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Maid / Nanny Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Maids, nannies, and housekeepers are just as needed as highly skilled doctors, engineers, lawyers, and other professionals. When it comes to jobs that people want, maids, nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers are at the top of the list. This post is about another great job chance for maids or nannies in Canada in 2024, with help with getting a visa and moving. The company wants to hire a maid or nanny to work in Canada. My top priority is to take care of infants and toddlers and be able to help with home chores. Food, lodging, and a transportation allowance would all be paid for. Read on to learn more about Maid/Nanny Jobs in Canada 2024 with Help with Moving and Visa Sponsorship.

Details of Maid / Nanny Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Maid/ Nanny
  • Job Region: Canada
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: No
  • Expected Salary: Negotiable during interview
  • Employee benefits: Yes
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes


  • The person applying should be able to speak English well.
  • The end of secondary school.
  • At least one year of experience working with kids or in a similar field.
  • You have to take training classes in child care or a related field.
  • A CPR certificate is not required, but it would be helpful.
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age or 19 in some Canadian states like Alberta.
  • If a person wants to properly work in Canada, they must not have any criminal records.
  • So that he can get a visa, the candidate must be able to properly work in Canada and meet all the immigration requirements.
  • The candidate must also be ready to do and have experience with housework.
  • You need to get references and a police check.

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Job Duties of a Maid/ Nanny

  • Watch over kids and take care of them when their parents aren’t around.
  • As the parents tell you, make food or milk for the baby and the child.
  • Watch over kids when their parents aren’t around and keep an eye on everything they do, like when they sleep and wake up, what they play, where they go, etc.
  • You have to take care of your child’s hygiene since they are babies and kids.
  • Take care of the kids’ sleep by setting up their beds and putting them to sleep. Also, watch the babies while they play so they don’t hurt themselves.
  • Keep your home’s surroundings healthy.
  • Take care of the kids’ mental and emotional health.
  • Keep track of what your kids do every day and what their health is like.
  • Besides taking care of the kids, you also have to take over the whole house when your parents aren’t there.


  • Free Visa Sponsorship.
  • Free Food.
  • Free Accommodation.
  • Transport Allowance.
  • You can apply for permanent residency after two years.

How to Apply for Maid/ Nanny Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

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In Canada, maid and nanny jobs are good options for people who love taking care of kids and running a home. This job offer is appealing to people looking for security and growth because it includes visa sponsorship, free housing, food, and transportation, and the chance to apply for permanent residency after two years. People who apply for jobs can expect to have fulfilling roles with tasks ranging from babysitting and housework to caring for babies and toddlers.

People Also Ask

  1. What are the requirements for maid/nanny jobs in Canada?

    People who want to apply must be able to speak and write English well, have finished secondary school, have worked as a caregiver for at least one year, and have received training in child care. A CPR certificate is not required, but having one can be helpful. People who want to work must also meet immigration standards and pass a background check.

  2. What are the job duties of a maid/nanny in Canada?

    Some of the things that babysitters have to do on the job are watch over kids, make sure they are clean and safe, plan their activities and sleep, keep the house healthy, check on the kids’ mental and emotional health, and clean up when the parents aren’t there.

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