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Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The Swedish federal government is currently facing a labor shortage on a national scale. Furthermore, the Swedish immigration authorities published a checklist of labor shortages in the country. All nationalities are encouraged to submit applications to the Swedish authorities. Visa Sponsorship Employment in Sweden is a legitimate and illustrious way to enter the country. 

Numerous Swedish businesses sponsor and allow international college students to work in Sweden. Furthermore, it encompasses blue-shaded occupations such as agricultural laborers, plumbers, electricians, social workers, and many others. That is accurate and supported by official data. I can provide an overview of Swedish companies that offer visa sponsorship, in addition to other Swedish employment opportunities that offer visa sponsorship.

If you are an IT expert and scholar, then your future in Sweden is secure. A considerable number of IT jobs in Sweden offer sponsorships. It is also possible to transport a tractor to Sweden without a visa sponsor or employment offer. Such a document is called a “New Swedish Visa for Job Seekers.” Innovation is encouraged in Sweden. This therefore has the potential to be a golden alternative for anyone reading this text. A summary of the Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs is provided in the following section.

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Details of Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

  • Job Nation: Sweden
  • Advantages: Wage, Perks, Visa Sponsorship
  • Open to: All these corporations can rent EU and Non-EU Nationals

1# European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) 

Job seekers can utilize the European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) to locate employment opportunities in Sweden. EURES is the Official European Government Job Portal, which offers tens of thousands of employment opportunities in Sweden and throughout Europe. If one desires to locate employment in Sweden that provides visa sponsorship, EURES is the most appropriate option. Academic institutions around the world offer a vast and varied array of disciplines.

All candidates from all over the world are welcome to submit, regardless of their stage, discipline, or employment status (full-time or part-time). There are a multitude of visa sponsorship jobs available in Sweden.


  • Global working environments
  • Package offer for visa sponsorship and relocation
  • Individual medical coverage
  • Positive compensation

Discovering Visa Sponsorship Jobs at the EURES Portal Appropriately:

  • First, open this website:
  • The Selected Area: Sweden
  • Next, enter “Visa Sponsorship” into the search bar. It would then provide a list of all Sweden jobs that sponsor visas, from which applicants could proceed.

Checklist of Swedish Visa Sponsorship Corporations

I have compiled a list of the top 15 companies in Sweden that provide visa sponsorship for foreign nationals. You can locate your ideal Visa Sponsorship positions on the website and submit applications for them if you qualify as an eligible candidate.

2# Assa Abloy

Globally, the ASSA ABLOY Group is the market leader in entry options. They offer entrance automation options, covers, services, and products associated with apertures such as locks, gates, and doors. This additionally encompasses practical knowledge of managing identities through the use of biometric identification verification programs, playing cards, badges, cells, and keys. At the time of writing, the corporation employs 49,000 individuals and maintains operations in more than 70 countries.

  • Who can Apply: Our entryways are accessible to all individuals. We promote range. Skilled individuals and college students may register.
  • The right way to Apply (Choose Location: Sweden in Filter)

3# Ericsson

Ericsson is a formidable contender in the telecommunications industry, and its expertise and networks are recognized globally. It maintains strong collaborations with numerous universities and analysis institutions across the globe. This Swedish company currently employs approximately 100,000 individuals across the globe.

As of now, Ericsson is recruiting for 239 positions in Sweden. There are thus additional opportunities to pursue higher-level positions at Ericsson, which is straightforward. A bare minimum of a bachelor’s or master’s degree is required.

  • The right way to ApplyVisit Here (Choose Location: Sweden in Filter)

4# H&M

H&M is an internationally recognized clothing brand that offers apparel for women, men, and children. Undoubtedly one of the most renowned Swedish manufacturers, the company has expanded its global presence to include over 5,000 retailers offering fashionable apparel and equipment at affordable prices. H&M’s operational domains include design and expansion, operations and gross sales, information technology, advertising and marketing, finance, branding, logistics, management, and administration, among many others.

  • The right way to ApplyVisit Here (Choose Location: Sweden in Filter)


IKEA is a manufacturer of home furnishings. Undoubtedly, it is a primary component of the interior design and furnishings. The marvelous high quality is provided by the High Swedish Firm. There are nearly 460 stores in countries other than fifty. IKEA offers visa sponsorship jobs with great pride.

IKEA employs the following domains:

  • Creation, Design, and Communication
  • Legitimate, Financial, and Property
  • Constructing and Comprehending Aspects
  • Assistance, Initiatives, and People
  • Producing and delivering chains
  • Direction and Management
  • Technology and Innovation
  • The right way to ApplyVisit Here (Choose Location: Sweden in Filter). IKEA additionally affords Internships for Worldwide college students. For this Go to IKEA Internship 2024 in Sweden

6# Spotify

Spotify is universally accessible on mobile devices, which has led to widespread awareness of the platform. Spotify is a Swedish-based organization. Spotify enables users to stream and distribute hundreds of thousands of music tracks on their personal computers and mobile devices, which resemble smartphones.

  • The right way to ApplyVisit Here (Choose Location: Sweden in Filter)

7# Google Sweden Jobs

Google is delighted to announce the availability of job openings at their workplace in Sweden. However, regardless of which workplace you enter, you will encounter Google employees developing products that aid in the creation of alternatives for everyone, whether locally, nationally, or internationally. You may also submit an application for the Google Summer Internship in Sweden for 2024.

The current alternatives are located in the domains of enterprise technology, engineering and expertise, and gross sales, service, and assistance. Google operates as an employer-equal platform. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, ethnic background, or citizenship status.

8#  Apple Sweden

Apple is a committed equal opportunity employer that values diversity and inclusion. Our organization supports affirmative action to ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity irrespective of their national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, color, or religion.

Benefits of Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

  • Work Opportunities: The appearance of “jobs” means that there may be job openings in Sweden. Government-funded jobs can provide steadiness and safety, as well as make sure that workers follow the rules.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa support is a useful benefit, especially for people who want to live and work in Sweden. When the government sponsors someone, they usually help them get the visas and permits they need to officially work in the country.
  • Legal Compliance: When you get a job from the government, you can be sure that you will follow the law. This means that the employer and the working conditions are in line with Swedish labor rules. This makes sure that workers are treated fairly.
  • Integration Support: Getting a job through the government may come with extra help to fit in with Swedish society. This could include language classes, help to get to know the local culture, and help to find your way around the town.
  • Stability and Security: Working for the government can give you a sense of steadiness and job security. People generally trust jobs in the government, and the benefits that come with them may include health insurance, pension plans, and other forms of social protection.
  • Access to Social Services: People who work for the government may be able to use a variety of social services, such as healthcare and schooling. The person and their family can enjoy a better quality of life thanks to these services.
  • Career Development: Government jobs might give you the chance to grow and progress in your career. Some examples of this are training programs, classes for professional growth, and the chance to move up in the public sector.
  • Inclusive Work Environment: A lot of the time, government organizations stress diversity and inclusion. People who work for the government might benefit from a workplace that is helpful and welcomes people from all backgrounds and points of view.
  • Global Experience: Being sponsored by the Swedish government to work in Sweden gives people the chance to gain foreign work experience. This can help you grow personally and professionally, look better on your resume, and find new chances in the future.
  • Quality of Life: Sweden is known for having a great way of life. Jobs paid for by the government and the benefits that come with them help workers and their families live better generally.
  1. Is it difficult to find a job in Sweden in 2024?

    Swedish is a legal requirement for only a small number of jobs; in general, it is not. However, obtaining a job will be difficult unless you speak Swedish or at least have excellent English and a degree in something. Only if you possess the appropriate skill set will you find a place for yourself.

  2. Do you need visa sponsorship to work in Sweden?

    If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU and wish to work in Sweden, in most cases you will need a work permit. The quickest and easiest way to apply for a work permit is to do it online.

  3. What jobs are in demand in Sweden in 2024?

    Medical professionals
    Social workers

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