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Mushroom Farm Jobs in Poland 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

A mushroom farm in Warsaw, Poland seeks individuals and couples between the ages of 20 and 50 for physical labor. The hourly wage is 30 PLN (taxes included), plus incentives. While women forage for mushrooms in confined outdoor areas, males perform laborious tasks. On request, gratis work attire, transportation to and from work, and lodging will be provided.

Between 250 and 280 hours are worked per month. Learn everything there is to know about mushroom farm jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship and free accommodation, including the required qualifications, who is eligible to apply, the duties, and the compensation.

Details of Mushroom Farm Jobs in Poland

  • Industry: Agriculture/ Farm Jobs
  • Job Type: Mushroom Farm Labor
  • No Minimum Experience Required
  • Education Required: Basic English
  • No Age Limit
  • Visa sponsorship & relocation packages are available
  • Employment Term: Permanent and Full-time
  • Salary: 30 PLN per hour

Requirements of Mushroom Farm Jobs in Poland

  • Having no prior experience
  • No education required
  • Additionally, the strength to perform laborious duties and stand for extended periods
  • Moreover, the willingness to labor beyond normal hours

Benefits of Mushroom Farm Jobs in Poland

  • Consistent Employment: Mushroom cultivation is a year-round endeavor that provides consistent employment opportunities. The mushroom market is comparatively stable, which can provide job security.
  • Practical Experience: Workers on mushroom farms acquire practical knowledge of mushroom cultivation, harvesting, and packaging. If they decide to pursue a career in agriculture or horticulture, this specialized knowledge can be useful.
  • No education requirement: Numerous positions on mushroom farms do not require formal education or previous experience. This makes it accessible to a broad spectrum of people, including those seeking entry-level positions.
  • Physical Exercise: Physical exertion, such as bending, lifting, and moving, contributes to physical fitness and an active lifestyle.
  • Consistent work hours: Unlike some agricultural jobs that require irregular or long hours, mushroom farming often involves regular and predictable work hours, making it simpler to plan daily routines.
  • The community: Workers on mushroom plantations frequently form a tight-knit community. This sense of camaraderie and cooperation can contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere.
  • Educational Opportunities: Mycology (the study of fungi) and mushroom cultivation techniques are available to mushroom farm employees, which can be a fascinating and intellectually stimulating aspect of the job.
  • Local Food Manufacturing: Working in the agricultural sector allows individuals to contribute to local food production, which can be rewarding for those who value locally sourced and sustainably produced food.
  • Job Diversity: Depending on the size and type of mushroom farm, employees may have the opportunity to perform a variety of tasks, such as harvesting, packing, and maintenance, thereby adding variety to their daily routine.
  • Environmental Stewardship: As mushrooms can be grown using recycled agricultural materials and generate minimal waste, mushroom farming is commonly considered an environmentally friendly agricultural practice.
  • Opportunities for Progression: Mushroom farm employees can advance to supervisory or managerial positions with experience. Additionally, they may investigate professions in agriculture and horticulture.
  • Seasonal Labor: Some mushroom farms offer seasonal employment opportunities, which can be appealing to individuals seeking temporary or part-time work.
  • Employee Advantages: Larger mushroom farms may provide their employees with health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  • Closeness to nature: Mushroom farms are typically located in rural or semi-rural locations, providing workers with a connection to nature and a tranquil environment.
  • Authentic Mushrooms: Some mushroom farms provide fresh mushrooms to employees as part of their compensation, which can be a tasty and cost-effective benefit.

Duties of Mushroom Farm Jobs in Poland

Men engage in manual labor, such as transporting heavy objects, cleaning up after harvest, and conducting routine farm maintenance. Women will harvest mushrooms because the outdoor facilities are closed.

How to Apply for Mushroom Farm Jobs in Poland?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.


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Packing Jobs in Poland For Foreigners

Are you looking for packing employment in Poland for foreigners? If you are a foreigner seeking employment, this article is for you, as it contains the pertinent information you require. For ambitious individuals who are willing to work hard to make ends meet, packing jobs frequently offer a higher level of wage and benefit satisfaction. The packing jobs are an excellent option for individuals who want to work in extraordinary packing positions because they offer numerous advantages and valuable experience.

For products to reach their destination, they must adhere to all packaging regulations. In addition, they must identify and eradicate any defective products prior to distribution to customers.
Utilizing packaging materials effectively, utilizing hand tools as needed, and maintaining detailed records of all warehouse materials is required for packing jobs.

Packers are workers who prepare finished products for packaging and shipping and then load the goods onto shipping-ready pallets. To accomplish this, they verify the presence of the items before packaging them according to the company’s guidelines and standards.

Learn more about prospective enhancements and other information regarding available Packing jobs in Poland for foreign nationals by reading on.

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Packing Jobs in Poland

Poland is a popular vacation destination for many individuals, who then remain to labor there. In the article on Packing Jobs in Poland, a number of the fundamentals were highlighted, particularly the benefits and experiences.

All open-to-foreign applicants for Polish Packing Jobs must be registered and completely investigated.


  • As they package, weigh, and label completed goods for shipping or storage, they are handling inventory with care and adhering to all business packaging rules.
  • Additionally, the Packer is responsible for labeling products, loading them into shipping containers, and cleaning shipping containers.
  • In order to ensure that goods reach their destination and that defective goods are discarded prior to shipment to customers, the packer adheres to all business packaging policies.
  • In addition, a competent packer is efficient and meticulous to prevent the destruction of objects; to succeed as a packer, you must pay attention to detail and be able to organize items.


A Polish Packer will earn PLN 20 per hour, an estimated 41,735 PLN per year, and an average of 23,140 PLN.


The following are the primary responsibilities:

  • Prior to storing or shipping finished products, pack, weigh, and label them.
  • Second, adhere to all packaging regulations established by the company.
  • Third, identify defective products and discard them.
  • Next, the cargo is inspected to ensure they are not damaged.
  • Additionally, daily order assembly based on shipment categories or shipping locations
  • In addition, shipment tracking, including delivery notes, invoices, etc.
  • Additionally, packaging and order documents with the required shipping information
  • Moreover, conveyance equipment and cargo containers must be cleaned.
  • Use hand tools, adhesives, fasteners, cushioning, and other packaging materials effectively.
  • Additionally, maintain detailed records of all materials entering and leaving the warehouse.


  • Experience in manufacturing or a closely related discipline is essential.
  • In addition, fundamental trade skills, such as the use of hand instruments.
  • Next, the capacity to obey verbal and written instructions.
  • Additionally, competent with hand vehicles, forklifts, and other warehouse equipment
  • Moreover, familiarity with the logistics information system
  • In addition, outstanding management and scheduling skills
  • Likewise, the management of resources and time is crucial.
  • Similarly, the ability to convey a professional and competent attitude is essential.
  • Other than that, a deferential, affable, and confident demeanor.
  • Furthermore, adept at time management and multitasking.
  • Lastly, physical endurance and the ability to lift or transport heavy objects are essential


  • Across-the-board cost reductions.
  • Intentional retirement.
  • Payroll deductions for Medicare and Social Security
  • Insurance for employee benefits
  • In addition, the minimum wage and overtime pay
  • Health coverage
  • Family and health-related absence
  • Disability coverage
  • Wellness programs
  • Commuter benefits.


  • The completion of secondary school.
  • Additionally, at least two years of experience collaborating with clients.
  • Next, technological aptitude and computer abilities.
  • Applicants must also be at least 18 years old.
  • Additionally, they must have no criminal record.
  • Above all, sound both mentally and physically.

Jobs for Packing Available

In Poland, the following packaging positions are available to foreign nationals:

  • Engineer
  • Chocolate Packager
  • Biscuits Packaging
  • Additive Manufacturing Technician
  • Senior Manufacturing Engineer
  • Packaging Key Account Manager
  • Factory Packaging
  • Material Production Supervisor

How to Apply?

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People Also Ask:

  1. How much do you get paid at Mushroom Company in Poland?

    The average salary for a mushroom picker in Poland is PLN 46,367 per year and PLN 22 per hour. The average salary range for a mushroom picker is between PLN 35,703 and PLN 53,415. On average, a degree below HS is the highest level of education for a mushroom picker.

  2. What is an in-demand job in Poland?

    Truck drivers, nurses, midwives, psychologists, psychotherapists – these are professional groups that are in high demand in Poland. The shortage of candidates in these professions is the highest in the country.

  3. What is the most popular job in Poland?

    According to Barometru Zawodów, the biggest demand is for doctors, construction workers, drivers and porters. Read the full list of popular occupations below.

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