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Medical Assistant Jobs in USA 2024 – Apply Now

Northern Nevada Medical Group, a subsidiary of Northern Nevada Health System, provides comprehensive healthcare services for the entire family. In addition to cardiology, general surgery, podiatry, and pulmonary medicine, wellness services, family, geriatric, and internal medicine are also provided. We have locations in Bishop, California, Fallon, Nevada, and the Truckee Meadows as a whole.

In the modern, continuously evolving healthcare system, medical assistants play a critical role in the efficient operation of healthcare facilities. The Northern Nevada Health System is a nationally renowned medical institution. It offers numerous opportunities for those who wish to become medical assistants to do so. In this exhaustive guide, we will examine the various responsibilities, opportunities, and duties associated with working as a medical assistant at Northern Nevada Health System.

Understanding a Medical Assistant’s Role

The medical assistant is an integral member of the healthcare staff. They perform both clinical and administrative responsibilities. Their diverse set of skills allows them to assist physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in providing patients with the best possible care.

Northern Nevada Health System | Medical Assistant Jobs in USA

Before we get into the specifics of the medical assistant positions available at the Northern Nevada Health System, let’s discuss why it’s a great place to work for those who want to become medical assistants.


Details of Medical Assistant Jobs in USA

The medical assistant is responsible for the overall operation of the medical office, which includes

  • Examining and treating patients under the supervision of a physician
  • In addition to conducting a patient interview, taking their vital signs (such as their temperature, blood pressure, weight, and height), performing a venipuncture, and carrying out other actions that the doctor has prescribed and that are legal under state law
  • Next, document the electronic medical record in accordance with IPM standards.
  • In addition, prepare the assessment areas for the patient.
  • Similarly, as needed, assist with front desk staffing.
  • This profession requires the ability to coordinate and perform effectively in a hectic environment.

Benefits of Medical Assistant Jobs in USA

  • Job Security: As the healthcare industry continues to expand, medical assistant positions are becoming increasingly stable and in demand. The consistent demand for medical assistants is ensured by the need for healthcare services.
  • Rapid Access to Healthcare: Becoming a medical assistant is often speedier and requires less training compared to many other healthcare professions, making it an accessible entry point for those interested in healthcare.
  • Diverse work environments: Medical assistants can work in a variety of healthcare contexts, such as hospitals, clinics, physician offices, nursing homes, and outpatient care facilities, allowing for career versatility.
  • Responsibility Varieties: A medical assistant serves multiple purposes. They assist with administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling and patient record management, and clinical tasks, such as collecting vital signs, administering medications, and assisting with minor procedures. This variety maintains the job’s fascination.
  • Patient Communication: Medical auxiliaries interact daily with patients, thereby contributing to the development of strong patient-provider bonds. They provide patients with essential support, solace, and information.
  • Occasions for Specialization: Over time, medical assistants can choose to specialize in fields like podiatry, optometry, or cardiology, thereby expanding their knowledge and abilities in specific healthcare fields.
  • Potential for Career Advancement: Medical assistants can advance their careers through experience and additional education. Some individuals may decide to pursue additional education in order to become licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or registered nurses (RNs).
  • Reduced Training Time: The education and training necessary to become a medical assistant are relatively brief compared to those of many other healthcare professions. There are numerous programs that can be completed in one to two years.
  • Meaningful Work: Medical assistants play a vital role in patient care, enhancing the overall healthcare experience for patients and contributing to their health.
  • Positive Job Prospects: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a favorable employment outlook for medical assistants, with employment projected to increase quicker than the average for all occupations.
  • Competitive Income: Medical assistants typically earn competitive compensation, which can vary according to location, years of experience, and area of specialization.
  • Advantages Package: Numerous positions as medical assistants include benefits such as health insurance, retirement programs, paid time off, and opportunities for continuing education.
  • Capability Development: Working as a medical assistant enables individuals to acquire transferable healthcare skills, such as medical terminology, patient care, and administrative duties, that can be utilized in a variety of healthcare positions.

Independence Physician Management (IPM)

Independence Physician Management (IPM), a UHS subsidiary founded in 2012, serves as the physician services division of UHS. IPM establishes and manages urgent care centers affiliated with UHS acute care institutions and multispecialty physician networks.

In addition, it provides services to the Behavioral Health Department of UHS. Currently, IPM operates in eleven markets across six states and the District of Columbia. Our leadership group, practitioners, and healthcare professional teams are all dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the residents of the communities we serve.

Northern Nevada Medical Group is a prestigious organization that provides its employees with:

  • An environment that is stimulating and rewarding for work Competitive pay and abundant vacation time
  • Excellent prescription drug, medical, dental, and vision insurance plans
  • Additionally, employer-sponsored 401(k) matches

Universal Health Services (UHS) Inc.

Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), one of the largest and most reputable hospital and healthcare service providers in the country, has established an outstanding record of accomplishment and performance. Since becoming a well-known Fortune 500 company, its annual revenue has steadily increased to $12.66 billion by 2021.

UHS was included on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Public Companies and chosen by Fortune as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies. oyons. UHS, which has its headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and is still expanding due to its subsidiaries, employs approximately 89,000 people. There are acute care hospitals, mental health institutions, and outpatient facilities in operation.

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Qualifications of Medical Assistant Jobs in USA

Included in the requirements for education, training, certification, and travel (if applicable) are:

  • The minimum qualification is a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Moreover, medical assistant certification
  • Next, current certification in BLS and public
  • Lastly, medical terminology fluency and a minimum of three years of experience as a medical assistant are required.

EEO Declaration

All UHS affiliates are committed to promoting a culture of mutual respect and equal employment opportunities for all applicants and employees. UHS subsidiaries are committed to hiring, promoting, and compensating individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, age, sex (including childbirth, gender identity, and sexual orientation), genetic data, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic covered by local, state, or federal laws. We believe that the inclusiveness and diversity of our colleagues are essential to our success.


Our human resources departments and recruiters at UHS and all of our subsidiaries match the skillsets and experiences of prospective candidates with the best career opportunities at UHS and our subsidiaries. We take pride in providing the quickest and highest-quality applicant experience imaginable.

During the recruiting process, no recruiter or employee will email you requesting financial or personal information (SSN, credit card number, bank account number, etc.). Recruiters will not email you if you use a free webmail service like Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail.

Northern Nevada Health System Details

Contribute to the improvement of the healthcare system in order to advance your career and the field. Northern Nevada Health System, a multi-facility regional system, has excelled at providing high-quality care to the greater Truckee Meadows population. We have numerous locations in rural and regional areas. Our principal provider is Northern Nevada Medical Center, a 124-bed acute care facility in Sparks.

Sierra Medical Center, a second hospital, debuted. It is the first hospital with complete services to open in the region in more than a century. Northern Nevada Medical Group provides primary care in addition to its wide range of specialties. To better serve the community, our providers have locations in Bishop, Fallon, Sparks, and Reno.

More Info

Working as a medical assistant at Northern Nevada Health System is an excellent way to make a living in the medical field. Whether you prefer administrative work, clinical care, or specialized services, this thriving healthcare business has a position for you. Join the Northern Nevada Health System, a place where your zeal for medicine can flourish and where your commitment to the health of your patients will be admired.

People Also Ask:

  1. How do I become a medical assistant in the USA?

    Steps to Become a Certified Medical Assistant
    Earn a high school diploma or equivalent. Your high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement.
    Graduate from an accredited medical assistant program.
    Apply for medical assistant certification.
    Pass the CMA (AAMA) exam.
    Find employment.

  2. Who is a medical assistant in the USA? 

    Medical assistants take patients’ vital signs, such as their blood pressure. Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks, such as scheduling appointments and taking patients’ vital signs. Their duties vary by location, specialty, and employer.

  3. What is the job of a medical assistant in the USA? 

    Helps patients by providing information, services, and assistance. Maintains medical supply inventory and performs preventive maintenance to keep medical equipment operating. Verifies patient information by interviewing the patient, recording their medical history, and confirming the purpose of the visit.

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