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Real Estate Agent Jobs In Dubai 2024 – Apply Here

It is essential to a company’s success to match the right employee to the right position. To do so requires experience and effort, but unfortunately, busy businesses and diligent job seekers frequently struggle. GCB Recruitment assists in bridging this disparity by actively searching for and matching you with the most qualified candidates.

As leaders in the property and financial services industries in the United Kingdom and abroad, we understand the qualities necessary for success in these fields. We use a region- and industry-specific approach that is unique to us, so you will have a single point of contact throughout the process who is familiar with your precise requirements. With the largest job and candidate pool on the market, we likely already have the ideal candidate or position for you.

Details of Real Estate Agent Jobs In Dubai

  • Employment: Full Time
  • Working Hours: 4.5 day working week
  • Duration: Permanent Position
  • Salary: AED 15,000 to 40,000 per month
  • Current Location: UAE
  • Language Fluency: English

Benefits of Real Estate Agent Jobs In Dubai

  • Adaptable Timetable: Frequently, real estate agents are granted schedule flexibility, which enables them to design timetables that complement their personal preferences.
  • Unrestricted Profit Potential: Although earnings may differ, accomplished real estate professionals have the potential to attain substantial profits via commissions on the sale of properties.
  • Self-Governance and Separation: Real estate representatives generally operate autonomously, which affords them the autonomy to determine the course of action, establish objectives, and manage their enterprises to their liking.
  • Diversity of Work: New interactions and challenges arise on a daily basis. By working with a variety of clients, properties, and locations, agents guarantee that their work will be varied.
  • Practical Aspects of Networking: Establishing connections with industry professionals, lenders, clients, and fellow agents strengthens one’s network, which may result in business referrals and future transactions.
  • Continuous Education: The intellectual stimulation of real estate agents is maintained by their constant education regarding property values, financing alternatives, market trends, and legal regulations.
  • Assisting Clients in Attaining Their Objectives: Real estate agents assist clients in accomplishing their objectives and guide them through significant life decisions, such as the purchase or sale of a property. This can be a rewarding experience.
  • Advancements in Professional Development: Prospects for professional development abound, encompassing the acquisition of certifications, continued education, and progression to managerial or brokerage roles.
  • Excellent Job Satisfaction: Achievements in concluding deals and assisting clients in the search for their ideal residence or the sale of their property have the potential to generate significant levels of job satisfaction.
  • Support for Community Development Initiatives: Through the facilitation of property transactions, real estate agents promote the expansion and development of communities and households.

Duties of Real Estate Agent Jobs In Dubai

  • Comprehending the precise needs and demands of your consumers
  • Built a regional network
  • Identify accessible properties for viewings based on the specifications.
  • Secure viewings and serve as the client’s “go-to”
  • Manage the required intermediate negotiation processes
  • Manage and advise the client regarding the MOU procedure

Package of Real Estate Agent Jobs In Dubai

  • Tax-free revenues – Commission split of 50/50
  • Work Permit
  • Medical coverage
  • 30 days of vacation
  • New Dubai Marina offices with a completely equipped game room!
  • An ego-free culture and working environment
  • Coffee/tea/drinks made specifically for you
  • A dedicated seat/desk in our office

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Requirements for Real Estate Agent Jobs In Dubai

  • Minimum of two years of experience in the UAE real estate industry
  • Card RERA
  • Proven track record of closing sales
  • Punctual, well-presented, and offering a high level of personal care
  • Expert negotiation skills
  • Capacity to work under duress
  • Bouncy and self-assured personality

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  1. How much does a real estate agent earn in Dubai?

    The average salary of a real estate agent in the UAE is AED57,000 per year. Entry-level real estate agent positions start at AED42,756 per annum. Experienced senior real estate agent positions can earn up to AED92,700 per annum.

  2. Can I work as a real estate agent in Dubai?

    In Dubai, you cannot be a freelance real estate agent. You must be an employee of a registered real estate brokerage to apply for a broker’s permit. UAE nationals and GCC nationals can easily sign up for the licensing process.

  3. Is Dubai a good place to be a real estate agent?

    Being a real estate agent in Dubai can be a very lucrative job; however, it can be a very stressful job if you aren’t enjoying what you do. One of the biggest mistakes that new real estate agents make is that they don’t take the time to really learn about the property market or invest in themselves.

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