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NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2024 – Apply Now

NEOM is an ambitious and visionary megaproject in Saudi Arabia, intended to be a metropolis of the future that serves as a beacon of innovation and progress. “NEOM” is a combination of two words: “neo,” which means “new,” and “m,” which represents the Arabic word “mustaqbal,” which means “future.” The project seeks to build a cutting-edge, sustainable, and technologically advanced city on the coast of the Red Sea, encompassing approximately 26,500 square kilometers.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman introduced the concept of NEOM in 2017 as part of Vision 2030, a strategy to diversify the Saudi economy and reduce its dependence on oil revenues. NEOM intends to become a global center for numerous industries, including energy, biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, tourism, and entertainment, among others.

List of NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • SMP Recruitment Lead
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Data Privacy Innovation and Engineering Manager
  • Manager Board and Committees
  • Director, Compliance-Mobility (Regulatory Experience)
  • Head of Legal
  • Legal Procurement Manager
  • Senior Contract Manager
  • Tax Director
  • Senior Manager -Marketing and communication
  • Supervision and Enforcement Manager
  • Content Manager, NEOM Government services
  • Head of GRC
  • Director of Entities Governance
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Manager Lead
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Regulation and licenses Manager (Entertainment and Culture)
  • Ecosystem Development Manager
  • And Many More

Vacancies of NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Job TitleLocationAction
SMP Recruitment LeadSaudi ArabiaApply now
Recruitment ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Data Privacy Innovation and Engineering ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Manager Board and CommitteesSaudi ArabiaApply now
Director, Compliance-Mobility (Regulatory Experience)Saudi ArabiaApply now
Legal Procurement ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Legal Procurement MangerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Senior Contract ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Tax DirectorSaudi ArabiaApply now
Senior Manager -Marketing and communicationSaudi ArabiaApply now
Supervision and Enforcement ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Content Manager, NEOM Government servicesSaudi ArabiaApply now
Head of GRCSaudi ArabiaApply now
Director of Entities GovernanceSaudi ArabiaApply now
Senior Project ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Project Manager LeadSaudi ArabiaApply now
Testing and Quality ControlSaudi ArabiaApply now
Regulation and licenses Manager (Entertainment and Culture)Saudi ArabiaApply now
Ecosystem Development ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Other JobsSaudi ArabiaApply now

Key features and goals of NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Sustainability: NEOM is intended to be an environmentally sustainable city, relying significantly on renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. In addition to implementing eco-friendly practices and preserving the natural environment, the project concentrates on these aspects as well.
  • Innovation and Technology: The city will be a hub for technological advancements and innovations, attracting the world’s foremost experts and researchers.
  • Smart City: NEOM is intended to be a smart city that uses cutting-edge technologies to enhance the quality of life of its residents and visitors.
  • Economic Diversification: As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, NEOM seeks to diversify the country’s economy by establishing a center for industries other than oil.
  • High-Quality Living: The project concentrates on providing its residents with a high standard of living by utilizing cutting-edge infrastructure, contemporary housing, and world-class amenities.
  • Attraction: NEOM aspires to become a leading global tourist destination by providing visitors with distinct attractions and experiences.

Why Work at NEOM?

Working at NEOM Company is a rewarding and unique experience. NEOM is committed to transforming the future of sustainable living and innovation as a cutting-edge and ambitious global initiative. Employees are empowered to contribute to ground-breaking initiatives in a variety of industries, including technology, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and more.

The collaborative and diverse workplace fosters innovation and professional development. The commitment of NEOM to environmental preservation and social development ensures that each employee will be a catalyst for positive change. To join NEOM is to become part of a visionary team shaping the future of the world.


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Benefits of NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia:

  • An Innovative Setting: NEOM endeavors to serve as a center for technological advancements and innovation. Employees might be afforded the chance to participate in pioneering initiatives across multiple sectors, such as biotechnology, renewable energy, and technology.
  • Global Expertise: By establishing itself as a global undertaking, NEOM has been able to attract talent from all over the world. The opportunity to collaborate with professionals of various cultural and professional backgrounds is a benefit of employment at NEOM.
  • Diverse Employment Prospects: NEOM comprises a multitude of industries, such as energy, tourism, healthcare, and others. The presence of such diversity engenders an assortment of employment prospects for people possessing unique proficiencies and abilities.
  • The pursuit of sustainable development: Environmental responsibility and sustainability are primary considerations in the design of NEOM. Employees have the opportunity to make contributions to endeavors and projects that advance environmentally sustainable practices and technologies.
  • Career Advancement: NEOM, being a substantial development initiative, presents favorable conditions for professional progression and development, particularly for individuals who make substantial contributions to the urban area’s progress.
  • Contemporary Infrastructure: The proposed infrastructure of NEOM is designed to be contemporary and sophisticated, granting personnel access to state-of-the-art facilities, research centers, and technological resources.
  • Consequences on a Global Level: Employment at NEOM provides the chance to make a meaningful contribution to an initiative that seeks to revolutionize numerous sectors on a global level, such as renewable energy, technology, and tourism.
  • An Intercultural Exchange: The international perspective of NEOM promotes an inclusive and diverse workplace. The opportunity for employees to interact with individuals of various cultures and backgrounds may foster cultural understanding and exchange.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: Given the significant role that employees play in NEOM as a major development initiative, competitive salaries and benefits may be offered to them in recognition of their efforts.
  • The qualities of visionary leadership: NEOM is a part of Saudi Arabia’s leadership initiative, Vision 2030. There is potential for NEOM personnel to make a valuable contribution towards the achievement of this ambitious undertaking.
  • Life-Work Integration: The design of NEOM incorporates contemporary living areas and conveniences. This has the potential to enhance the work-life equilibrium of personnel who are located in the NEOM region.

How to Apply for NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Typical procedures for applying for a job at NEOM or any other company are as follows:

  • Visit the company’s official website: Visit the NEOM company website for details on employment opportunities, vacancies, and the application procedure. On their website, look for a “Careers” or “Jobs” section.
  • Look for employment vacancies: Examine the available positions that match your qualifications and interests. Carefully read the job descriptions to comprehend the requirements and responsibilities.
  • Prepare your resume/CV: Customize your resume to emphasize the skills, experience, and qualifications that are pertinent to the job for which you are applying.
  • Write a compelling cover letter: Craft a cover letter that explains your desire to work for NEOM and why you believe you are a good match for the position.
  • Formalize the application: Some businesses, such as NEOM, may require you to complete an online application form. Accurately provide all pertinent information.
  • Send your application: Send your application to Once your application is complete, transmit it through their website’s designated channel.
  • Follow up: Consider following up on the status of your application if you haven’t heard anything within a reasonable time frame. Some businesses receive a large number of applications, which may take time to process.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How can I get a job easily in Saudi Arabia?

    You’ll need to have a job offer before you leave for Saudi Arabia. As well as using online job websites, you could sign up with recruitment agencies.

  2. Is NEOM a good place to work for?

    NEOM has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5, based on over 53 reviews. 72% of employees would recommend working at NEOM to a friend and 65% have a positive outlook for the business.

  3. Does NEOM hire foreigners?

    To work at NEOM, you’ll need to meet Saudi Arabia’s requirements for a working visa. First, find an employment opportunity, then apply for a visa. The most important thing for any Saudi visa is a copy of an employment contract and proof of sponsorship from a trusted company.

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