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Regional Account Manager Jobs in UK – Visa Sponsorship

Tate, a major employment and recruitment firm, is looking for an experienced Regional Account Manager to join our team in the UK. This is an amazing opportunity for those with solid expertise in account management who want to work in the UK on a visa.

Details About Regional Account Manager Jobs in UK:

  • Company: Tate
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Salary: £10.00-£20.00 Hourly
  • Education: Secondary // Bachelor Degree / Diploma
  • Experience: 1-3 Years of Experience

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Responsibilities of Regional Account Manager Jobs in UK:

Your responsibilities as a Regional Account Manager at Tate will include the following:

  • Client Relationship Management: Client Relationship Management entails developing and sustaining strong bonds with key clients in the region.
  • Account Growth: Creating and implementing account strategy to increase revenue and meet sales targets.
  • Client Needs Assessment: Identifying client requirements and delivering customized staffing solutions to match those requirements.
  • Sourcing applicants: Working with the recruitment team to discover and source qualified applicants for client roles.
  • Negotiation: Contracts, pricing, and terms are negotiated with clients to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Market Analysis: Monitoring market trends and competitor activity in order to inform account strategies.
  • Reporting: Reporting entails delivering regular reports and updates on account performance and sales activity.

Education and Qualification for Regional Account Manager Jobs in UK:

To be considered for the role of Regional Account Manager, you must have:

  • Experience in Account Management: Proven experience in account management or an equivalent function, preferably in the staffing or recruitment market.
  • Client connection abilities: Excellent communication and client connection abilities.
  • Sales Acumen: The ability to meet or surpass sales targets.
  • Right to Work: The ability to work in the United Kingdom with visa sponsorship if necessary.

Benefits of Regional Account Manager Jobs in UK

  • Non-UK Residents Can Work: Visa sponsorship permits persons from outside the UK to legally work in the nation, with career chances as Regional Account Managers.
  • Professional growth and Experience: Regional Account Manager positions provide for the growth and enhancement of abilities in account management, relationship building, negotiation, strategic planning, and business development. This experience is extremely beneficial for job advancement in the sales and account management sectors.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Employers who offer visa sponsorship for Regional Account Manager roles often offer competitive wages, commissions, performance bonuses, and a full benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  • Stability and Job Security: Visa sponsorship frequently indicates a longer-term commitment from the business, giving the employee a sense of stability and job security. This is especially crucial for people who are relocating to a new country.
  • Permanent Residency: Depending on the visa type and individual circumstances, Regional Account Managers may be able to seek permanent residency or citizenship in the UK, providing a more stable future in the nation.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Employers gain from a varied staff because it brings a wide range of talents, cultural views, and market insights. This promotes a workplace culture of inclusivity and innovation.
  • Business Expansion and Revenue Growth: Regional Account Managers play an important role in expanding a company’s reach, raising revenue, and contributing to the overall growth and success of the firm.
  • Networking and Career Advancement: Regional Account Manager positions provide an opportunity to network with industry professionals, clients, and colleagues, perhaps leading to career progression in the sales and account management industries.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: Employers frequently develop a collaborative and supportive work atmosphere for Regional Account Managers, fostering teamwork and knowledge sharing.

How to Apply for Regional Account Manager Jobs in UK

Please visit our recruitment site and submit your application to apply for this exciting opportunity as a Regional Account Manager with Tate and explore the prospect of working in the UK with visa sponsorship.

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As a Regional Account Manager, you will play an important role in offering workforce solutions to clients in the UK. Apply now if you have experience in account management, great client relationships, and want to work in a fast-paced business. We are excited to add experienced Regional Account Managers to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much do regional account managers make in the UK?

    In London, the average payment for a Regional Account Manager is £62,310 per year. A Regional Account Manager’s average extra financial compensation in London is £17,872, with a salary range of £8,810 – £36,253.

  2. How do I become an account manager UK?

    Though there are many paths you can take to become an account manager, one of the most prevalent is to get a bachelor’s degree in a discipline such as business administration or management of businesses, but a growing number of individuals are taking a simpler path.

  3. Is an Account manager in demand?

    Account managerial positions are in high demand. Employment for account managers is projected to increase by 5% between 2018 and 2028.

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