadership.

Work Setting:

To qualify, applicants must possess a specialized certification in either audiometry or spirometry.

How to Apply for Laboratory Assistant Jobs in Canada?

Applicants may conveniently access the application form by tapping on the hyperlink provided below. Supply the application form with the requisite information and affix your signature to it. Specific candidates who receive interview invitations are required to exhibit exceptional performance throughout the interview. The most exceptional performers will receive the final call letters. On the application, applicants will be required to provide only authentic information.


More Info

  1. Can I work as a lab technician in Canada?

    You must have completed a two- or three-year college program in medical laboratory technology. You must have a minimum of 1+ years of relevant experience. You must have good English or French language skills.

  2. How much do laboratory assistants make in Canada?

    The average laboratory assistant salary in Canada is $48,670 per year or $24.96 per hour.

  3. How do I become a laboratory assistant in Canada?

    SAIT’s full-time applied degree programs involve one year of study through classes and lab work, followed by one year of directed studies in a workplace setting. This builds upon the completion of a recognized two-year diploma, a prerequisite for admission to an applied degree program.

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