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Potato Picking and Grading Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

As a consequence, potatoes may be cultivated throughout the United Kingdom at various times of the year; this is the ideal occupation for tourists seeking employment in the United Kingdom on a Working Holiday Visa. Additionally, it serves as a significant alternative for individuals seeking to extend their vacation work visa for an additional two to three months. Potatoes mature rapidly and efficiently in all regions of the United Kingdom, regardless of the temperature.

Potatoes can grow in raised beds, small patches, or vast containers. The only consideration is that they should not be awoken during periods of extreme cold, which can last for up to ninety days without producing any noticeable results. Furthermore, an excessive quantity of extremely hot weather (such as January and February) is not ideal. Historically, potatoes have been among the most important commodities and products cultivated in the United Kingdom, specifically in Northern Ireland.

This demonstrates the possibility of obtaining employment as a Potato Harvest or Potato Choosing employee. Currently, the publication by Greatest Connection Employment Group Restricted discusses a significant opportunity that pertains to seasonal workers and vacationers. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the essential job details and descriptions, including the required skills and qualifications, available visa options, and online application instructions.

Details of Potato Picking and Grading Jobs in UK:

  • Job Role: Potato Picking and Grading Jobs in UK
  • CompanyFarmstar Ltd.
  • Location: Grove Farm, Church Lane, Marr, Doncaster, DN5 7AU, United Kingdom
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Industry: Agriculture and Farming
  • Salary: £15-£30 per hour
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • No degree, certificate, or diploma


3 years to less than 5 years




  • English

Requirements of Potato Picking and Grading Jobs

  • The individual operating the device must be physically fit and robust enough to carry a heavy bag weighing between 2 and 20 kg, in addition to possessing the capability to ascend and descend staircases.
  • The individual utilizing this should possess the capacity to perform for extended periods of time and more.
  • The candidate must be capable of operating in an open manner and actively participating as a member of the staff.
  • Possessing harvested or stored potatoes in advance is advantageous, albeit not required.
  • A working vacation visa is required for the candidate for the second or third month.
  • The candidate should possess the capability to identify their own place of residence.
  • Due to the absence of public transportation closures, the candidate must possess the means to independently travel.
  • The candidate must have strong rating and inspection skills.
  • The individual utilizing this must devote several days to studying the necessary skills in order to become a fast picker. Various phrases are utilized for practical application on the job.
  • The candidate bears the responsibility of ensuring his own safety.
  • self-motivated and willing to tackle novel challenges.

Responsibilities of Potato Picking and Grading Jobs

  • Manually planting and pruning potato vegetation
  • maintaining farms through routine maintenance tasks such as mowing, selecting pebbles, hoeing weeds, stacking dead leaves, loosening soil around vegetation, leveling the bottom, and so forth.
  • A number of the apples were hand-picked off the vines.
  • maintaining a record of the assortment of packaging bags in stock and the anticipated quantity for the entire crop. preparing luggage in advance of the gathering.
  • Farm sanitation.
  • The candidate must possess the capability to regain focus quickly.
  • Isolating stale or unfit potatoes as well as expired cargo that fails to function
  • Sorting and final inspection of the potatoes
  • Luggage management ranges from two to twenty kilograms.
  • With caution, load graded potatoes into luggage for shipment, taking care not to injure anyone.
  • In addition, certain graders and packers are required to operate tractors or other vehicles in order to transport fruits and vegetables to the packaging shed.
  • It is possible to arrange and pack potatoes without causing them to break.

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Benefits of Potato Picking and Grading Jobs:

  • Seasonal workplace employment: Frequently, gathering and grading potatoes are seasonal occupations that correspond to the potato harvesting season. Those seeking temporary or part-time employment, including students or those with other seasonal obligations, may find this advantageous.
  • Work Outdoors: Potato fields provide employees with the opportunity to be in nature while engaging in physical activity. Those who favor work environments that are diverse may find this appealing.
  • Practical Experience: Picking and classifying potatoes provides practical agricultural experience. acquiring practical knowledge pertaining to harvesting methodologies, crop excellence, and grading criteria.
  • Physical Exercise: The work entails physical exertion, which is advantageous for individuals who prioritize occupations that demand motion and engagement in activity.
  • Work in Teams and Collaboration: Agricultural labor frequently requires collaboration and cooperation. Jobs involving the selection and grading of potatoes afford individuals the chance to collaborate in pursuit of shared objectives.
  • Adaptable Hours: Work hours may be partially flexible, contingent upon the employer and the particular requirements of the harvest season. Individuals who value some level of schedule flexibility may find this to be highly beneficial.
  • Rate per Piece Paid: Sometimes pay for potato picking positions is on a piece-rate basis, meaning that how many potatoes an employee harvests determines how much they make. This may serve as a monetary incentive for diligent and productive individuals.
  • Relating to agriculture: Employment in potato harvesting and grading provides an immediate link to the agricultural sector. One way in which individuals can derive gratification is through active participation in the manufacturing process of a staple food product.
  • Prospects for Overtime Compensation: Workers might be granted the opportunity to put in additional hours of work during periods of high agricultural activity, which could result in augmented compensation.
  • A Cultural Exploration: Cultural exposure to rural environments and agricultural practices is facilitated through potato harvesting and grading, which is particularly beneficial for those who are not accustomed to such labor.
  • Possibility of Professional Advancement: Agricultural sector career advancement may be available to those who begin their employment with potato harvesting and grading, allowing them to advance to positions with greater responsibilities and higher pay.
  • Contribution to the Supply of Food: Employment in the potato harvesting and grading industry is crucial to the agricultural supply chain as it contributes to food production.

Potato Harvesting/ Farming Season in Haverfordwest, Wales

British Queen is most commonly purchased between July and August. Since the optimal period to purchase Kerrs Pink potatoes is between mid-September and mid-June, this variety is the most popular potato in Wales throughout the entire year.

How to apply for Potato Picking and Grading Jobs in UK?

  • Upon clicking the provided hyperlink, one will be directed to the authoritative job search website. In order to submit your software, click “Apply” beneath the job description.
  • Furthermore, it is feasible to conduct an internal job search by employing the search field and the world field to refine the job search results. “Working Vacation Employees’ Farm Jobs in Wales,” “Vegetable Choosing/Grading Jobs in Wales for Foreigners/with Visa Sponsorship,” “Potato Choosing or Grading Jobs in Wales for Foreigners,” “Agriculture Jobs for Working Vacation Visa,” or “Agriculture Jobs in Wales with Visa Sponsorship” are examples of job titles that could be sorted.
  • Choose Haverfordwest, Ireland, in the “Location” field located beneath the “Search” bar.
  • It is highly recommended to ensure that your curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter reflect the most recent market trends, as your employer is more likely to notice how they are presented and organized.
  • Examine the application’s specifics, including the job description, required qualifications, and job responsibilities.
  • Ensure that you have fulfilled all prerequisites prior to submitting your application. Thoroughly examine the job description and its specifications.
  • Select the “Online Utility” link located below.
  • Enter the requested information and transmit it through the software.
  • Ascertain whether you have received a confirmation email regarding the job application that you submitted.

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  1. What is a potato grader’s job description?

    The role involves looking at potatoes on a conveyor belt and picking out anything that is not a potato, such as clods, stones, and stalks, as well as green, cut, and rotten potatoes, to ensure quality standards are met. Your primary role will be grading potatoes, although there will be other tasks.

  2. What are the duties of a potato picker?

    Walk beside or ride on planting machines while inserting plants in planter mechanisms at specified intervals. Weigh crop-filled containers and record weights and other identifying information. Guide products on conveyors to regulate flow through machines and to discard diseased or rotten products.

  3. What is potato grading?

    Potatoes are graded by firmness and the absence of internal or external disease and discoloration. When it comes to potatoes, ‘firmness’ addresses the flesh and skin of the potato. Damaged or diseased potatoes are usually shriveled or soft, indicating potential internal defects or disease.

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