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Remote Jobs In Canadian Companies 2024 – Apply Now

In addition to the fact that you will have a never-ending list of long weekends on your calendar, many of these positions are remote and pay fairly well. Numerous of them have been ranked among the top workplaces in Canada. The four-day workweek is one of several job perks on the rise in Canada, as more workers transfer their focus from salary to jobs with better employee benefits, such as unlimited vacation and travel perks.

As a result of the pandemic, we are witnessing the emergence of trends such as Lazy Girl Jobs and Quiet Quitting, which are all manifestations of a shifting workplace culture. Companies that have implemented a compressed workweek have reported overwhelmingly positive outcomes, including increased employee retention, decreased staff absences, and a discernible morale lift.

One business executive told Narcity that she could never imagine her company returning to a five-day workweek. Consequently, if you’re seeking to make work-life balance a higher priority, check out these currently hiring four-day workweek companies across Canada. You may discover a job that matches your qualifications and allows you to abandon the traditional five-day workweek.

Remote Jobs In Canadian Companies
Remote Jobs In Canadian Companies

List Of Remote Jobs In Canadian Companies


Details: PRAXIS is a Toronto-based, Canadian-owned public relations and marketing communications agency with offices in Montreal and Los Angeles. The company has collaborated with notable companies such as Pepsi and Bubly. PRAXIS is currently hiring for the position of Account Manager and is seeking a candidate with management and client relations experience, as well as four to six years of agency experience.


Benefits: PRAXIS cites its “unique family culture” as a benefit. The PR firm participated in one of several four-day workweek experimental programs in Canada, which it tested for six months. After reporting overwhelmingly positive results, the duration of this pilot program has been extended by six months. The company operates entirely remotely, enabling employees to work from any location in Canada.

Salary: There is no salary range listed.

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Details: Eidos-Montréal is a Montreal-based video game developer best known for its narrative-driven Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video games. The company is seeking a Senior Game Writer with experience developing and writing for video games.

Benefits: After switching to a four-day workweek in 2021, giving all employees Fridays off, and reducing weekly working hours from 40 to 32, Edios-Montréal offers its employees a flexible, hybrid work environment as well as a compensation program. In addition to being ranked among Canada’s top employers, the corporation was also included on the list of Montreal’s top employers for 2024.

Salary: There is no salary range listed.

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David Suzuki Foundation

Details: The David Suzuki Foundation in Canada is a non-profit environmental organization with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. The foundation is currently hiring for the position of Grant Writer in one of these three locations, seeking a candidate with experience writing grant proposals and reports, as well as strong writing and editing skills.

Benefits: Since its inception in 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation has implemented a four-day workweek, making it the first corporation in Canada to offer a compressed workweek. In addition, the company has a hybrid work environment, so regardless of the city in which you work, you are not always required to be in the office.

Salary: $55,000 – $65,000 Salary

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Details: Pressbooks is a software corporation that assists in the design and creation of books while attempting to bridge the gap between books and the web. The company is currently searching for a Human Resources Manager with at least four years of experience in a human resources position and familiarity with federal and provincial (Quebec) labor legislation.

Benefits: In addition to a four-day workweek, Pressbooks offers an impressive four-week vacation package plus additional time off during the December holidays. In addition, the company provides its employees with separate annual allowances for technology, wellness, and literature, as well as a one-time work-from-home stipend to decorate your home office.

Salary: There is no salary range listed.

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Juno College

Details: The Toronto-based Juno College of Technology teaches computer programming. Since its inception in 2012 under the name HackerYou, the company has assisted over one hundred thousand students in advancing their tech professions. Current opening at Juno College for a full-time Web Development Instructor. A minimum of two years experience as a web developer is required, along with familiarity with contemporary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features.

Benefits: As a Certified Living Wage Employer in Ontario, Juno College provides its employees with a four-day workweek, three weeks of vacation, and additional time off from December 24 to January 1.

Salary: Income: $61,440 to $65,000

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Township of Algonquin Highlands

Details: The Township of Algonquin Highlands is one of several Ontario municipalities to have adopted a four-day workweek. The small municipality has a population of 2,600 and is located approximately three hours northeast of Toronto via automobile. Currently, the municipality is recruiting for the position of Deputy Treasurer. Candidates must possess at least three years of municipal experience and a postsecondary education in finance, accounting, or a related discipline.

Benefits: The compressed workweek in the Township of Algonquin Highlands allows employees to experience a longer weekend, but they must work slightly longer hours in exchange. Under this model, employees continue to work 35 hours per week (from 8:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. daily) and have a daily lunch break of only 30 minutes. It’s a trade-off, but it could work for you if you’re willing to work lengthier hours for a shorter workweek.

Salary: Pay ranges between $37.05 and $41.69 per hour.

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Benefits of Remote Jobs In Canadian Companies:

  • Adaptability: Remote employment offers personnel the advantage of autonomy in arranging their work schedules and work environments. The increased flexibility can positively impact work-life balance by enabling individuals to more effectively synchronize their work schedules with their inclinations and responsibilities.
  • Cost Reductions: Remote work has the potential to generate cost reductions for both employers and employees. Employers may experience cost savings related to office space and utilities, while employees experience savings on expenses such as commuting, work attire, and daily meals.
  • Expanded Access to a Talent Pool: The utilization of remote work enables Canadian enterprises to tap into a wider range of potential employees, including those who are physically distant from the workplace. This may result in the hiring of exceptionally qualified and diverse professionals.
  • A rise in productivity: Numerous remote workers attest to heightened levels of productivity, attributing it to the ability to establish a solitary, individualized work milieu. A greater capacity to concentrate on tasks and fewer interruptions related to the workplace both contribute to increased productivity.
  • Regarding employee retention: Options for remote work may increase employee retention and satisfaction. Granting employees the option to work remotely can serve as an appealing incentive, thereby mitigating employee attrition for organizations.
  • Enhanced work-life harmony: Remote employment allows personnel to have a more harmonious integration of their work and personal lives. Overall health and job satisfaction need to maintain this equilibrium.
  • Mitigated commute anxiety: The elimination of daily commutes through remote work alleviates the tension that is commonly associated with public transportation, traffic, and travel duration. Enhanced mental health and a more positive work environment may result from this.
  • Technological Progressions: When Canadian businesses invest in remote work, they frequently make use of cutting-edge collaboration and communication technologies. This facilitates seamless virtual collaboration among teams situated in diverse geographical locations.
  • Environmental Consequences: The practice of remote labor aids in the mitigation of environmental impacts and carbon emissions associated with commuting. This is by sustainability objectives and provides backing for environmentally conscious endeavors.
  • Safety and Health: When circumstances arise, like a worldwide pandemic, the implementation of remote work reduces the health hazards that are typically associated with physical office settings. This adaptability guarantees the welfare and security of personnel in the face of unexpected situations.
  • Enhanced Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce: The implementation of remote work policies can foster greater diversity and inclusion among organizations through the elimination of geographical constraints. It enables organizations to assemble teams comprised of members who are geographically and otherwise diverse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I work remotely for a Canadian company?

    If you are living within Canada and are working remotely for a Canadian company and meeting with Canadian-based clients, you will need a work permit. In this situation, you are considered to be entering the Canadian labor market, and you will need to comply with Canadian immigration laws.

  2. Do Canadian companies hire foreign workers remotely?

    In cases where the employee’s physical presence is not necessary, a Canadian employer can instead opt for remote work arrangements through an Employer of Record (EOR) or Professional Employer Organization (PEO)—more on that later.

  3. What is the remote work scheme in Canada?

    Canada is wooing remote workers in the technology sector with a digital nomad program that allows visitors to stay in the country for up to six months without needing a work permit and opens the door to what could be a permanent move. The initiative comes as Canada faces a tech labor shortage.

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