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Light Vehicle Driver Jobs in Canada For Foreigners 2024

Leading Canadian logistics and transportation provider CSA Transportation is looking for seasoned light vehicle drivers to join our team. Both Canadian citizens and foreigners wishing to work in Canada are eligible for this chance. At CSA Transportation, you will be a key player in ensuring the timely and safe transportation of goods to our clients all across Canada. Driving light vehicles, such as vans or small trucks, and transporting different kinds of cargo will be your responsibility.

Details Of Light Vehicle Driver Jobs in Canada For Foreigners:

Jobs Role: Light Vehicle Driver Jobs in Canada For Foreigners
Company: CSA Transportation
LocationToronto, Canada
No. of Vacancies: 10
Industry: Driving Company
Salary: CAD 15 – CAD 25 Per Hour


  • No degree certificate or diploma


  • 3 years to less than 5 years



  • English

Responsibilities of Light Vehicle Driver Jobs

  • Utilize light vehicles to move things in an effective and secure manner.
  • Make sure the goods are loaded and unloaded properly.
  • Observe all driving laws, rules, and corporate guidelines.
  • Keep thorough records of deliveries, pick-ups, miles traveled, and fuel used.
  • Conduct regular vehicle maintenance and inspections.
  • Offer top-notch client support during deliveries.
  • Effectively communicate with the team’s dispatchers and other members.

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  • a valid Class 5 driver’s license and a spotless driving record
  • Preferably, prior experience as a light vehicle driver or in a comparable position
  • the capacity to efficiently use maps or a GPS.
  • good command of Canadian traffic laws and regulations
  • strong written and verbal English communication abilities
  • able to operate freely with little guidance
  • Show professionalism, dependability, and punctuality.
  • Experience in the transportation sector is a plus.

Benefits of Light Vehicle Driver Jobs

  • Flexibility: Numerous positions for light vehicle drivers provide flexible work hours, enabling employees to manage professional and personal obligations. Families and individuals with other obligations may find this flexibility especially advantageous.
  • Accessible Entry: The entry requirements for these positions are typically minimal, stipulating only a driver’s license and occasionally a particular certification or endorsement. Their accessibility renders them appropriate for users with varying levels of education and circumstances.
  • Variety of Work Settings: Light vehicle operators may be employed in the transportation, delivery, logistics, hospitality, or healthcare sectors, among others. This diversity affords individuals the chance to investigate various work environments and positions.
  • Autonomy: Generally speaking, operators of light vehicles enjoy a certain level of autonomy in their operations. Although they are often bound by routes and schedules, they frequently exercise autonomy in regard to daily responsibilities and decision-making while traveling.
  • Opportunities for Interaction: Light vehicle drivers may encounter occasions to engage in interactions with clients, customers, or passengers, contingent upon the nature of their occupation. Those who develop relationships and appreciate social interactions may find this to be gratifying.
  • Physical Activity: Physical activity may be engaged in while operating a motor vehicle, including tasks like unloading and loading cargo or traversing brief distances to make deliveries. Light vehicle driver positions may suit the needs of individuals who are inclined towards occupations that require physical exertion and movement.
  • Possibilities for Travel: Certain light vehicle driver positions entail frequent trips to various destinations, which may appeal to individuals who take pleasure in discovering novel locales and encountering diverse cultures.
  • Job Security: The increasing need for transportation services, specifically in industries such as e-commerce and food delivery, can provide light vehicle driver positions with a degree of employment stability.
  • Skill Development: Although driving may appear to be a simple activity, operators of light vehicles frequently acquire a range of practical skills that are applicable to other professional and personal domains, including time management, problem-solving, navigation, and customer service.
  • Potential Income: Although entry-level positions might provide average remuneration, seasoned light vehicle drivers or individuals employed in specialized capacities (e.g., specialized delivery drivers) could potentially earn greater salaries or supplementary benefits (e.g., gratuities or bonuses).

At CSA Transportation, we value the contributions of each employee and provide competitive benefits along with chances for professional advancement. We will help you with the relevant visa and work permit procedures as a foreign applicant for this position, guaranteeing a seamless transition to working in Canada.


We cordially encourage you to submit an application for the Light Vehicle Driver position at CSA Transportation if you have a strong love for driving, outstanding customer service abilities, and meet the essential qualifications. Join our vibrant team and help us fulfill our promise to provide outstanding transportation solutions across Canada. Please be aware that only those chosen for interviews will receive contact information.

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  1. How much salary for a light vehicle driver in Canada?

    The average company driver salary in Canada is $58,500 per year or $30 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $46,646 per year.

  2. Is Canada looking for truck drivers?

    current government policies allow employers to recruit and retain qualified foreign workers looking for employment in Canada, in this occupation.

  3. Is IELTS necessary for a driver’s job in Canada?

    You will need a CLB score of 4 in all English language (or French) skills. This translates to IELTS 4.5 for listening, 3.5 for reading, and 4.0 for speaking and writing.

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