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Light Vehicle Driver Jobs in UAE 2024 – Apply Now

You can be a light vehicle driver in the UAE, and Dubai, and get paid well ($2,000 to 3,999 AED). Do you have a lot of experience driving and great driving skills? The low pay at your job might not cover your basic wants, so you’ll be unhappy with it most of the time. You’re excited to apply because you know that being a light vehicle driver in Dubai can pay well every month.


Overview of the job market in the UAE

Professionals from all over the world come to the UAE to work because of its strong and active job market. There are many job possibilities, but light vehicle driver jobs stand out because the transportation industry is growing all the time.

Significance of light vehicle driver jobs

The people who drive light vehicles are very important for making sure that things and services move smoothly across the UAE. These drivers are the backbone of the country’s logistics network. They do everything from bringing packages to transporting people.

Details Of Light Vehicle Driver Jobs in UAE

Responsibilities Light Vehicle Driver Jobs in UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah 

Taxi, bus, and delivery drivers are all examples of light vehicle drivers. They only give you a safe car. Before hiring someone, you should think about a number of important qualities. In particular, the state of your UAE driver’s license, your past driving record, and the amount of fines you’ve received show how good or bad a driver you are. The long hours you’ll be working as a driver will make you tired, so you need to be physically fit and calm.


Time management skills can help people finish tasks faster. For example, a delivery driver can bring food on time, a truck driver can unload and load the truck faster, and a taxi driver can figure out the fastest way to get to their customers on time.

Benefits of Working as a Light Vehicle Driver in UAE

  • Positions Available: Small Vehicle Numerous industries have a high demand for drivers, resulting in a relatively stable job market. Numerous businesses and organizations rely on drivers to transport products, personnel, and equipment.
  • The ability to adapt: These jobs often offer flexible working hours, making them suitable for individuals who need to reconcile work with other responsibilities or preferences.
  • Entry-Level Possibilities: Jobs as a Light Vehicle Driver typically do not necessitate extensive formal education or training, making them accessible to candidates with varying levels of education and experience.
  • Comparable Pay: Although pay can differ based on location and employer, many positions for Light Vehicle drivers pay competitive wages. In some cases, overtime and incentives may also be available.
  • Lack of dependence: Typically, drivers have some degree of autonomy in their jobs, as they do not require continuous supervision. This autonomy may appeal to those who prefer working independently or with minimal supervision.
  • Travel Possibilities: If you appreciate traveling and discovering new places, a position as a light vehicle driver may allow you to do so, particularly if the position involves long-distance or delivery routes.
  • Job Diversity: There are numerous varieties of Light Vehicle Driver jobs, such as delivery drivers, chauffeurs, and shuttle drivers. This diversity enables individuals to select a position that matches their preferences and abilities.
  • Health Advantages: Some employers may provide medical, dental, and vision coverage to their Light Vehicle Drivers through health insurance.
  • Retirement Arrangements: To assist chauffeurs in saving for the future, numerous companies offer 401(k) and pension plans.
  • Job Protection: As long as there is a demand for the transportation of goods and people, careers as Light Vehicle Drivers are likely to remain in demand and provide some job security.
  • Ability Improvement: Despite the fact that the position itself may not require a substantial amount of formal education, drivers frequently acquire valuable skills such as route planning, time management, and problem-solving.
  • Opportunities for Establishing Contacts Interactions with a variety of customers, clients, or passengers can result in networking opportunities that may be advantageous for professional advancement or personal development.

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Eligibility Criteria For Driver Jobs in UAE

You need to know how to drive, know the roads and shortcuts in the UAE, and be able to speak and write in English. There are age limits based on the amount of open positions, and knowing basic Arabic is helpful.

How to Apply For a Driver Job in Dubai?

The best way to find a Light Vehicle Driver in UAE, Dubai is to go to an online job board and look for work. Here are a few of the most well-known sites.

More Info


Finally, becoming a light vehicle driver in the UAE can lead to a lot of different job possibilities for people who want a fulfilling and exciting job. The country’s job market is doing very well, and transportation services are very important, so these jobs are important and in demand.

  1. What is the salary of a light vehicle driver in UAE?

    In the UAE, the average monthly pay for a Light Vehicle Driver is AED 3,151. These jobs are for people ages 1 to 28.

  2. How much is a light vehicle license in Dubai?

    Driving licenses in Dubai can cost anywhere from AED 4,500 to AED 7,000 for first-time applicants. The price varies depending on which driving school you choose.

  3. Who is a light vehicle driver?

    Drive a light vehicle, such as a truck or van, with a capacity of less than 26,001 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW), primarily to pick up merchandise or packages from a distribution center and deliver.

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